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May 132010

Oct 28 2010 – Darlene Egelhoff, Heidi Montag’s mother, is working as a domestic maid to make ends meet. Egelhoff used to operate a restaurant for 21 years but had to do the alternative work after her restaurant was shut down.

Montag has not spoken to her mother for the past 9 months and may not know her financial standing. Moreover, the mother and daughter pair had a falling out when the elder spoke against Heidi’s series of plastic surgeries.

Aug 25 2010 – Heidi Montag said she wants to have her large silicon implants which made her breasts upsized to G-cup removed because they are crushing her. Montag is pedaling backwards now that she has done all the plastic surgery she could have.

Aug 24 2010 – Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s sex tapes are not for sale as they are still a couple. Spencer and Montag are promoting news of their sex tape to get publicity. They are in cohorts together, planning their return to showbiz in one way or another.

Aug 23 2010 – Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were busted. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were seen together in Costa Rica. Montag had said she was angry and hurt at her estranged husband’s decision to sell her sex tape. However, a photo and video agency has taped evidence of the couple enjoying time together in Costa Rica.

After some time, Pratt and Montag realized they were being filmed so they scattered in different directions in their desperate bids to escape the watchful eyes of the camera.

Montag, incapacitated to run after her extensive plastic surgery, used a golf cart to make her escape, while Pratt ran away in a different direction, using his trusty legs.

Aug 22 2010 – Spencer Pratt said he has a sex tape of Heidi Montag and Karissa Shannon doing lesbian sex. Pratt said he was interested to sell this sextape. Most of the tape featured Montag, with very little camera zoomed in on Karissa Shannon.

Karissa Shannon said she did make a sextape with Montag. However, Shannon has warned that she would sue Pratt or anyone, if the sex tape is released.

Aug 22 2010 – Heidi Montag sex tape has at least two sex sessions, or is two sextapes combined into one. Montag’s romp prior to her extensive plastic surgery was taped for all eternity. After her ten cosmetic surgery procedures, Montag had one of her sexual intimacy encounters taped in a sex tape. The sex tape that is being shopped around shows Montag pre cosmetic surgery and Montag post plastic surgery.

Montag herself has denied the existence of such a sex tape. She said Pratt was trying to embarrass her.

Aug 20 2010 – Spencer Pratt has approached Vivid Entertainment to negotiate the sale of a sex tape starring himself and his ex-wife Heidi Montag. Pratt contacted the adult entertainment company to talk about the possible sale of the sextape with Montag and himself.

June 22 2010 – Heidi Montag’s father, Bill Montag, is ill with a bacterial infection. Heidi hasn’t called him to talk to him and he’s feeling depressed.

June 21 2010 – Heidi Montag has hired her family lawyer Jodeane Farrell to handle her divorce from Spencer Pratt. Montag, Jodeane Farrell and Pratt will met together for a mediated divorce settlement. If they agree on the terms of the divorce, Pratt and Montag will wait for the mandatory 6 months before getting their divorce finalized.

Montag wants a quick divorce and she is still on amicable terms with Pratt.

June 14 2010 – Heidi Montag & Cougar Zank affair
Cougar Zank, a one time trusted friend of Spencer Pratt, is now a villain, according to gossip. Heidi Montag & Cougar Zank allegedly had an affair and now she’s staying in his home.

Heidi Montag, the separated wife of Spencer Pratt, is staying in Cougar Zank’s rented home in Malibu and accused of having an affair with him.

Long before the separation, Cougar Zank had stayed together with Montag and Pratt in their rented home in the Palisades.

We were told in stages that Montag moved out to Jennifer Bunney’s rented home. Then we’re told the home was actually Cougar Zank’s home. Today, the gossip is on Cougar Zank and how he wooed Montag away from her husband.

Some people have doubts as Pratt and Zank are scriptwriters who spent some time developing a plot for a script. This whole saga with Montag moving out of her marital home may be part of the script.

Pratt and Montag are now said to have accused each other of having affairs with others and they have hired private investigators to spy on each other. Pratt and Montag are having financial difficulties but they are accommodating the expenses for engaging snoop services to spy on each other. Montag has been working hard to earn money and she filed her separation paper in court to stop Pratt from draining their bank account.

