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Feb 082009

Dr Benjamin Carson is a famous pediatric neurosurgeon, married to Candy Carson. Ben Carson came a long way to be where he is at right now. Carson preached the American Dream. You can achieve it when you work for it.

Ben Carson and his wife, Candy Carson, set up the Carson Scholars Fund to pay for education for selected youth to help them achieve their dreams.

What can be the significance of the names Ben and Candy? Do the names foretell greatness?

What is the meaning of the name Ben?
Does this name foreshadow greatness? Ben means the right hand son. Clearly, he is the favored son. Ben has biblical origins. This name is used by the olde English folks as well as American folks. Ben has Latin and Hebrew roots in origins.

What is the meaning of the name Candy?
Candy could be a standalone name, or a nickname for Candice. We are familiar with the famous actress celebrity, Candice Bergen. Candy has connections with Latin, Hebrew and American ancestry. Candy Spelling is a multimillionaire. She inherited money from her late husband’s estate. Candy was also lucky in winning free money from lottery and gambles.

Ben Carson was raised by his divorced mother, Sonya Carson. Ben’s older brother Curtis Carson, has also struggled to become an engineer.

Ben Carson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008. Ben Carson and Candy Carson live in Baltimore County, Maryland. Carson has 3 grown up sons.

Ben Carson’s story has been made into a movie called “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story”. Cuba Gooding Jr acted as Ben Carson while Kimberly Elise acted as Sonya Carson, his mother.

Updated May 26 2014:
Ben Carson has retired from his work as a neuro-surgeon. In May 2014, he has spoken up for the Veterans Affairs department on health care. Carson said the problem was bureaucracy layering in between patients and the health care provider. Carson pointed it out that the VA was an early warning of how much red tape the small population faced when trying to obtain health care from Obamacare.

Dr Carson first started speaking on controversial issues at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013. He spoke directly to President Obama, asking questions on administration policies, the health care policies and other red tape. Carson talked about his idea for a simple solution to the health care woes. He proposed a health savings account which the individual and state have to be jointly responsible for. This account pays for all the health care expenses and any unused money can be inherited by nominees or the next-of-kin.

Dr Carson’s opinion reflected conservative values and won the support of right wing political groups. He was praised and called upon to try running for the next presidency in 2016. He was conducive to the idea. Since retiring from active medical practice, the popular doctor took his second career as a media personality at Fox News and The Washington Times. He said he wanted to push the right person, to go on and do something to correct the neglects. However, if the right candidate was lacking, he would do it himself.

Dr Carson’s presidential campaign for 2016 is called the National Draft Ben Carson Committee and it had raised $2.4 million in one and a half years, before all the funds were used up. He is waiting to assess the situation, to see if he really has to run for presidency, to get control to make the changes for Americans.

Dr Carson said he was far from being ambitious to run for presidency. He was looking forward to a slower pace of life during his retirement from his career as a surgeon. He wasn’t spoiling for a fight trying to become the next president.

Do you think Dr Carson might approve on self education on mental health issues here?

Cuba Gooding talks about “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” video link.

Ben Carson photos and gossip link.

“Gifted Hands” by Ben Carson, the adult book.


“Gifted Hands” by Ben Carson, the children’s book version.


Dr Ben Carson & Sonya Carson photo.

Candy Carson.

Candy Carson original picture drawing

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  50 Responses to “Ben Carson & Candy Carson (photos)”

  1. I have shared your story with the teen parents I serve in my program. Their comment. “I like that story” which means, I am inspired. Please keep inspiring us and hopefully the country will elect you as our leader

  2. Dr Carson:

    I absolutely love hearing you speak. If there ever was a gift from God at the right time in the right place, it surely is you.

    Isn’t it odd Dr, how one of the most brilliant dr’s (that would be you) can speak to us all in the simplest of terms about common sense in place of the gobleddlygook that is our government these days?

    While you may want it otherwise, it looks to me like you are the man for the job – fearless, Godly, power under control, brilliant and although I am 71, I can hardly wait. You give us all hope, your calm, wonderful demeanor and hilarious sense of humor will go far in leading many to the Lord that are so lost in our country now.

