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Nov 092008

Ilana Michelle Blitzer and Joseph Orrin Gendelman were married on Saturday, November 8. There are photos at the links below.

Ilana Blitzer is a beauty editor of Family Circle. Ilana Blitzer’s mother, Lynn Blitzer, is a personal shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue store in Chevy Chase, Md. Ilana Blitzer’s father, Wolf Blitzer, is the CNN news anchor of “The Situation Room” and “Late Edition With Wolf Blizter.” We have all watched Wolf Blitzer at some point as he has a high profile in CNN. We have two posts here on Wolf Blitzer –

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer introduces Montauk Monster video

CNN Wolf Blitzer announced Carol Cafferty’s death

Ilana Blitzer met Joseph Gendelman through her parents and his parents. It was like an old fashioned matchmaking. Joseph’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gendelman, snapped some photos of Ilana Blitzer at a social lunch date and they sent them to their son, Joseph. It was like a match-making. Joseph Gendelman contacted Ilana Blitzer and they took it from there.

Joseph Gendelman is the President of Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services, dealing with property and casualty insurance based in Milwaukee and Palm Beach. His father, Bruce Gendelman, is the chairman of the Insurance company.

You can read Ilana Blitzer’s beauty article on her skin cancer check up at the link. Ilana Blitzer tried to encourage people to overcome their initial fears to go for that first checkup.

Congratulations to Ilana Blitzer and Joseph Gendelman.

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