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Apr 262009

Updated December 4 2009 – Dolph Lundgren is the new Ambassador for Marbella. Lundgren was appointed the Ambassador for Marbella by the Town Hall on Tuesday, December 1.

The Mayor of Marbella is Angeles Munoz. Mr Munoz said his city was privileged to have Lundgren as a resident. Lundgren, with his fame and status, could have chosen any place in the world to live in but he chose Marbella.

Lundgren is presently promoting his latest movie called “Command Performance”. Lundgren said he may be starring in a new “Conan” movie in 2010 if negotiations are successful.

April 26 2009 – Dolph Lundgren’s wife Anette Qviberg: Qviberg held up in robbery.

Dolph Lundgren’s home in Marbella, Spain, was broken into. Three robbers armed with knives tied up Lundgren’s wife, Anette Qviberg. Lundgren was not at home. The robbers terrorized Qviberg into surrendering her cash and jewelry. When they recognized Lundgren’s photo in one of the bedrooms, they left the house.

Dolph Lundgren met Anette Qviberg in 1990. Qviberg is a fashion stylist and jewelry designer. Qviberg is a fellow Swede. Lundgren felt a kindred spirit in her. Lundgren proposed to Qviberg and they got married in the capital Stockholm, in their homeland, Sweden. After their wedding in 1994, Lungren and Qviberg took off for their honeymoon, in the Marrakech.

Dolph Lundgren stands at 6 feet 5 inch and he is a black belt holder in karate. Lundgren was famous for acting as the Russian boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Lundgren went on to have a successful acting career with over 40 movies to his credit.

Dolph Lundgren and his wife Anette Qviberg have been married for 15 years. Qviberg is a jewelry designer.

Police have no suspects yet as the robbers wore balaclavas and their physical appearances were not defined.

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