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Aug 202009

Christa Pike is on death row for killing Colleen Slemmer. Slemmer, 19, of Orange Park, was killed in 1995 in Tennessee. Slemmer’s mother, May Martinez, is interested to track on people who post material on Christa Pike and her daughter, Colleen Slemmer.

Christa Gail Pike was 18 when she allegedly killed someone. Pike was convicted when she was 20 years old. In 1995, Pike became the youngest woman to be sentenced to death in the US.

Pike had a troubled beginning. She dropped out of high school and joined a program to learn career skills. Pike became involved in a romantic relationship with Tadaryl Shipp, who was 3 years younger than herself, at 15. Pike and Shipp were interested in devil worship and the occult.

When Shipp befriended Colleen Slemmer, 19, Pike became jealous. Pike felt threatened by Slemmer and was afraid of losing Shipp. Pike recruited Shadolla Peterson, 18, to help her wreck vengeance upon Slemmer.

Pike, Shipp and Peterson lured Slemmer away from their dormitory. The three tortured Slemmer for about one hour before Pike smashed her skull. Pike kept a piece of Slemmer’s skull.

Pike showed off this piece of skull in school and that was her undoing. Pike, Shipp and Peterson were arrested and tried for murder and conspiracy to commit murder. They were found guilty after the trial.

On March 30, 1996, Pike was sentenced to death. Shipp was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Peterson got off with probation as she pleaded guilty to being an accessory to murder.

While in prison serving her sentence and awaiting the death penalty, Pike attempted to strangle an inmate. For this, Pike was tried and on August 12, 2004, Pike was convicted of the crime of attempted first degree murder.

May Martinez said she found a website that posted a crime scene picture of Colleen with her throat cut. Martinez has expressed her wish to have the photo removed. Ms Martinez is anguished to be reminded of Colleen’s death. Can you help her?

While in prison, Pike allegedly tried to kill her fellow inmate, Patricia Jones. On Aug 24, 2001, Pike allegedly used a show string to choke Jones. Another inmate, Natasha Cornett, was accused of assisting Pike but there was insufficient evidence to blame Cornett. Pike was tried and convicted for attempted first degree murder, nearly one year later, on Aug 12 2004.

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  63 Responses to “Christa Pike & Colleen Slemmer: Pike & Slemmer crime scene photos”

  1. put christa pike to death now it is not fair to colleen mother s
    he has waited to long it/ s been to long for her to die yes

  2. put christa pike to death now it is not fair to colleen mother s
    he has waited to long it/ s been to long for her to die

  3. Recognizing that this thread is a few years old, I still feel the need to address ‘Dr.’ Zizemore.
    Perhaps Miss Pike didn’t eat Miss Slemmer because she was dieting. Perhaps she had a big dinner and simply wasn’t hungry. More importantly, WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU EVEN BRING CANNIBALISM INTO THIS THREAD? Please stop playing with the computer in the mental ward day room and ask your psychiatrist for stronger meds.
    To those of you who were in prison with Miss Pike and think she is swell and doesn’t deserve to die, I’ll assume that none of you are the girl she and a fellow inmate strangled to the brink of death with a shoe string. Her exact words when asked why she didn’t kill the female inmate: “It wasn’t for lack of trying.”

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