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Jan 142009

David “Dave” Meggett has been charged with a new rape or sexual assault. Meggett, 42, was arrested for allegedly raping a woman, 21, in her home in North Charleston. Meggett was a former NFL player.

The woman alleged that on Tuesday, at 1 am, “Mike” sat on her bed and demanded hse return $200 she owed. The woman said she lacked the money and the man, whom she knew as Mike, raped her. The man whom she knew as Mike then said he was sorry and she would not need to repay her debt. The woman drove herself to hospital, where David Meggett met her there. Meggett was arrested at the hospital.

Last September, Meggett was arrested and charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct when a teen, 17, from North Charleston, reported she was raped by a man known to her as “Michael.” Meggett was freed on bail when the second alleged rape occurred. Meggett had a prior sexual assault charge in North Carolina.

David Dave Meggett photo.

David Dave Meggett news.

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