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Jul 212008

Aug 2 2011 – Danica Patrick is officially leaving the IndyCar series of races. Patrick is going to race in the NASCAR Nationwide series. Besides this, Patrick will also participate in a few choice Sprint Cup races. She is one of the highest paid athletes and can afford to leave the small time IndyCar series to concentrate on the more professional NASCAR. Forbes’ report said that Patrick is the third ranked highest paid female athlete, behind Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki. She earned $12 million.

July 11 2011 – Danica Patrick is helping to raise the public profile of COPD. Her grandmother had breathing problems. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Patrick said early diagnosis will help sufferers of COPD. Patrick’s granny died when she was very young, at around 7 years old. The elderly lady was in a wheel chair. Having COPD troubled her and she needed to have an oxygen tank. Please visit www.4COPD.com for details.

May 29 2011 – Danica Patrick and her sponsor, GoDaddy.com, have announced she will move to race in the NASCAR, from the next new season onwards. Bob Parsons, the founder of GoDaddy.com, said he expected Ms Patrick to make the move to Nascar soon.

May 22 2011 – Danica Patrick has qualified for the Indianapolis 500 after she was given a second chance. Patrick qualified at 224.861. Patrick was given the Number 26 spot, in the middle of Row 9.

Updated Feb 9 2011 – Danica Patrick is going to race in 12 Nascar Nationwide Series races in 2011. Ms Patrick is also maintaining her IZOD IndyCarSeries schedule full time.

Patrick is racing her Nationwide Series races in Daytona (Feb. 19), Phoenix (Feb. 26), Las Vegas (March 5) and Bristol, Tenn. (March 19), Chicagoland (June 4), Daytona (July 1), Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (Montreal, Aug. 20), Richmond (Sept. 9), and Kansas (Oct. 8), Texas (Nov. 5), Phoenix (Nov. 12) and Homestead-Miami (Nov. 19).

Patrick said she was confident in taking on a fuller race schedule as she now knows what to expect. In 2010, Patrick came in 19th in the Nationwide Series Finale, at Homestead-Miami Speedway. That was her career best 5th place start.

June 7 2010 – Danica Patrick silenced her critics on Saturday, June 5, at the IZOD IndyCar Series Firestone 550k, at the Texas Motor Speedway. Patrick finished second place, behind Ryan Briscoe.

Danica Patrick used her sheer grit and determination to finish second. After the race, Patrick said she had raced her best and cleanest race so far. Patrick said she thought she did good on the track, in the pit stops and didn’t make any mistakes.

Danica Patrick is working with Paul “Ziggy” Harcus as her new race strategist. Patrick’s boss, Michael Andretti, the owner of Andretti Autosport, replaced Tom Anderson with Ziggy Harcus, for Patrick.

Ziggy Harcus is used to the IndyCar racing circuit and he planned race strategy and pit stops to help Patrick finish sixth at the Indy 500. This second plan with Patrick, at IZOD IndyCar Series Firestone 550k, proved that Harcus and Patrick can work together as a team. Andretti Autosport gave Patrick a fast race car at IZOD.

Danica Patrick said she didn’t fault her former race strategist, Tom Anderson. She said she just worked better with Harcus.

Nationwide Series race at New Hampshire International Speedway starts on June 26.

Danica Patrick has a full summer of work. Patrick will be driving both open-wheel cars and stock cars for this 2010 season. This season will be a personal first for Patrick as she switches between the two types of race cars. In the past, Patrick didn’t combine the two categories of race car driving within the same summer season that she raced in.

Danica Patrick said her summer season has been fixed with plenty of racing and rest periods. For her past season, Patrick said she did moonlighting in photography shoots in-between races.

Danica Patrick race schedule this summer:
June 20 – Race in Iowa.
June 26 – Race in New Hampshire.
July 4 – Race at Watkins Glen, in the IndyCar series.

Updated May 31 2010 – IndyCar race authorities said Danica Patrick and two other drivers illegally passed Marco Andretti after the caution flag was flown on lap 199. The drivers are accused of bringing Andretti up to the third place and bumped Alex Lloyd, Scott Dixon and Danica Patrick down one spot apiece.

Alex Lloyd and his team said they are not going to protest on this fault and on the new reworked finishing order.

Patrick changed her tune and praised her crew after she was booed for her earlier criticisms. After the race, Patrick did some damage control by giving due appreciation to her pit stop crew. She said she drove well because her pit stops rocked the car. Patrick said she was happy with her results and her team.

Updated May 30 2010 – Danica Patrick finished 5th place in the 2010 IndyCar race. Patrick’s team tightened up after her loose car comments. Patrick might have pushed herself a little harder to finish 5th.

Updated May 22 2010: Danica Patrick qualified for 2010 IndyCar at Indianapolis 500 but her trial performance was poor. Danica Patrick blamed her poor qualifying show on a loose car setup. It did not reflect well for her sponsor, Andretti Autosport, but her teammates at Audretti also faced difficulties so maybe Patrick could be right.

Danica Patrick’s remarks on her car’s loose setup were broadcast over the public address system and the crowd booed her. Patrick won no new fans with her poor qualifier and people  refused to accept her explanation.