    I love you so. You and your family will be in my prayers for peace, safety and wisdom to hear His directives. God bless your Mother whose story will also help so many lost souls. Thank you also for Esther’s story today at the Press Club on C-Span.

    Linda Athens
    Kingman, AZ 86401

  3. Dr. Carson, My mother used you as an inspiration to me as a child. I have followed your career and have really listened to your infinite wisdom, thoughts and insights. You are wonderful! I will forever admire and love you. I love how you are soooo ‘real’, and how you know that without God, there is nothing! Congratulations on your upcoming retirement from surgery. Your medical students are so very fortunate to have you guide them! God bless you Sir!

  4. While watching many of Dr. Ben Carson’s lectures in U-tube, also recently his speech at the national prayer breakfast; it was
    indeed captivating to hear his deep convicti0ns in the word of
    God (Bible), his great humility and candid talk, GOD has greater
    plans for him to re-route the course of the U.S.A., as a GOD-fearing nation. In every lecture, he is projecting very openly about JESUS’s influence in his life. How many preachers have that candid stand about JESUS? Dr. Carson, it is my desire and dream to shake hands with you one day. I am praying for you and family.


  5. Dr. Ben Carson, you have fulfilled your calling. Thanks to your mom for encouraging you and your brother and your wife for believing in you and supporting you. You said “Thy WILL be done, Amen” AND it has , is and will continue to be done. God Bless you ALL…

  6. Dr Ben Carson you have given me HOPE. THINK BIG

  7. One of my greatest wish in life is to see and chat with Dr Ben carson,it will be a great privelege,your stories gave me hope in med school,I just became a Dr after so much pain and hardwork,I thank God for his grace.u always remain a great

  8. dr. carson u r truly Gods wonder may God bless u n ur family

  9. Words alone cannot express what I have in mind……You are a true role model.May the Almighty bless you abundantly.

  10. my dream came true this morning when i shake Ben carson s hand .very simple guy .wish him all the best

  11. Ive always been proud of you Ben Carson. You have always been my role model. Keep the fire burning in your successful career and my the God almighty bless you and your family!!! I love you so much!!!

  12. Amazing story, this seem unbelievable but its true. I was moved after reading ‘think big’ and ‘gifted hands’. recently when i watched the movie, i couldn’t believe what i saw. Doctor, God richly bless and keep you. My pastor always mentioned you in encouraging the youth of my church and after watching the movie, i am challenged….there is hope in life. God bless you, creation will forever remember your contribution. God richly bless your family and you. Can i humbly ask; where is your brother, we never heard of him again in the story. can you please help me in that way, is he a lawyer or……… thank you.

  13. I read Dr. Ben Carson’s Gifted Hands and I was inspired to achieve a first class grade in my undergraduate program.I think God just picks out someone at a time in life to be a great inspiration and a beacon of hope and direction to so many others who He has destined to also bless.I remain eternally happy I ever got to read about Ben.Most exciting fact to me:He is my name sake.My name is BEN!God keep blessing you, Carson.

  14. Dr. Ben Carson has inspired me. He’s my mentor, and a friend. His books has changed my life positively, and i now have this dream and vision that cannot be revealed. I wanna be the next Dr. Ben Carson. Jr

  15. oh my god!!!i really thank god that i read his book i have been inspired for the first time in my life by doctor ben carson.i could not hold my tears after i finished reading his book.he is my role model,iwant to be like him if possible more than him.ammmmmmmeeeeeeen.

  16. Thank You Dr. Ben Carson. It was a pleasure to watch your movie. God put certain people in your life. Thank God for your Mother and Wife. May God continue to bless all of you.

  17. i really admire Sonya Carson. i seperated with my husband few years ago and i can admit it is not easy bringing up adolecent kids.this evening i was crying since my 10 year son gave me a head doing his homework. i wish i can have a chance of meeting Sonya because her story is very encouraging. god bless you sonya and your family pray for me also so that i can make it. God bless!

  18. Amazing. GOD IS GOOD.


  20. you gave me hope when my hope was going done ….each time i read the book it gives me courage and great hope..

    God bless

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