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Aug 222009

Danyl Johnston, 27, a teacher from Reading, is a favorite in the X Factor auditions. Johnston sang The Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends”. Johnston gave an interview and revealed he is a bisexual.

Simon Cowell approved of Johnston’s performance, saying he did a best first audition. Dannii Minogue seconded Cowell by praising Johnston’s “perfect audition”.

Danyl Johnston has stirred up controversy by admitting his sexual orientation. Johnston said he is bisexual. Johnston may be giving hope to both male and female fans with his admission.

Johnston said he was attracted to all his X Factor judges. That’s a man after your heart. He may fancy himself serenading them. Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue might all be flattered to learn that Johnston loves them.

Johnston, despite of his flirty and wandering eyes, has only been in four relationships. Johnston has been alone for the past one year and now he’s on the prowl. Men and women are fair prey.

Updated October 10 –

Louis Walsh, one of the judges in X Factor, heard from the Kandy Rain group that Danyl Johnson said something mean to them. According to one girl in Kandy Rain, Johnson told the girl band that they had no chance of winning X Factor. The Kandy rain girl used that as an opportunity to complain to the judge Walsh that Johnson bullied them. Did he? Should Walsh just listen to one side of the story? Afterall, Kandy Rain maybe playing Walsh to get some sympathy votes.

Louis Walsh is mentoring the bands while Simon Cowell is mentoring the guy solo singers. Walsh said he had the tougher job.

Danyl Johnston With A Little Help From My Friends The X Factor 2009 - video link.

Danyl Johnston photo and X Factor video - link.

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  1. Danyl Johnson is nothing but a slimy ponce,as ugly as sin,fancies himself and thinks he is the next best thing since sliced bread.I DO NOT THINK SO–THE SOONER YOU ARE VOTED OFF THE BETTER,if it was a toss up with the twins or him,i would gladly vote for the twins.To say i hate him is a understatement,i do not usually dislike somebody so much on first,viewing,but him……GET LOST DANYL,AND HOPE YOU LOSE.

  2. Who cares, what is what is. Everyone is different!!!!

  3. woooooooooooooooow!

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