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Nov 032008

David Church Deane, a production assistant for the TV show, “Judge Judy”, has died. David Church Deane died in a motorcycle accident on August 19, 2008. David Deane died on the Angeles Crest Highway north of Altadena, Costa Mesa.

David Deane was speeding when he hit a pickup truck at around 11:50 am. David Deane was pronounced dead at the scene. An L.A. County Fire Department helicopter witnessed the accident and landed to aid him but it was too late to do anything.

The cast and crew of “Judge Judy” were deeply grieved with the passing of a valuable production assistant. The producers decided to dedicate one episode of the show to David Deane. That explained why Deane’s name appeared in the credits.

Many of Deane’s friends were shocked at the accident which took away the life of their beloved friend.

David Church Deane, RIP.

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  54 Responses to “David Church Deane: “Judge Judy” production assistant Deane died”

  1. I myself survived a motorcycle accident in May that same year. Life is strange that way….to have survived when others do not. I saw your name posted after a Judge Judy episode and found this. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family David, and I hope I do right by being spared my own life here,when others like yourself go home before me.

  2. What a thoroughly entertaining tread.

  3. just so sad,,another promising career person gone!!

  4. Kelly is a troll, and you all took the bait. I’m so glad I found this forum, what a bunch of morons.

  5. Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha first post is epic

  6. RIP DAVID! and to all the people giving Kelly a hard time I think you should find it in your hearts to forgive her. People say things in a anger, she should not of said anything like that but she did and she also apoligised, and you all seem to give her a hard time but i think the comments coming from carwreck were much worse. Im sorry to the Deane family for there loss, My prayers are with you xx

  7. i just seen at the end of judge judy show in australia rip david deane, and i thought it referred to the guy on the case, the young bf, thats why i looked it up. it very interesting how many ppl left comments hre. and rip but it is careless to be speeding

  8. LOL sorry I’m on my phone an it does weird spell checks that are not right

    —- hell. He’ll ect..

    Peace to his family

  9. Sorry to his family :) hope all is well… RIP—- ps any educated people would understand that “god” is not real and Jesus never lived. 12 desiples = 12 constalations…ask your pastor some questions… Eg: 1 how could Jesus family flee to eygypt sometime during the first two years in on storey but go home to naraeth quietly after 40 days in the other…? 2: why were dinosours not mentioned in the bible?… 3: My father is a fire/flam thrower type stuff, if I saw a spirit I’d angel and put my flam thrower on it to try an burn it.. Would it kill or hurt it??? Answer: no spirits an angels can’t be killed :) Respond: so why should we be affraid of he’ll if we can’t be burnt, hurt or killed…? Religion is a way of making money… 10% of people earning go towards religions… If we had no religion and every being gave to charity… There would be no poverty and without religion there would be no war.
    2c x

  10. I wonder how many of us drove too fast at one point or an other… how many of us risked passing on the right… didn’t use our turn signal or used our cell phone while driving?

    Bottom line… the boy paid the ultimate price for his error, if indeed it was his mistake. His driving habits were only ONE part of his character. From all indications, he was an upstanding and good hearted man. Let’s just say a prayer for him and his family and let it go at that.

  11. To Kelly
    I came onto this site today because I was looking to see if David’s accident was still mentioned. Today his mother is holding a year memorial for him. He was the only son to a mother that raised him alone. He was loved and adored by all. A really good kid who was spending the day riding with an old family friend when the accident happened. He wasn’t out speeding alone as the newspaper made it sound. And the accident may have occurred because there was a forestry helicopter hovering just over that portion of the highway that may have startled him when he came around the curve. Maybe next time you will think before you make such stupid, unkind, and mindless comments. I only hope that you are as loved as David Deane still is.

  12. kelly you son of a bitch you bastard s\and or bimbo and heartless motherfucker go fuck ur self and die i wish it were u that was killed

  13. what was the name of that guy who died again? kelly I think it was. by the amount of attention this kelly gets i get confused.

  14. Oh grow up! Do u honestly think I don’t feel for the family of David, styx? I am just expressing a feeling here.. what the scene must have looked like after such a horrific crash. It’s the stuff of legend, movie magic, hell, even God can be a genius and concoct the end of someone’s life in such a rather poetic manner. My hat is off to God. And one more thing: FUCK U STYX.

  15. I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that God will grant you the peace to get through this most difficult time. Your family is in my prayers. God bless.


  17. My grandmother died last night. She will be missed, especially by me. If you’re in Winnsboro, La look us up and come visit…last name Winzer. I’m sure David will be missed by his family regardless of the action that got him to his final resting place. Death is a time of reflection/celebration and not ridicule and finger pointing. R.I.P. David, R.I.P Granny.

  18. God is not real.

    God is real.

    The concept is real.

    The entity may or may not be.

  19. styx i am sorry for your loss. please extend my felling to his family.and as for you Kelly and carwreck you to should be ashamed for what you said you are saying all of these sick things when you do not know what really happened and when you do not know the person.

  20. im so sorry

  21. hey…i really hope you guys will learn to be real people, and stop acting like immature children. To the Deane family…*I Wish You The Best, and am so sorry about the situation. If you would like a brochure on: “When a loved one dies” please contact me…720-276-6758

  22. WOW…all i can say if F*@K YOU Kelly and CarWreck. Dave was a close friend of mine for many years, how dare you guys say those things and call him names, you didn’t even know him. This article is not completely accurate, starting with his death date, which was August 19th not October and the accident was just that, an accident! The accident was not witnessed by the fire department, the helicopter came across the accident just seconds after wards. i was with his family and friends the night of the accident and his mother told us all that the Sheriff’s weren’t sure exactly what happened, if Dave was speeding, if he crossed the line, if the dully truck crossed the line or if it was a combination of multiple factors. None the less it was an accident and Dave has paid the price and all of us who were lucky enough to have know him are left with an emptiness in our hearts that can never be filled by anyone else. Dave was the kind of person who lit up a room the moment he walked in, he had a laugh that was infectious, he would give you the shirt off his back if it meant you would be better off. So Kelly, get off your soap box and show some compassion. Maybe instead of slandering a good man’s name you should get the facts straight, you really shouldn’t pass judgment on someone after reading an article on a GOSSIP website!!!!! i really hope you never have to feel the pain of tragically losing your only son, like my friends mother has. CarWreck you just completely sicken me. i hope a there is a truck out there with your name on it!

  23. ….God is real genuis.

  24. SIMPLE MATH: If he didn’t own a streetbike….he’d still be alive. Yikes…..I own two.

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