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Nov 272008

Deborah GirouardDeborah Girouard, a nurse, has been arrested and charged with helping a convicted rapist, Che Blake Sosa. Sosa was also accused of stabbing his lawyer. Deborah Girouard, 44, has been accused of smuggling saw blades into the MCl-Cedar Junction jail in Walpole, Mass.

Deb Deborah Giourard Deborah Girouard works as contract nurse at the prison. Deborah developed a relationship with Sosa. She attempted to help him by giving him some items like makeup and a corrections’ officer uniform. Girouard denied her charges and she was detained without bail. She pleaded not guilty.

Deborah Giourard

Che SosaChe Blake Sosa has been sentenced to a long imprisonment for crimes of multiple rapes. In addition, he has to stand trial for stabbing his defense lawyer in court in Feb. 2007.

Blake SosaAug 4 2007 – Che Sosa showed he meant business when he mailed a hand carved knife to his Department of Corrections boss. He can make weapons at will and has threatened to harm a guard if his demand was unmet. Prison officials have installed a TV set in Mr Sosa’s cell.

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  1. in society. No articles on her past charge or conviction.

  2. What happened to the nurse? Was she convicted? Is she doing time? I can’t find any follow up to this story

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