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Feb 232009

Dani Sperle is the dancer who sets carnival record for baring nearly all. (photo/video below) Sperle is a samba dancer who sets the unprecedented carnival record for baring nearly all her body by wearing only a piece of cloth measuring 1.2 inch or 3 centimeter long.

Sperle was topless but there was more to see with her baring nearly all when her tiny loin cloth swung about as she danced. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had its annual Samba dance parade on Mon, Feb 23.

Dani Sperle – video link. You can identify Sperle after you look at her picture at the link below.

Dani Sperle – photo link.

The last record holder in 2008 was Viviane Castro, who wore a strip that measured 4-centimeters (1.5 inches) long. Castro was penalized by judges for violating nudity limits. It remains to be seen if Dani Sperle will be penalized for wearing her tiny, tiny cloth.

Dani Sperle is raising the bar on the G cloth (groin cloth).

Viviane Castro’s carnival photo, NSFW, is at the link. Sperle is topless but wears body paint.

Viviane Castro Carnival dancer backstage getting painted – video link.

Rio de Janeiro’s Sambodromo 2009 – story and photos in the link.

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