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Dec 212008

Delimar Vera was 10 days old when she was stolen from her house.A fire was started to hide the fact that the baby Delimar Vera was absent from the burnt down building. Delimar Vera’s biological mother, Luz Cuevas, thought that Delimar Vera had died in the fire.

Six years later in 2004, Carolyn Correa, Delimar Vera’s father’s cousin, was charged with kidnapping, arson, and other crimes. Correa is the cousin by marriage of Pedro Vera; Delimar Vera’s father.

Where is Delimar Vera now? Has she reunited with her mother and father? Luz Cuevas has custody of Delimar Vera.

Cuevas let Pedro Vera visit his daughter. Delima Vera’s biological father visited his daughter after she was reunited with Luz Cuevas.

Luz Cuevas broke off contact with Carolyn Correa’s mother and relatives. Cuevas did not want her daughter to have any contact with the people who she believed were her family members.

Philadelphia State Representative, Angel Cruz, came to know that Luz Cuevas had suspicions on the alleged death of her infant daughter. Cruz helped Ms Cuevas get in touch with police, leading to the launch of a new investigation. There was a happy ending as police were able to confirm that the young girl was indeed Delimar Vera. Angel Cruz is written into the TV movie, “Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story”. He was portrayed by the actor A Martinez. This actor previously was in “General Hospital” and “CSI”.

Delimar Vera started grade school at 7 and she knew about her background. Her classmates and school mates asked her about her kidnapping and she has healed sufficiently to talk about it.

In Dec 1997, Delimar was only 10 days old when a mysterious fire destroyed her home. The adults in the house escaped but they couldn’t find Delimar. The police and fire fighters thought the baby Delimar was burnt to cinders in the fire. Ms Cuevas had a feeling that her daughter was alive. Ms Cuevas said the visiting relative, Correa, virtually disappeared after the fire and refused to maintain contact. Cuevas’ intuition warned her that something was wrong and she suspected Correa of having something to do with Delimar’s disappearance. Cuevas was hampered by her lack of English. She felt she couldn’t talk to the police.

Correa had brought Delimar back to New Jersey to live and faked her identity as her daughter, Cuevas said she recognized Delimar as the girl had the same dimples as she did in her infant-hood. Cuevas was at a party when she saw Delimar, then 5 years old. She had deep suspicions. When she was alone with the girl, she made up an excuse to cut off a lock of her hair. Cuevas kept the hair to be used for DNA analysis.

After the DNA test was done, the girl was confirmed to be Cuevas’ daughter. Correa was charged with kidnapping. She pleaded no contest to the charges and was sentenced later.

In March 2005, Delimar Vera was 7 years old. She asked Cuevas, who she called Mommy, about Correa. Delimar asked why did the woman take her away? Cuevas tried to explain to her that she wasn’t sure of the reason. The girl seemed to accept the course of events and was glad to be reunited with her biological mother. Cuevas has 3 sons who are good brothers to Delimar. The girl liked to play with Barbie dolls and her brothers. Delimar has learned Spanish and had adapted to her new home. A therapist has been counseling her to help her cope with the changes.

May 8 2011 – Delimar Vera is now 13 years old, going on 14, when she reaches her birthday in December 2011. Delimar Vera today is a happy kid grwoing up with her mother and brothers.

Photo of Delimar Vera when she was found at 6 years old, in 2004.

The story on Delimar Vera.

“Little Girl Lost – The Delimar Vera Story” video link.

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