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May 292010

Daniel Wozniak, a stage actor, has been detained on suspicion of killing Samuel Herr and Juri Kibuishi. Wozniak allegedly murdered Herr, dismembered his body, and then lured Kibuishi into Herr’s apartment. Kibuishi was killed and the murder scene was set up to suggest she was raped.

Samuel Herr’s father, Steve Herr, discovered his son’s body when he drove to Costa Mesa and entered Samuel’s apartment. Samuel Herr, 26, was dead and so was Kibuishi, 23. Kibuishi was Herr’s tutor in anthropology.

Daniel Wozniak, 27, lived 3 levels below Herr’s apartment. Wozniak was in financial difficulties, owed rent, and owed money to his friends. Wozniak’s motive in killing Herr may be for money as he allegedly withdrew money from Herr’s bank account, via the ATM. Wozniak used a male teen, 17 years old, to withdraw cash using the ATM card.

Wozniak’s motive in killing Kibuishi was to frame her fake rape and murder on Herr. Wozniak used Herr’s cell phone to send a message to Kibuishi, to lure her to Herr’s apartment.

Wozniak is suspected to have killed Herr at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base theatre and dismembered his body there. Wozniak then disposed some parts in the El Dorado Park, in Long Beach.

Daniel Wozniak was charged with two counts of murder, murder for money, multiple murders, and use of firearms. If convicted, Daniel Wozniak will face life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Daniel Wozniak’s brother, Timothy Wozniak, was also arrested, on suspicion of being an accessory or accomplice as he disposed of evidence.

Steve Herr said his son had money in his bank account and mentioned that Samuel may have been killed for the $15 – 17,000 in his account.

Daniel Wozniak was to be married on Friday, May 28, 2010. Instead, Wozniak was arrested for murder charges.

Unconfirmed news said Daniel Wozniak may have attempted suicide and he has fallen into a coma.

Daniel Wozniak acted in –
The Waiting Time
Screen Two
The Russia House
The Paradise Club
A State of Emergency
Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense
Polskie Drogi and etc.

Updated – Daniel Wozniak’s father is Daryl Wozniak and his brother is Timothy Wozniak.

Daniel was engaged to be married to Rachel Buffet, his actress co-star in the stage musical “Nine”. Rachel’s brother Noah Buffet has also been arrested on suspicion of being accessories to the murders, after the fact. After some investigations, authorities decided they are not going to charge Noah Buffet or Tim Wozniak.

Daniel Wozniak’s suicide bid was unsuccessful and he is presently detained in the Orange County Jail.

Daniel Wozniak

Daniel Wozniak

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