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Feb 082009

Daniel Huffman was a promising football player in high school. Huffman gave up his football career when he donated one kidney to his sickly grandmother, Shirlee Allison, in 1996. Then one day, Huffman, at 25, was found dead at home with a gunshot in his head.

Daniel Huffman was honored with the Disney Wide World of Sports Spirit Award. Huffman received a scholarship from Florida State University. Huffman worked at security jobs and other work but dreamed of finishing his  education. Huffman’s death was a surprise as there was no indication he would end his life.

Huffman’s story inspired a TV movie called “Gift of Love: The Daniel Huffman Story.” Elden Henson played Huffman while Debbie Reynolds played Shirlee Allison.

Daniel Huffman photo link and old news.

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  1. My Uncle Shawn Brian York was the one who found Daniel Huffman dead. I was about 5 or 6 when my uncle called crying and my grandparents left me with my other relatives while they went up there….

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