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Apr 302008

Derek Lowe said that Carolyn Hughes, the TV reporter, was already going through her divorce when she met him. Derek Lowe said they did not split from their respective spouses just because they met each other. Derek maintained that his marriage was already going through a rough patch when he met Carolyn Hughes. He said there were no third parties involved in the break up of marriages.

Many people believed Derek Lowe had an affair with a reporter. It didn’t matter that Lowe had denied having an affair with a reporter or anyone. The damage was done.

Derek Lowe & Trinka Lowe.

Derek Lowe & Trinka Lowe.

Derek Lowe.

Derek Lowe’s affair was actually not an affair, since their respective spouses were going to break up. That is what Lowe would like people to believe. Lowe’s alleged affair happened after the marriages were on the rocks. Lowe could not say his estranged wife was having an affair of her own, but conveyed the message that his own marriage was on the verge of breaking up when he started seeing Ms Hughes.

Derek Lowe

Carolyn Hughes, the TV sports reporter who had a relationship with Derek Lowe. The fairy tale romance of a reporter with a big sports celebrity had a happy ending for them. The stories of the affair ended when Lowe married Hughes.

Carolyn Hughes

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe and related pics:

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe

Updated April 29 2011 – Derek Lowe’s divorce is over but he has another trouble. Lowe was arrested for alleged driving under the influence. He was seen driving recklessly and failed to stay in his lane. Derek Lowe plays baseball for the Atlanta Braves. Lowe was arrested on Thursday, April 28, 2011. Lowe, 37, was pulled over by a state trooper. The officer smelled alcohol on his breath and asked Lowe to do a sobriety test.

Lowe resisted and refused to comply. He was arrested and booked into jail in Atlanta. The baseball pitcher stayed in jail until Friday morning, April 29, 2011. Lowe posted $2944 bail.

Lowe is divorced from Trinka Lowe, after his affair with Carolyn Hughes was known. Lowe and Trinka had 2 kids during their 7 year marriage.

Lowe is presently married to Carolyn Hughes. The couple tied the knot on Dec 13, 2008, in Michigan.

Derek Lowe has a contract with the Atlanta Braves, for a 4 year deal that would earn him $60 million. He has survived skin cancer and battled his health problem to remain in his stance playing pro baseball.

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  1. She’s a skank, he’s a dirt bag, they deserve each other!!!

  2. I’ve been through 2 divorces. Has nothing to do with baseball. It happens and you move on. I just want him concentrating on pitching for the Bravo’s. Life long fan of Atlanta.

    Looks like he traded up for sure. He out punted his coverage like I did with that gal.

  3. GO BRAVES::::

  4. Love finds diff ways to find you….Hope their love lasts 4ever…

  5. Is that fat cow holding hands with Lowe Hughes?? Apparently after they had been dating a while? She got his wallet and obviously let her looks (what little looks she had) go to crap.

  6. ARE you there? GO DODGERS! (DEREK)

  7. Derek,

    If you’re out there babe give me a shout!!! GO SWEET ‘N LOWE!!!! EF forever baby!

  8. Drew S,

    Thanks, I’ve changed the pic.

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