Death of a Cheerleader – What Happened to Angela Delvecchio?

The movie was called Death of a Cheerleader. A new girl in a public school tried to fit into the new environment. A cheerleader talked to her and humiliated her to the very depths. It was like a case of bullying.

This girl had everything to lose if the cheerleader leaked out the conversation to the rest of the school. It was a huge gamble and her new life was at stake so she killed the cheerleader. The killer is arrested and jailed but eventually she won parole and was released into freedom.

What Happened to Angela Delvecchio? The information is so sketchy and the film so ambiguous, the ending was like a cliffhanger. Viewers were puzzled as to What Happened to Angela Delvecchio?

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2 Responses to Death of a Cheerleader – What Happened to Angela Delvecchio?

  1. brian

    went to jail for 7 years and wen she was released she changed her name and left california

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