June 11 2010 – Heidi Montag is staying in the Malibu beach home belonging to Cougar Zank. Zank is Spencer Pratt’s good friend and was allegedly helping Pratt write a TV or movie script. (maybe the script for the new Montag and Jen Bunney TV show) Pratt has been seen jogging on a trail near this Malibu beach home.

June 8 2010 – Heidi Montag filed for legal separation from her husband, Spencer Montag, on Tue, June 8, 2010.

May 2010: Heidi Montag wants to make it big so much that people are expecting her to get naked and nude soon. Although Montag has posed for Playboy, she hasn’t stripped nude or showed naked flesh yet.

Heidi Montag and Jennifer “Jen” Bunney are filming a new reality TV show tentatively called “Best Summer Of Our Lives”. Montag separated from her husband, Spencer Pratt, to move out. Montag and Jenn Bunney are now staying together at a rented beach home in Malibu. Montag and Bunney are spending the summer of 2010 developing their professional relationship.

Jennifer Bunney in bikini. (Jennifer Jen Jenn Bunney)

Jennifer Jen Jenn Bunney in bikini

May 13 2010:
Darlene Egelhoff, Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt: Montag & Pratt reject Egelhoff (photo)

Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt rejected Darlene Egelhoff when she showed up at their home in LA. Montag said she was going to file a restraining order on her mother.

Darlene Egelhoff offended her daughter when she criticized her for the extensive 10 plastic surgeries marathon. When Darlene Egelhoff showed up at the Montag Pratt home on Thursday, May 13, Heidi called the cops to complain.

May post:
Darlene Egelhoff, Heidi Montag’s mother, has a financial problem. Egelhoff owes $187,835.62 on a loan for an undeveloped piece of real estate she bought in Colorado, in 2006. Egelhoff paid $2000 for the original loan of $189,000. The bank has called in on her bad debt and she faces foreclosure on her investment. Spencer Pratt said “If that’s true … that is the best news I’ve heard all day long.”

Darlene Egelhoff, Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt, during happier times.

Darlene Egelhoff, Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

April 15 2010:
Heidi Montag Pratt & Adam DiVello: DiVello molested Montag claims (photo)

Heidi Montag Pratt claimed Adam DiVello (photo below) sexually harassed her on the set of The Hills. DiVello, a creator of The Hills, allegedly was smitten after Montag’s series of 10 plastic surgeries so he began to tackle her.

Heidi Montag claimed she brought 6 personal security guards whenever she worked on The Hills’ set because of Divello. Heidi has claimed that Divello touched her but her body guards diffused the situation by removing him away.

Montag and Pratt claimed they emailed the person in charge of the production team to complain about DiVello, but they were ignored. The only reply was to inform Montag that she was only allowed to bring one guard to the set.

MTV and Lauren Conrad are on Team DiVello. MTV said they had investigated the accusations and found them fake. Conrad said DiVello was a consummate professional while she was working on the set of The Hills, and made light of Montag’s claims of molestation.

Apparently, Steven Seagal and Kayden Nguyen’s lawsuit has encouraged others who had suffered the same to come out and sue.

Adam DiVello photo.

April 6 2010:

Heidi Montag back scoop: Heidi Montag back scoop surgery
Heidi Montag told Ryan Seacrest in his radio show “On Air” that she had back scoop surgery. Back Scoop Surgery is what its name implies, to have your back scooped out a little. Back Scoop will carve out you back a little and make the woman look sexier.

A back scoop is usually done by laser spine surgery.

What does back scoop do to Heidi Montag? She said she is particular about hugging people now. Montag revealed her body is fragile.

Its no wonder after her mini brow lift, nose plastic surgery, cheek augmentation, lip filler, chin reduction, neck liposuction, ears pinned back, butt enhancement surgery, waist liposuction, thigh liposuction, breast cosmetic surgery enhancement, waist cinched, and back scoop surgery.

March 30 2010:
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt are White Wolf Montag & Running Bear Pratt

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have given themselves Native American Indian names to dive deep into spirituality. They want to be known as White Wolf Montag and Runniing Bear Pratt.

