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Nov 102011

Danielle Swayze, a niece of the late actor Patrick Swayze, is married. Ms Swayze married Joshua Steever, in August 2011. Danielle is the daughter of Don Swayze, Patrick’s brother. Don Swayze said he was unaware that he had a new son-in-law.

Danielle, 23, secretly married Joshua, who has been known for his views as a Neo Nazi and white separatist. He works as a tattoo artist. Steever lives in Flemington, New Jersey. Steever is the founder of the Aryan Terror Brigade, a right wing group.

Danielle met Joshua via the internet. They dated online, before finally meeting face to face, at a Neo Nazi event.

Danielle’s father and mother separated 8 years ago. She has not spoken to her dad recently.

Sheever was first known to be arrested in 2005. He assaulted someone using the handle of an axe. He was called Hatchet because of this attack.

Joshua Steever was arrested in 2006. He was accused of threats on 3 African Americans and threats to bomb Newark Memorial High School, in Ca. Steever was convicted and sentenced. He was ordered to serve 1 year in jail and 5 years on probation. Steever was linked to Daniel Cowart, a plotter in the assassination attempt of Barack Obama and 88 African Americans, in Tennessee.

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