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Nov 102008

“Pregnant Man” is a documentary on “Discovery Health.” Pregnant Man airs on Tuesday, November 18, at 9 pm ET/ PT on Discovery Health channel. If you miss Tuesday’s “Pregnant Man”, you can still watch on Wednesday, same channel, same time.

Those of us who have read about Thomas Beatie know that he is the “Pregnant Man.” The pregnant man made a short appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show before he delivered his baby.

Thomas Beatie has given birth to a healthy baby daughter. Please type in “Thomas Beatie” in the search box here if you wish to see his pictures, his wife, Nancy Roberts Beatie, and his baby girl. You can also click on the links below.

Thomas Beatie/ Pregnant man links. The links are pasted here in chronological order, from the most recent, down to the earliest reports about Thomas Beatie’s pregnancy.

Pregnant man Thomas Beatie baby photos

Thomas Beatie first baby pictures

First pregnant man

First post-birth pictures of Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie / Tracy Lagondino baby photographs, Thomas Beatie’s baby pictures

Tracy LaGondino photos, Thomas Beatie photos

Thomas Beatie & Nancy Roberts – baby girl ultrasound scan picture

Woman-man now pregnant via artificial insemination – Thomas Beatie

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