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Jan 062009

July 14 2010 – Megan Wallace, Craig Ferguson’s wife, is pregnant with their first child. Ferguson and Wallace were married in December 2008 and this is their firstborn. Mrs Megan Ferguson kept her art dealer job, while being a stepmother to Milo Hamish, 9. Hamish is Ferguson’s son from his earlier marriage.

Jan 6 2009 – Craig Ferguson & Megan Wallace Cunningham: Ferguson married Cunningham (photo/video)

Craig Ferguson, the talk show host, has married. Ferguson married his girlfriend, Megan Wallace Cunningham. Ferguson has coined a term to refer to the new Mr and Mrs Ferguson. The married Fergusons want to be called “Cragan.” That is a Craig and Megan combo.

Craig Ferguson married Megan Wallace Cunningham, an art dealer. Cunningham is from Vermont. Ferguson and Cunningham had dated since 2005. Ferguson went to Mr and Mrs Cunningham’s farm in Vermont to get married. Ferguson, originally from Scotland, did not return there for his wedding.

Craig Ferguson video.

Craig Ferguson & Megan Wallace Cunningham photo.

Updated Oct 6 2009 – Craig Ferguson works on the “The Late Late Show”, whic is produced by David Letterman’s company called World Wide Pants. Ferguson was careful not to crack vulgar jokes about his boss having relationships with his female staffers like Stephanie Birkitt and Holly Hester.

Ferguson supported Letterman. Ferguson said entertainers should not be held in strict accountability. Ferguson then joked that he had made mistakes too.

Jul 9 2009
Craig Ferguson Julie Chen: Craig Ferguson Julie Chen (video)

Craig Ferguson was the first TV personality to discover the gender of Julie Chen’s baby. Chen is expecting a boy.

Chen joked about choosing Craig as her son’s name.

This season’s Big Brother 11 will have 4 cliques –

Athletes, Populars, Geeks and Offbeats.

Craig Ferguson & Julie Chen – video link.

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