March 18 2010:
Heidi Montag Pratt fired Aiden Chase: Montag booted Chase

Heidi Montag Pratt fired her manager, Aiden Chase. Chase visited Montag on the set of The Hills to ask for money. Chase also took the opportunity to tout his services to Audrina Patridge.

Feb 24 2010:
Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag: Pratt Montag Valentines Day crystals

Spencer Pratt spent $500k on his crystal collection. Pratt revealed that he was a big fan of crystals and he spent his Valentine’s Day with them.

Pratt and his wife, Heidi Montag, brought out his collection of crystals and spent some time basking in their energies. Being immersed in crystals may benefit the body as the stones are said to emit energies from their respective properties. That is, if you have studied the science of crystals, and believe in them.

Feb 2010:
Heidi Montag Playboy: Heidi Montag Pratt Playboy mag

Heidi Montag has been offered half a million to strip for Playboy. Before her ten plastic surgery procedures, Montag was shy to show everything.

Now that she had her makeover, Montag is accepting bids to entice her to pose nude. I guess she will be covering her breasts or pose in some way to cover her privates.

Jan 10 2010:
Heidi Montag Pratt vs Jocelyn Wildenstein: Is Montag becoming another Wildenstein

After more than 10 plastic surgeries on her body, does Heidi Montag look plastic? Already, gossips said Montag was rendered incapable of showing emotions on her face. Does Heidi Montag Pratt look like the catwoman, Jocelyn Wildenstein?

Jan 13 2010:
Heidi Montag before plastic surgery: Heidi Montag after plastic surgery (photos)

Heidi Montag Pratt is only 23 but had as many as ten plastic surgery procedures in one day to revamp her beauty. Montag Pratt underwent a series of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to maintain and enhance her body, from head to toe.

The People cover shows Heidi Montag before her plastic surgery in 2008 and Montag after plastic surgery in 2010.

This is the series of plastic surgery procedures Heidi Montag took in November 2009.

1.) Mini brow lifts.
2.) Botox injections.
3.) Nose job revision.
4.) Fat injections in her facial cheeks.
5.) Chin reduction.
6.) Neck liposcution.
7.) Ears pinned back.
8.) Breast augmentation revision.
9.) Liposuction on waist, hips, thighs.
10.) Buttock augmentation for a firmer behind.

Montag Pratt will have to return for more cosmetic plastic surgery as a Botox jab lasts for 6 months. Silicon in augmentations will need maintenance, otherwise seepage may occur.

Heidi Montag before plastic surgery: Heidi Montag after plastic surgery on People.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag

Aug 13 2009:
Heidi Montag Pratt: Montag Pratt plastic surgery

Heidi Montag Pratt wants more plastic surgery before she is willing to pose nude. Heidi Montag Pratt responded to comments that she didn’t pose naked for Playboy. Montag Pratt heated up anticipation when she said she did pose nude. The Playboy magazine pictures said otherwise. Montag Pratt said she wanted to get upgrades via plastic surgery. One of her priorities was getting breast enhancements. Mrs Pratt wants bigger boobs for her husband, Spencer Pratt.

Updated August 7 – Heidi Montag’s Playboy September 2009 photos are ready. Montag posed in a white bikini suit. Montag’s hair looked great on the Heidi Montag Playboy Magazine bikini shoot here.

Updated June 12 2009 – Heidi Montag has posed for Playboy September 2009. A source said Heidi Montag’s Playboy photoshoot involved nudity. The little bird who whispered said Montag enjoyed herself getting all the attention for her fun naked modeling session.

Playboy has refused to comment on the supposed Heidi Montag on Playboy photos. Heidi Montag’s representative also did not respond on the alleged Playboy issue in September 2009.

Apr 1 2009
Heidi Montag pregnant: Heidi Montag pregnant Twitter

Heidi Montag twittered she was pregnant. There is some amount of skepticism as Montag made this twitter on April Fool’s Day. Heidi Montag carried to say she hoped she would be carrying a baby boy.

Nov 4 2008:

Updated June 7 – Heidi Montag Pratt has been rushed to a hospital in Costa Rica. Her husband, Spencer Pratt, has accompanied her to hospital in the ambulance. Mr Pratt is expected to remain at her bedside in hospital. Heidi Pratt had a IV tube inserted in her arm. Mrs Pratt was said to be suffering from a stomach infection.

