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Aug 282008

Desi Foxx is the mother of Elli Foxx. Desi Foxx is 48 and Elli Foxx is 21. Desi and Elli Foxx are the latest foxy women in porn video and porn pictures.

The big difference is Desi Foxx is the mother and Elli Foxx is the daughter. Does that make it a bit incestuous? Porn photographs and videography are posing and acting but still …

Desi Foxx and Elli Foxx’s Not Safe For Work pictures are there.

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  6 Responses to “Desi Foxx & Elli Foxx: Mother & Daughter pornography video/ photos”

  1. Mom and daughter,is cool.Elli is 21 yo.
    Mom work polštá?.No problema.
    On the world,is many more moms and daughters.

  2. Criss, you’re f up.

  3. you don’t anything incestuous in public, but in privacy in your home,do you have sex with your daughter?

  4. cool. not into incest but mom & daughter nude a nice thought

  5. This is Desi Foxx. Just wanted to stop by to set the record straight. Elli and I are both pornstars but we don’t do anything incestuous. That seems to be the first thing people think for some reason.

    You can learn more about us by reading our blog at http://www.desifoxx.com .

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