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Dec 092008

Sep 2014 – Diane Downs will be 59 years old in 2014. She maintained her innocence until this day. Her next parole hearing will be in 2020, when she is 65 years old.

What happened to Diane Downs’ children?
Fred Hugi and his wife Joanne Hugi adopted Danny and Christie Ann in 1984. He was one of the prosecutors against Diane.

Immediately after the shooting, Danny had asked nurses why the mean man shot him. His question reflected Diane’s claim that a man shot all of them. Diane said a bearded stranger shot her children and herself to attempt a carjacking.

Cristie was asked about her testimony. She said she was taught to say her mother shot all of them because the people knew it and she had to follow instructions on what to say.

June 8 2010 – Elizabeth Diane Downs’ latest child, the one that she was pregnant with during her trial in 1984, is named Rebecca Christine Babcock. Ms Babcock is a single mother, who gave birth to a son in 2002, and she’s also a student. Babcock lives in Bend, Oregon.

Babcock, 25, was adopted after her birth on June 27, 1984, by Chris Babcock and Jackie Babcock. Babcock is shopping around for a publisher and ghost writer to get her book deal.

Rebecca Babcock has contacted her natural mother, Diane Downs, in prison. Babcock said she has been trying to locate her biological father too. He was a newspaper reporter from Cottage Grove before/ during Downs’ trial in 1984.

Rebecca Christine Babcock is the daughter of Diane Downs and a Cottage Grove newspaper reporter. Rebecca was adopted after she was born at the Sacred Heart Medical Center, in Eugene. Downs delivered her daughter on June 27, 1984. Chris Babcock and Jackie Babcock adopted her when she was a baby.

One day, during her early childhood, Ms Babcock was being looked after by a babysitter, who told her the truth about her mother. Rebecca said she went to a bookshop at the earliest opportunity to look for the book written about her mother. Rebecca wasn’t able to understand it and the implications it held for her being the child of a convicted murderess.

Rebecca Babcock said she struggled through her teenager years as she was afraid of having inherited her mother’s blood. In her confusion, the young Babcock tried rebelling against her parents, did drugs, and became a young teen mother. After growing up, Babcock finally came to terms with her background and her present situation. She learned to accept herself for who she is and who she can become.

Babcock’s biological father has refused to be named. He was given a pseudonym by a writer who met him. He was nicknamed “Matt Jensen”. He was tall, with blue eyes, black hair, and facial hair. He claimed Diane Downs seduced him with whiskey, one night, in 1983. Downs allegedly wanted to get pregnant.

Downs had met the reporter guy while she was working as a mail carrier in Cottage Grove, where he lived.

Ms Babcock is writing her book about herself and her mother. Ms Babcock is a single mother of a child, born to her when she was 17 years old, in 2002. Babcock is continuing her education in Bend.

Dec 9 2008 – Diane Downs pictures: Diane Downs children pictures
Diane Downs had a video link interview before the Oregon parole board. Diane Downs was appealing for parole. Downs’ appeal was rejected.

Photos of Diane Downs and her children are below.

Diane Downs was convicted for the 1983 killing of her daughter, Cheryl Lynn Downs, 7. Diane Downs also wounded her 2 other children, Christie Ann Downs, 8, and Danny Downs, 3. Danny became paralyzed. Christie suffered a disabling stroke. Cheryl died. Christie Ann was able to identify her mother, Diane Downs, as the shooter in the trial in 1984. The background is at the link on Diane Downs.

Diane Downs photo; when she was arrested:

The Diane Downs family photo. Diane Downs was divorced from her husband at the time of the shootings in 1983.


Cheryl Downs & Danny Downs photos.

Diane Downs and her 3 children picture.

Diane Downs in prison photo, 53, in 2008.

Updated May 15 2010:

Diane Downs gave birth to her fourth child 10 days before she was sentenced. This baby girl was adopted out to parents who named her Rebecca Babcock.

Ms Babcock eventually learned she was an adopted child when she was 16 years old, and her mother was the convict named Diane Downs. Babcock talked about her legacy which shaped her life after she discovered the truth. Babcock called herself the seed of a monster.

Elizabeth Diane Downs, 1984.

Elizabeth Diane Downs

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  1. I read the book “small sacrifices” twice, and it was not easier to read the second time around. I have a two year old, and I am a single mum. I looked at my child frequently while reading the book, and could not imagine ever doing what this woman did. she is psycho, and whereas the book described her as “beautiful”, I could see no beauty in any of the pics on the internet

  2. casey anthony reminds me alot of diane downs. they are both self serving narrsistic socialpaths.

  3. evil, evil and a liar…….

  4. i hope she burns in hell….

  5. Diane Downs is still to this day trying to convince ua of her innocence by claiming she was on that deserted road to pick up photos for a boyfriend who was in the FBI. She must think we are all morons. She must think the members of the parole board are morons. I think we should never give that skanky sack of shit another forum to spew her latest lies.

  6. I just re-read Ann Rules book, Small Sacrifices, about this psycho, horrible woman. She can’t even call herself a human being because what she did to her own children was more than inhumane! I’m SO glad that she’s still in prison and has been denied parole! Hopefully, she’ll literally spend the rest of her pathetic life behind bars. If she thinks nobody cared about her during her younger years, it goes double and triple now. Great, great kudos to Fred Hugi and his wife for adopting the surviving children!!! AND for helping to put that monster away!

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