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Aug 142009

Updated November 7 – Is the fourth kind real? None know for sure. The Nome/ Alaska disappearances happened when people from the Bering Strait traveled towards Seward Peninsula towns.

Alcohol was the reason why Alaskans were attracted to Nome. Where did they go after drinking? Did the drinkers get lost while wandering home or returning to their temporary abodes? The temperatures were freezing and in an intoxicated state, it would have been very challenging to get around.

The FBI investigated about 20 cases of disappearances in Nome, Alaska, since the 1960s. Eight of these twenty people are still missing. The missing bodies were never found, leading to speculation that there might be alien encounters of The Fourth Kind. Those who were found dead died under mysterious circumstances. Some drowned without foul play, suggesting suicide but they had never displayed any suicidal tendencies prior to their sudden deaths.

Is The Fourth Kind a true story? The missing persons are real but were they abducted by aliens in the fourth kind of encounter?

The FBI didn’t think so. They concluded alcohol was a factor, coupled with the frigid temperatures.

Some villagers claimed Nome police were indifferent to helping them search for their missing ones because they were from far away villagers. The people claimed if Nome residents were involved, police would be motivated to search and discover what had happened to the missing people. Then, perhaps there would be no rumors of alien abductions of the Fourth Kind.

Some villagers argued that there were still missing bodies who were never found. If there was a serial killer or killers, then that person had to be very clever to hide the bodies.

Villagers and Nome residents want closure. They are not advocating the Fourth Kind of explanation but think that some crimes have been committed to cause the disappearances.

August 14 2009.
The movie called The Fourth Kind will be released on November 6, 2009. There are four scales of measurement for alien encounters. The First Kind is the sighting of the alien. The Second Kind is the evidence of the alien. The Third Kind is the contact with the alien. The Fourth Kind is the alien abduction. Dr Abigail Tyler arrived in Nome, Alaska, to document alien abductions.

Nome, a remote region in Alaska, has been the targeted by aliens as an alarming number of her population got abducted by aliens. This movie attempted to investigate the claims of alien abductions in Nome, Alaska.

Some people have offered logical explanations of the mysterious deaths in Nome, Alaska. They said alcohol and the harsh landscape may have played some parts in the missing people and deaths.

Is there a real Dr Abigail Tyler? The movie was supposedly based on the interviews conducted by a Dr Abigail Tyler. The webpages and writings about Dr Abigail Tyler were recently made after the move trailer was released. This could be a marketing ploy used to confuse the public.

Dr Abigail Tyler allegedly conducted interviews with people who have experienced strange phenomena. They told Dr Tyler they saw a white owl at the window just before they experienced unusual happenings. These people went to sleep at night in bed. They awoke, only to be pulled away from their bedrooms. They suffered amnesia and could not recall what happened during the time they were away.

Milla Jovovich, Will Patton and Elias Koteas starred in The Fourth Kind. Jovovich plays Dr Abigail Tyler.

The real Nome, Alaska has beautiful scenery and the residents love the sub-zero temperatures. The video shows some of the sights around Nome.

Who is the mysterious Dr Abigail Tyler? The Abigail Tyler photo is blank.

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  45 Responses to “Dr Abigail Tyler The Fourth Kind: Dr Tyler The Fourth Kind (video)”

  1. Aliens, UFO, don’t think so. Believe it is all demonic, believe they are trying to prefect their implants for the mark of the beast. ( revelations.) not as far fetched as you think.

  2. this was an interesting film .and similar to other events ,I do find it hard to beleive that these men in the film could behave in such a manner , nothing to fear but fear itself ,understand!
    scared i reckon

  3. no film producers would ever use a real persons’ video footage just to convince everyone that it’s real.if yer the real dr. tyler,would you allow them to let everyone see you being hypnotized or something like that. consider security concerns..and the web is easy to manipulate by the government.who would want NOME to be disturbed by the whole world?
    there economy would die and people there would only be irritated and just move away.

  4. this film like many before it are meant to open your mind to the possibility that aliens do exist and are taking people to experiment on the thing I found interesting was the reference to the Sumerian language
    and having done alot of research on the sumerian’s of late I have to say that this is a subject you should look into. the footage used may not be real but I believe the story itself is.

  5. Saw it didn’t convince me

  6. i think that Ashley Tyler got abducted by aliens. people say that aliens dont exist well you dont know that. our galaxy is very big . some people went into outer space to see if there were planets like ours and they found about 40 planets like ours . so dont say that aliens dont exist cause you dont have proof.maybe one day you will get abducted by aliens

  7. i like everyone else was very curious when i saw this flick. My first thought was Blair which, then fire in the sky. so here i am googling away. The split is about 50/50. I live in Phx & saw the phx lights about 10 years ago. I believe they were real but I have to say the fourth kind is totally Hollywood. There is something about Az, maybe the VORTEX’S in Sedona,but the real UFO action is in the southwest U.S. If anything the fourth kind was entertainment; fire in the sky was the real deal!!!! All UFO enthusiast must visit Sedona.

  8. 1.)i am completly freaked out with aliens
    2.)i wanna believe but i get scared
    3.)i think world famous wrestler Chris Benoit was abducted and put thru this type of theropy

  9. I have no say whether any of this is real, I for one have had no encounters of the fourth let alone the other three kinds of alien activity. But I am extremely interested and would like to pursue this subject. If anyone will, I would love to research this topic. please let me know it is all so interesting.

  10. First of all, the movie says at he beginning that all names are changed to protect the identity of the people the film is about. Second, If you wath the real footage closley you can tell in the interview with the, if you will, black man that it is charlotte but the other footage is a complete different woman. I cant say if this is a completly true story but I do beleave it is possible.

  11. .I think the movie is very real i know that its a moive and it didnt happen all the way like that but as i grow and study in law school i will always look for imformation about that bacause i want stop until i know the truth behind everything that happen in that town i dont think its aliens because of the iam god part but how could you not believe that true you heard the tappeings you so the footage what else do you need and thats true i will find those missing records of dr tyler i will be the one who will prove that all is this is true and i will be the one who determined what it is that cause all this and where is ashely so MARK MY WORDS !

  12. great movie. Is it real? who really knows. I belive in these things. More often than not they can be explained away, but that doesnt mean that every experiance is fake. And blaming drunks is conveniant. Is the Nome and Dr tyler incidents recorded in any ‘offical’ capacity?

  13. sorry –
    upo = ufo

  14. i cant say any thing about that – but i can say:
    i have an expriment of stirke with upo guys – when i have 7-8 years old – a shining body in total dark – in the house.
    im sure when i see it im amake an im not sleep.
    please help me any one….i want have research but i have not any resource about that and nobody dont believe me.
    my email:for3dolars@yahoo.com

  15. i think its real. yes two actresses play abby but when they SHOW the original recording with the movie it shows the REAL abby and she looks nothing like the 2 actresses and i also believe her real name was changed along with everything eles.

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