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Jan 162009

Alex and Angel Mendoza were conjoined twins until Thur. night, Jan 15. Alex Mendoza and Angel Mendoza were separated by doctors after 12 hours of surgery. Angel Mendoza and Alex Mendoza had been conjoined since their birth in the summer of 2008. The Mendoza twins were joined below the sternum until the pelvises.

Twenty doctors and nurses worked on the complex series of operations to separate Alex Mendoza and Angel Mendoza. The Mendoza twins were stable during the surgery. On Friday, more surgeries are planned to reconstruct and close each boy’s body.

The Mendoza twins’ mother is Ashley Frank of Kingman. Frank delivered her twins in Phoenix, at the Good Samaritan Hospital. The Mendoza twins were delivered two months premature because the doctors saw that the amniotic fluid was insufficient to support the babies in the womb.

Mendoza twins.

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  1. I saw a picture of the twins on another site. They are beautiful babies. I am so glad the surgery went well. :)

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