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Jul 202008

Dawn Anna is a TV movie that had a premiere in Lifetime in 2005. Dawn Anna supposedly was based on facts.

Dawn Anna is a teacher and single parent. Dawn Anna had 4 kids. Dawn Anna met a nice man who would become her husband but she is struck by bad news.

Dawn Anna/ Dawn Anna Townsend
Dawn Anna, Dawn Anna Townsend
Dawn Anna was diagnosed with a bad brain disease. So, she had her serious operation. She recovered but Dawn Anna had another piece of bad news. Her daughter, Lauren Townsend, was murdered in the Columbine High School massacre.

Debra Winger starred in the movie, The Secret Of Dawn Anna.

Debra Winger as Dawn Anna
The cast of the TV movie on Dawn Anna. Debra Winger and Quinn Singer as Lauren Townsend.

* Debra Winger as Dawn Anna
* Alex Van as Bink
* Sam Howard as Josh
* Stephen Warner as Matt
* Krista Rae as Kristin
* Tatiana Maslany as Lauren (age 12)
* Robert Theberge as Shane
* Quinn Singer as Lauren Townsend
* Patricia Harras as Mary
* Greg Lawson as Dr.Emmerson
* Gillian Carfra as Crisis worker
* Yuri Yeremin as Himself
* Lee Cameron as Health teacher
* Christine Hamilton as Tall girl
* Scott Arnold as Dr. Albert Becker

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