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Apr 042009

Faylene GrantJune 6 2010 – Doug Grant was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Grant was sentenced for his conviction on manslaughter of his wife Faylene Grant. Grant is expected to serve around 4 years in prison before becoming eligible for parole.

Nov 1 2009 –
Jenna Grant claimed that her mother, Faylene Grant, was murdered by her stepfather, Doug Grant. Doug Grant remarried a new wife, Hilary Grant, after Faylene’s death.

Jim McElyea was Doug Grant’s friend who heard him confess to killing his deceased wife Faylene. McElyea got into trouble with the law when he was accused of using extortion on a person. McElyea agreed to be an informer and tape Grant’s admission to the killing, in exchange for something for himself.

Faylene Grant had a fall and was taking painkillers and a muscle relaxant. Ms Grant was discovered unresponsive in a bathtub. Did she drown herself in the tub or did she fall asleep because she had a large dose of Ambien?

Doug Grant claimed he was asleep when Faylene was in the bathroom. By the time he woke up to check on her. She was already unconscious in the tub. Doug Grant called for help from his doctor but not 911. Mr Grant has been accused of purposeful stalling.

Faylene Grant was revived at the hospital but she couldn’t survive.

Afterwards, Faylene’s diary was read and although she often wrote about suicide, her daughter and sister refused to believe she committed suicide. The prosecution claimed Mr Grant used organized religion to influence Faylene and persuade her that God was telling her the message about death.

Doug Grant was arrested, and tried on trial for murder and manslaughter. Grant was convicted only on the manslaughter charge. Grant was sentenced to 5 years in prison and may have to serve three years before he gets released on good behavior.

Faylene Grant & Doug Grant Story.

April 4 2009 – Doug Grant, 43, was been convicted guilty of manslaughter. Grant was convicted of killing his wife, Faylene Grant, 35, in 2001.

Faylene Grant was unconscious but alive when her husband Grant said he found her in the bathtub on September 27, 2001. Grant called Chad White, a physician’s assistant. White called emergency services. White went over to Grant’s home but failed to revive Faylene. When emergency services arrived, they too could not save Faylene Grant.

There is along and complicated story about Doug Grant and his relationship with Hilary Dewitt,a girlfriend he wanted to propose to before he remarried Faylene for the second time. The story is at the link below.

Photos of Doug Grant, Faylene Grant and Hiliary Dewitt Grant.

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  4 Responses to “Doug Grant guilty of Faylene Grant’s manslaughter (photos)”

  1. I viewed this story, “Fatal Vision”, on Investigation Discovery. Was it murder, was it suicide, or was it God’s will? Faylene was heavily connected to her church. Nothing wrong with this. Dougs’ affair while he was married, led to the divorce. Faylene became distraught. Then she wanted to get back with her family. Now, if you know that your wife is possibly suicidal, why would you allow your wife to go near the edge of a cliff? That’s a no-brainer!!! He was a salesman who was a great manipulator. He bragged about this in the interview, as the jury was deliberating. Here was faking his emotions, because, the jurors saw no tears. He produced some later, but, got angry. Here again, why after giving her the Ambien, which will cause her to sleep, to then allow her to take a bath. The brain realizes that the body needs to rest. He should have said, “No honey… you may fall asleep. He fell asleep on purpose, because, he knew that this would be his escapegoat! Doug said that he knew CPR. Well, that being the case, when he removed her from the tub, he should have put her right on the floor. You have to have a hard surface!!! I thought he knew this. Time is going by as she was transferred to the bed [firm, but, soft] surface. Doug then says that he was afraid. Then call 911!!! That’s common sense!!! He used what Faylene wrote in her journal about him marrying Hiliary. His had two motives: help Faylene end her life and money. Jim McElyeas’ tape surveillance should have been an additive to the verdict. God does not want people to take their lives. Accordingly, there won’t be very many people on this Earth! I believe that it was murder.

  2. I hope the time in prison was miserable for Doug. He was never faithful to anyone and he hurt so many people. The fact that Hillary has Fay’s children is also disturbing. I just can’t believe that Hillary is as innocent as she wants people to think. Doug had sex with many girls that was as young as 14 yet he used religion to kill Fay. It’s just disgusting. Doug’s sister Tammy that seems to victimize the family of Fay even more every time she opens her mouth needs to go stay in prison with her convicted felon brother. Like it or not, this is my opinion and I am entitled to it. I know this story is older but it infuriates me the things Doug got by with only to be sentenced to 5 years. Hold your head high Jeanna and all of Fay’s family. Fay will never be forgotten.

  3. Sure it was well-documented that Faylene was talking (and writing!) crazy bonkers before she died — which only proves her scum of a husband SHOULD have been charged with PREMEDITATED murder. When people talk suicide, a spouse should contact a mental-health center right away. Period.

    That’s beside the point — I think Scumbag pushed her the whole way. He used her faith to screw her up. He even brags he came up with the original “vision!”

    He cried buckets in front of the jury (who admitted he was ‘over the top’ with the exaggerated sobs, etc.) only before sentencing — not a hair of emotion during the trial, btw. Next he gives a TV interview with a prominent news outlet, looking completely composed while jurors are deciding his sentence. He repeatedly bragged about his abilities to manipulate people as a salesman — and a husband. He thought she was getting a lot of cash, then suddenly when they get way less, then comes his so-called “vision.”

    That cad wasn’t dealt nearly enough time behind bars — he should be in for life.

    If someone states they are suicidal, you do not escort them to dangerous places (high cliffs?!?) nor rush to fill dangerous prescriptions to leave them alone with. You, OP, are indeed a moron.

  4. I still don’t think that he killed his wife. She was the one that ask for a divorce and when he started going with someone else it was she that wanted to get back together with him. If he had wanted to be with the other woman he would have told Faylene no and divorced her and married the other woman then. But he chose to give it a try. Faylene talked about killing herself all the time. She wrote it in a letter. Faylene’s daughter and sister just want someone to take the blame. Why can’t they see that this was just an tragic accident. Faylene wanted to die. Its a shame he is in jail for a crime that he did not commit. Faylene’s mind was screwed up when they married.

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