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Sep 142010

Chris Rainey was charged with a third degree felony of aggravated stalking. Rainey allegedly sent his on and off girlfriend a text message that read “Time to die”. The woman called police but said she didn’t want to press charges because she was afraid of the repercussions.

Rainey has been booted from his football team, the Florida Gators. Rainey did not have to put up bail as he was released from the Alachua County Jail, on hos own recognizance, on Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010.

Chris Rainey was ordered to stay away from the female victim receiver of his death threat.

Rainey’s former girlfriend appeared in court to face the judge to explain why she wanted to drop all charges against Rainey.

On Monday night, Rainey was at the woman’s home after she had to explain to him why she missed his call earlier. The lady told him she fell asleep. Rainey talked to her and he left. Later, the lady received the text message and then she reported it to the cops.

The Gators’ coach, Urban Meyer, has a habit of suspending players who get arrested. So Rainey is suspended and he won’t play in Saturday’s game, on Sep 18, against Tennessee.

Rainey had missed last Saturday’s game on Sep 11, 2010, due to a concussion. Rainey wasn’t at practice on Monday, Sep 13.

Chris Rainey mugshot

Chris Rainey

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