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Apr 072009

Casey Reese, Chip Reese’s son, has died. Chip Reese was 20 when he died. Casey Reese died of a drug overdose. It was unclear if the drugs were prescription medication.

Casey’s father, Chip Reese, the famous poker player, passed away in December 2007. Chip’s passing was rumored to be related to pneumonia or gastric bypass surgery.

In 2008, Chip Reese was honored when the Chip Reese Memorial Trophy was made and unveiled. There was a grand ceremony at the 2008 World Series of Poker when the Trophy was shown. Casey was absent from the ceremony honoring his father’s memory.

Casey Reese was a baseball pitcher. Casey Reese played baseball in high school and went to UNLV on a scholarship in 2008. Reese did not play baseball at college.

The Clark County Coroner’s Office will do the toxicology reports to determine the cause of Casey Reese‘s death.

Condolences to the Reese family, relatives and friends.

The poker forum posted a brief comment.

Casey Reese playing baseball in high school – photo link.

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  1. “Casey Reese, Chip Reese’s son, has died. Chip Reese was 20.”


    learn to research. THEN gtfo.

    RIP Casey.

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