Spencer’s sister, Stephanie Pratt, blogged about Heidi’s illness on her twitter account. Miss Pratt said her brother and sister-in-law were locked in isolation in a dark room for 3 days. The producers wanted to toughen them up as they wanted to quit “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here”. According to Stephanie Pratt, Heidi and Spencer were not given food during their period in isolation.

Conflicting reports said the Pratt couple were locked in for 1 day and night. The Pratts were fed water, rice and beans during their stay in isolation. Heidi was said to have a gastric ulcer.

Spencer Pratt has fired his lawyer because he was advised to stay on the show. The lawyer thought it would be good since the couple had signed a contract to do the show.

Paul Telegdy, an NBC executive, said the Pratt couple have to do some soul searching.

Several other members of the cast supposedly wanted to leave the show but were unable to do so. Their passports were impounded by the crew of the reality show.


Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt are bitterly disappointed in the jungle of Costa Rica. Montag and Pratt wanted to quit the first day they arrived on the set of “I’m a celebrity … get me out of here.” Pratt and Montag thought it was a workout and tanning session in a hotel. Pratt and Montag wanted star treatment and refused to eat the same food as the cast.

Pratt and Montag thought they would be billed with big celebrities. Montag and husband Pratt were disappointed with Janice Dickinson, Stephen Baldwin and Lou Diamond Phillips, John Salley and Sanjaya Malakar etc.

Nov 24 2008
Heidi & Spencer married: Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt married

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt married in secret in Mexico, on November 20. Audrina Patridge, the diplomatic celebrity from The Hills, sent them her best wishes for their happiness.

Perez Hilton wrote that Heidi and Spencer married on a whim and decided to keep their marriage secret until now. Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt actually canceled their engagement last year but that only invited more attention to their relationship. The famous couple have many common business deals and may even have bought their first house together.

Congratulations to Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt!

The wedding pictures of Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt are published in US Weekly at the link.

June 28 2008:
Heidi Montag’s Heidiwood Clothing
Heidi Montag has again promoted her fashion, Heidiwood Clothing, for the market of girls from 16-21. Heidi Montag’s Heidiwood Clothing will be sold in Anchor Blue stores from April 15 2008.

Heidi Montag’s Heidiwood Clothing

Heidi Montag’s Heidiwood Clothing is budget clothing, with items costing between $10-60. Some friends thought that Heidi Montag created Heidiwood Clothing as a competition to Lauren Conrad’s fashion line. Heidi Montag’s Heidiwood Clothing would be more of an investment into her future, just like her singing career.

Aug 2 2008:
Heidi Montag tape
Here’s a picture of Heidi Montag putting on her best dance moves. She has clenched her fists and looked like she was going to punch out.

Heidi Montag (R)
Heidi Montag dancing

Heidi Montag and her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, said they would move out of The Hills. They had been house hunting before.

Heidi Montag’s fashion line, Heidiwood, is doing better than Lauren Conrad’s fashion line.

One popular rumor is hat Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have a sex tape. So far, nothing has comee out of that rumor.

Aug 27 2008:
Heidi Montag’s “Overdosin” music video here

Heidi Montag has finally released her music video. Heidi Montag’s video clip is called “Overdosin.” If you’re Heidi Montag’s fan, you’ll love Overdosin and overdose on listening to her song.

Heidi Montag had an interview with Ryan Seacrest. Thye chatted about Heidi Montag’s future plans and possible a wedding in store for Heidi Montag. Heidi Montag revealed that she was waiting for a ring to confirm to herself and everyone that Heidi Montag is getting engaged or married. Heidi Montag loves the show, The Hills.

Heidi Montag disclosed that maybe Lauren Conrad was getting sick of the show. Spencer Pratt and herself loved being on the show. We can understand why. The Hills has opened up huge revenues for Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Although he tried to shop his rumored sex tape with an unknown woman, nobody was interested to buy the rights and distribution. That was before Spencer Pratt met Heidi Montag.

Overdosin was released last week. Heidi Montag described the song as being about falling in love and her feelings for Spencer Pratt. Do you like Heidi Montag’s Overdosin?

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