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Dec 062009

Cori Rist is rumored to be another one of Tiger Woods’ so-called mistress. Cori Rist fits the Woods’ stereotype of alleged female friends, being blond and beautiful. Rist would be placed 6th in line after all the alleged rumored women friends. Is this the fictional story on the 6th mistress?

Cori Rist and Woods met at Butter, a night club in Manhattan, in 2008. A source who knew about Rist claimed she dated Woods at another party that followed the meeting at Butter.

The source claimed Woods flew Rist out to his golf tours to spend time with him. Woods’ camp would book Rist a room close to his room, or an adjacent room to remain discrete.

The rumor said Woods preferred to stay indoors to spend time inside his hotel room. The story said Rist and Woods spent private time together on and off for 6 months before she grew tired of the arrangement.

Rist was approached to verify the rumors and stories. Rist told her enquirer she had no comment, at this point in time.

Woods’ list of alleged friends:

1) Rachel Uchitel (night club executive)
2) Jaimee Grubbs (cocktail waitress)
3) Kalika Moquin (night club executive)
4) Jaime Jungers (cocktail waitress)
5) Mindy Lawton (waitress)
6) Cori Rist
7) Woman represented by lawyer Michael O’Quinn. The woman worked as a cocktail waitress in Roxy Nightclub in Orlando, Florida in 2004. Woods was engaged to Elin Nordegren and about to be married in 2004. This lady and Woods allegedly had an affair that lasted 2 years from 2004 to 2006.
8) A female UK TV presenter.

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