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Jan 142009

July 26 2010 – Charlotte Church may be dating Jonathan Powell. Church and Powell were spotted together and it was rumored that he had spent a lot of time with her.

May 30 2010 – Charlotte Church & Gavin Henson split up after 6 weeks of being engaged. Charlotte Church & Gavin Henson had lived together for over 5 years and had two children together. Just when Church and Henson got engaged and used to the idea of getting married, they had second thoughts. There are no third parties involved in the break up. Church and Henson both agreed to part on amicable terms after deciding they were not quite ready for marriage.

Gavin Henson will move out to separate accommodations nearby so that he can visit their children often.

Updated April 14 2010 – Gavin Henson allegedly proposed to Charlotte Church (photo). Henson reportedly said he was sure they were meant to be together as they had weathered some bad times, but on the overall, their uptime was much more than their downtime. This made Henson decide he was ready to marry the woman of his dreams.

Jan 14 2009
Gavin Henson is rumored to have asked Charlotte Church to marry him this summer. Henson and Church were rumored to be planning a summer wedding and marriage. Church gave birth to Dexter Lloyd Henson on Sun., Jan 11. Henson and Church had a daughter, Ruby Henson, for their firstborn.

Church is rumored to have signed a £700,000 exclusive deal with OK magazine for first pictures of Dexter Lloyd Henson.

Charlotte Church & Gavin Henson photo.

Charlotte Church gave birth to her second child. Church and her boyfriend, Gavin Henson, have a new baby son. Church’s new son was born just after midnight Saturday, Jan 10.

Church, 22, and Henson, 26, have yet to name their newborn son. Henson and Church’s baby weighed 7 lb, 5 oz at birth and was born at home. Church’s first child was her daughter, Ruby Megan Henson, born September 2007.

Church gave birth in a birthing pool at her farm house. Church had two midwives in attendance. Henson was present. Hanson had missed at least one rugby match to ensure that he would be present when his girlfriend gave birth.

Charlotte Church & Gavin Henson photos.

Charlotte Church & Gavin Henson photo.

Charlotte Church website. With photos.

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