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Jun 272009

What happened to Diane Downs? Diane Downs was accused of shooting her 3 kids; Christie Downs, 8; Cheryl Ann Downs, 7; and Danny Downs, 3. Downs’ father, Wesley Frederickson, has maintained his website to show his message. Frederickson has some arguments to show he believed Downs did not shoot her kids.

Christie Downs survived and she testified her mother shot all of them. Danny Down survived with paralysis and is a paraplegic.

Diane Downs was sentenced to life plus 50 years. She was caught after a prison escape attempt and sentenced for an additional 5 years for that escape. In Dec 2008, Downs applied for parole and was denied.

Ann Rule wrote “Small Sacrifices” in 1987. This book was based on the real story of Diane Downs. In 1989, the movie of the same name was released. Farrah Fawcett starred as Diane Downs.

Diane Downs & Wesley Frederickson.

Diane Downs true tv site.

Diane Downs wiki.

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  4 Responses to “Diane Downs: What happened to Diane Downs”

  1. please do not release her from prison that is wear she belong she cannot harm any one else.keep up the good work and do not release at all.she is a cold blooded killer in my opinion. they should have kill in prison by legal injection. treat her like a animal may sure she died in prison. thank you from diane johnson.

  2. I have to say, i watched the movie small sacrifices..and was astonished at what i saw!!! I have 3 wonderful boys, and i cant imagine what could drive someone to such a horrific crime. Lord may you watch over the children that are still alive, bless them by never allowing this woman to enjoy another day of her life.

  3. there is no way this monster should ever be free again – if she did not want her children she should have given them away but then she would not get the sympathy she thought she would receive – if there was ever a woman that diserved to rot in prison Diane Downs is that her

  4. Diane’s parole was denied in 2009, thank goodness for small miracles. She remains in prison and I hope she remains there till the end of her days.
    I’m sure her father doesn’t want to admit she is a cold blooded killer. In my opinion she is worse because it was her own children.

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