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May 302008

Dwayne Johnson and his ex-wife, Dany Garcia, are officially divorced. Garcia and Johnson have a daughter, Simone, 7.

Garcia and Johnson have a divorce agreement. Garcia and Johnson will pay $5,000 a month into a trust fund for Simone Johnson. This fund is for a private school, college education and other living expenses for Simone.

As for parenting, Garcia and Johnson will share custody. Both mother and father will split up holidays and other arrangements to spend time with Simone.

Garcia and Johnson agreed to waive their right to alimony, as both are earning separate incomes. Dany Garcia is a financial adviser and is financially independent. Garcia made $700k in 2007, which was one of the reasons why both parents have agreed to contribute towards the trust fund for Simone.

Johnson will pay $22,454/month in child support towards Simone.

Dwayne Johnson married Dany Garcia on May 3, 1997. Johnson had celebrated his 25th birthday on May 2, 1997, and he had a double celebration when he had his wedding one day after his birthday.

Sadly, after 10 years of marriage, Johnson and Garcia decided to divorce.

Dwayne Johnson’s mother is Ata Fitisemanu Maivia. Ms Maivia is related to royalty in Samoa. Johnson visited Samoa in 2004. King Malietoa Tanumafili II honored Johnson by giving him a royal title, Seiuli. In Samoa, he is called Seiuli Dwayne Johnson.

Johnson supports the Samoa national rugby team. He has a pe’a tattoo to acknowledge his roost with Samoa. The tattoo allegedly runs from the waist to the knees.

Photo of Dwayne Johnson & Dany Garcia & Simone Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson & Dany Garcia & Simone Johnson.

Updated Feb 14 2011 –
Dwayne Johnson is returning to the wrestling ring. Johnson has been away from wrestling for the past 7 years. What has sparked this return?

Johnson is set to be a guest host for Wrestlemania 27, a WWE Raw event, on April 3, in Atlanta, Georgia. Johnson, who is still remembered as The Rock, his nickname form his wrestling days, said Vince McMahon and himself are going to do a special show called Rock Raw. Maybe this special show is the one being referenced to as Wrestlemania 27.

Besides wrestling, Johnson has been busy with another project. Johnson was a body image adviser for Hugh Jackman. The Wolverine actor was allegedly ordered by his director to gain weight and muscle bulk for the next new Wolverine movie.

Jackson said he was impressed with Johnson’s method for gaining 25 pounds for one of his movie roles so he called up The Rock for advice. Johnson readily shared his diet with Jackman.

Johnson’s diet for weight gain involved eating steak or chicken, with broccoli and cauliflower, for each meal. To gain weight, Johnson ate this type of meal 8 times per day.

Dwayne Johnson acted in “Race To Witch Mountain”. Johnson played the cynical cab driver named Jack Bruno. Johnson’s character was a street smart, cynical taxi driver, who thought he had seen it all. His cynical attitude helped him to survive, until he met the pair of alien children, who took the ride in his cab.

Johnson has the kind of face that suits playing comical characters. His Jack Bruno has a sense of humor that makes the viewer laugh. Like Johnny Depp, who played his Captain Jack Sparrow with a self-depreciating humor, Johnson did the same. The ability to poke fun at oneself endears him to the audience.

In the Tooth Fairy, Johnson played the main protagonist, Derek Thompson. Derek was a conceited ice hockey player, who has been stuck in the rut after a long spell of dry runs. Derek’s past issues work against him and he sank into despair as he thought he had totally lost it. The lowest point came when Derek stole a dollar from his girlfriend’s daughter. It is a long story but eventually, Derek changes as he journey through to make the transition into a better man.

Updated April 29 2011 – Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is becoming a producer in his next movie. Johnson is working to wear two hats in the making of a biopic on Charley Pride. Mr Pride was a black country music singer who was famous. Johnson will work on dual roles, being a producer for the film, as well as acting in it.

Is Johnson going to sing in Charlie Pride’s biopic? He hasn’t said anything about singing.

May 1 2011 – Dwayne Johnson sacrificed his hair for a buzz cut in Fast Five. His sacrifice has paid off handsomely. Fans are supporting Johnson in the 5th installment of the “Fast and Furious” franchise.

The cast and crew of Fast Five are laughing all the way to the bank. The 5th sequel to the Fast and Furious made the biggest box office record this weekend of April 29 – May 1 2011, at $83.5 million and looks to be the biggest movie of 2011 so far.

Who is Dwayne Johnson dating these days? He has kept a low profile on his personal life. The last known woman who dated Johnson was Lauren Hashian.

Lauren Hashian dated Dwayne Johnson back in August 2008. Lauren is musician Sib Hashian’s daughter.