Updated Dec 24 – Danica Patrick has her own perfume. Patrick’s fragrance is called “Danica Patrick For Her”. Patrick will launch her signature perfume in March 2010.

“Danica Patrick For Her” will be packed in two sizes. The small, purse sized vial will retail for around $29.50. The dressing table top size of 3.4 ounce bottle will retail for $54.50.

Updated May 24 2009 – Danica Patrick did a bikini modeling session for Playboy magazine. Patrick posed in a variety of classic postures.

Patrick stripped off her white bikini for her tasteful topless photos. The crew explained why they chose a white bikini for Patrick. White would contrast against her dark hair. Patrick posed in her racing tracksuit too, all the while, having her bikini peep out from the severe uniform. A sexy woman was beneath the racing colors.

There was only one sexy picture of Ms Patrick. The other photos showed Patrick in a dress or were not worthy of mention.

Danica Patrick  photo shoot video.

Danica Patrick Playboy photo.

Danica Patrick bikini modeling video.

Updated Feb 18, 2009.

Danica Patrick’s tattoo: Photo of Danica Patrick’s tattoo.

Danica Patrick’s tattoo (photo below) of an American flag was airbrushed away by Sports Illustrated. Danica Patrick’s tattoo at the small of her lower back was removed sans explanation.

The new Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue shows Danica Patrick without her American flag tattoo. Was it necessary to remove Patrick’s tattoo?

Photo of Danica Patrick’s tattoo in a different 2008 bikini picture.

Feb 1, 2009.
GoDaddy Danica Patrick nude: GoDaddy Danica Patrick naked ad.

Danica Patrick is nude for her GoDaddy ads in Super Bowl 2009. Patrick embraces her nakedness for GoDaddy.

In the TV version of the “Shower” ad with Danica Patrick, she disrobes and showers but the camera is cut below her neckline so the ad is decent. When you go to GoDaddy.com, the homepage is a special one to cater for this super bowl season.

The Godaddy.com ad for the Baseball Internet version has several busty (enhanced) women stripping off to show sexy singlets with GoDaddy’s slogan.

Danica Patrick nude at GoDaddy website – link.

GoDaddy related franchisee website.

Updated on Jan. 2.

Danica Patrick caught speeding

Danica Patrick was fined $196 to settle her speeding ticket.

Dec 30, 2008.

Danica Patrick caught speeding again.

Danica Patrick, a race car driver, got a citation for speeding in December. Patrick will be summoned to court in Jan. 2009. Patrick went 19 mph in excess of the speed limit in a 30 mph zone in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is the second time Danica Patrick was caught speeding.

Jul 21, 2008.
Danica Patrick & Milka Duno fight, Danica Patrick & Milka Duno fight video.

Danica Patrick blamed Milka Duno for her slow driving. Danica Patrick asked if Milka saw her at the corner… Milka was in no mood to talk. Milka Duno actually took the dirt towel on the counter of her pit crew’s station and slapped it down on the counter, not once but twice.

The towel kind of like slammed against Danica Patrick a little but she maintained her composure and continued talking to Milka Duno. Milka Duno spoke in her heavily accented English to tell Danica Patrick to go away.


Danica Sue Patrick background.
Danica Sue Patrick was born on March 25, 1982. Patrick specializes in racing in the IndyCar Series, the ARCA Racing Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series. Patrick has a sideline moonlighting as a model and spokeswoman for certain brands.

Danica Patrick was born in Beloit, Wisconsin. Patrick soon moved with her family to Roscoe, Illinois.

Patrick had her beginning in racing shen she trained in go-karting at the age of 10 years old. That was 1992 and young Patrick loved go-karting. She found the sport and love of her life. Patrick participated and won some of the World Karting Association championships.

Around 1998, when Patrick was 16, she reached another milestone in her life. She moved to Milton Keynes, England, to race against British national series drivers like Jenson Button.

By 2002, Danica Patrick had shifted back into the US. Patrick performed well, being a podium finisher for many races but she didn’t win any races. In 2004, Danica Patrick won third place in the Toyota Atlantic Championship .

Danica Patrick’s parents:
Danica Patrick’s parents are TJ Patrick and Bev Patrick. Her father, TJ, drives her motor coach, manages her official website and merchandize trailer. Her mother, Bev, handles her official business matters.

Danica Patrick’s husband:
Danica Patrick is married to Paul Edward Hospenthal. Hospenthal was her former physical therapist who did her rehab to recover from an injury caused by a yoga session. Danica Patrick and Paul Hospenthal in 2005. Patrick and Hospenthal live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Danica Patrick in TV, web and print media achievements:
Spike TV host
Late Show with David Letterman
Late Night with Conan O’Brien
Sports Illustrated cover on June 6, 2005 and
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on Feb 15, 2008 and Feb 2009.
FHM April 2003
Secret deodorant commercials in 2005 – 2006
ESPN commercial
GoDaddy commercials

Danica Patrick white bikini.

Danica Patrick white bikini

Danica Patrick white bikini too.

Danica Patrick white bikini 2

Danica Patrick wore red dress for Heart Truth campaign 2007.


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