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Nov 232008

How ironic! This was the middle of NBC’s “Green Week” and NBC celebrated by booting off the entire staff of “Forecast Earth” (an environmental program), and also firing studio meteorologists. NBC’s first major changes to The Weather Channel (TWC) since buying it in September involved these staff layoffs. Eighty staff ended up axed.

The meteorologists who were sacked include Dave Schwartz, Cheryl Lemke and Eboni Deon. NBC released an official statement to explain that the economy and cost synergies were responsible for the company reorganization.


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  246 Responses to “Dave Schwartz, Cheryl Lemke, Eboni Deon: Weather Channel fired staff”

  1. Is Alexander Steele back on the weather channel??

  2. Where is Alexander Steele ?? Did they bring her back after firing her ? I loved watching her. The weather channel is not the same anymore…

  3. where is anaridis rodriguez did she get fired

  4. Dave has returned, and there is joy in Mudville again!! Thanks for listening weather channel, and welcome back my friend!

  5. I am so glad to see Dave Schwartz back on the weather channel, my friend. He is the only one that can make a boring weather forecast sound interesting. When he was fired, I went to accu weather . I am back, just let the weather forecaster’s do what they do best. The morning weather is almost like a variety show. Thanks

  6. I don’t know what you were thinking when you fired Dave Schwartz. I really enjoyed watching his forecasts on the weather channel. I used to stay up all night until 5:00 a:m watching him tell his forecasts. Imiss hearing from him. Please bring Dave Schwartz back to the weather channel or somewhere else on T.V. It’s better than not having a Dave Schwartz at all. THANK YOU! (Roy Kreutler: Louisville, Ky.

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