June 7 2011 – Dwayne Johnson in GI Joe Cobra Strikes
Dwayne Johnson has entered talks to act in “GI Joe: Cobra Strikes”. Johnson was offered a role by the director, Jon M Chu and his representatives are engaged in discussions to negotiate a deal for Johnson. If the deal sees the light of day, Johnson will play a reel character named Roadblock.

Updated August 11 2014 – Dwayne Johnson’s mother and cousin, Ata Naivia-Johnson and Savelina Fanene, were injured in a car crash on August 2, 2014. The women were driving home in Clemont, Florida, after retuning from a charity event. A woman driver jumped two red lights while a squad car was chasing her. Her car crashed into another car and damaged both vehicles. Dwayne’s mother was driving a white 2012 Cadillac Escalade. Her son had presented this car for her Christmas present in 2012. The suspect sustained facial injuries and was warded in hospital. Later, she was arrested and charged with drunk driving. Dwayne Johnson, 42, said he was angry with the female driver and wanted revenge. Later, he managed to control his emotions. He turned to alternative philosophy, to feel gratitude for the brighter side of the event. Both his relatives survived the accident.

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  19 Responses to “Dany Garcia & Dwayne Johnson divorce final (photo)”

  1. you are a very handsome man. I have alot of stuff , a book with your life story, a throw,etc. I watched all the wrestling when you were on it and all your movies. I just love you. sorry about your divorce. Your daughter is very beautiful

  2. Not a fan. Too cocky for my taste. Bad actor and seems
    Very selfish. Hope he leaves acting for good and return to wrestling. I don’t watch that. He was a cocky ungrateful &$@ regarding his demands in fast 5. Paul walker makes the movie francise what it is today and
    Vin is good With muscle but not much dialogue with acting. Goodby rock!

  3. I am sorry for your divorce. I to am divorce and doing great now. I have found a nice guy. You are a nice looking man,you too will find that special someone to. I just heard about it. I must have been under a rock. Love, April Parrish

  4. do remember the worlds fair/ /

  5. Sorry to hear about ur divorce. Simone is very beautiful. Take care of her. If u want a new wife look me up I will marry u. I think u r very handsome. I have all your movies. And I just love you. Take care. And can’t wait for u you to come back to wrestling.

  6. why did you divorce oh and Simone is adorable she looks just like you

  7. i love lil simone please be there for her when she needs you and i love u too,divorce happens when we least expected.

  8. you can marry me!!!

  9. I’m a huge supporter of THE ROCK….he’s 1 of my all-time favorite entertainers n role models, u achieved so much n continue 2 do more 2day….so sorry 2 hear bout the divorce but @least u guys r doing the right thing, n being the best mature parents ive ever known about in handling this situation….i wish u n ur family success n especially 4 lil’ Simone

  10. welcome back to wrestling.Always remember to be there for Little Simone.She is a treasure to behold.

  11. It is sad to hear you and your wife are divorce. I can only imagine you two trying to keep your differences aside for your daughter. I wish you two the best of luck. Just be there for your daughter when she needs you and do not let childish ways get in the way. And, welcome back to wrestling.

  12. welcome home dwane………….

  13. Not knowing the circumstanes behind the break up I can speak about that but I can say I know it isn’t easy living without something that was apart of you for so longu don’t share time and space with another and not leave a mark so with being said for both of you if and when u decide to love or be loved my someone else remember these to simple rules never let your praying knees get weak pray for the other instead of yourself and the second is never try and out smart ur own common sence it was installed in you for a reason. I wish u and ur family all of Gods blessing and may u again one day feel what it to be loved

  14. I love you Dwayne! I’m really sorry because of your divorced;/

  15. dear mr johnson i’m so sorry to here about your divorce. i don’t think no-one should go through that i’m a huge fan my husband loves you to. stay strong and take care of your beautiful daughter.may god keep and bless you. mrs darlene walker.

  16. happy to hear it wasnt as ugly as soom splits..the baby is a cutie pie..u hv to be a rockin babys mom to be wit the rock and his great teeth..the tooth fairy was a awesome movie..he stole me and my daughters hear…

  17. I have watched the Rock over the years and he is a great wrestler and i miss seeing him on there. Whatever curve ball life throw you , you must move forward and continue to live your life. Just because you marry someone that doesn’t make them your soul mate. No one ever knows what happens in relationships, things just happen. I wish the best for both of them and i hope they find happiness.

  18. noone wants to see a family split up but life is not always peachy,so i wish the rock and dany the best of luck in the future im not pickin sides because thats there private lives but best of luck and GOD BLESS

  19. if you smell what the rock is cookin.

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