Clint Horvatt & William Foster arrested for killing Summer Smith: Horvatt Foster Smith case (photos)

Summer Smith was shot to death on Dec. 12. Summer Smith was with her fiancé, Clint Gerard Horvatt, who claimed a man in a pickup truck by the road pulled out a gun to rob them. Horvatt said Smith resisted the robbery and was shot in the head. The crime happened in Putnam County, Fla.

On Wed., Dec. 24, police arrested Clint Gerard Horvatt and a man, William Dewey Foster, 53. Horvatt and Foster were each charged with one count of first degree murder. Police suspect Horvatt had master minded the killing of his fiancée, Summer Smith. The murder was staged to look like a robbery.

Smith may have known certain information about Horvatt which may get him into trouble. Horvatt was still married to his wife. Horvatt and his supposedly estranged wife live on the same property, but were separated.

Police have found the gun used in killing Summer Smith and the wallets of Smith and Horvatt. Horvatt and Foster were detained in custody without bond. The two suspects are detained in separate jails to avoid mixing and changing of stories. Police have said the men offered conflicting accounts.

Photos of Clint Horvatt & William Foster.

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