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Sep 082009

April 11 2012 – Clark Gable II’s girlfriend, Christiane Candice Lange, has died. Ms Lange, 41, died on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. Ms Lange and Gable II had been living together in a home in Malibu. Ms Lange’s body will have an autopsy conducted. Authorities said they suspect an accidental death due to prescription drugs. Lange was known to have worked as a makeup artist for celebrity actresses like Pamela Sue Anderson.

July 29 2011 – Clark Gable III, 22, is in trouble for allegedly committing a felony crime. Gable is accused of pointing a laser beam at a helicopter. Gable was driving in Hollywood, on Thursday, July 28, 2011, when the incident occurred.

The pilot of the LAPD chopper tracked his location and informed police. The LAPD officers arrested Gable arrested him on Thursday night. He was booked into jail and his bail was set at $60,000. Gable’s family came to his defence, saying he was trying to point to the direction of the famous Hollywood sign, when a helicopter flew overhead and went into the path of the laser beam.

Clark Gable III has been bailed out of jail by the Lipstick bail bonds company. Sisters Lisa and Terresa operate Lipstick Bail Bond Company, whose motto is “Kiss Jail Goodbye”. The blond sisters helped post $250,000 bail for Gable III.

May 20 2010: Clark Gable III, the grandson of Clark Gable, said he was concerned about Randy Jackson’s plan to get permission for MJ’s fans to visit the tomb. Gable III said the burial grounds would not be as sacred if Randy gets permission for hordes of MJ’s fans to trample the grounds.

Sep 8 2009:
Clark Gable III
Clark Gable III is the grandson of Clark Gable, the famous actor in Gone With The Wind. Gable III was injured at a house party in Calabasas in August 2009.

Gable III and a guest at a house party had a fight over a name calling incident. Gable III called another person a derogatory name. The altercation got physical and Gable III was stabbed with a knife. Gable suffered some lung injury and was hospitalized for a week. Police arrested a suspect and are searching for another suspect.

Clark Gable’s 1934 Oscars on display at the Meet the Oscars at The Shops at North Bridge February 13, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. The Oscars on display are made by Chicago’s R.S. Owens and Co. and will be used in next years Academy Awards.

81st Annual Academy Awards - Meet the Oscars Chicago


Clark Gable III photo at link.

Clark Gable, the actor, served in the US Air Force during the war.

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