Charlene Hill accused of killing husband Danny Hill

Nov 2010 – The September 2009 trial of Charlene Hill ended in a mistrial. The jury was hung at 11- 1. One juror voted to acquit Ms Hill. The Danny Hill murder case continues as the prosecution wants to start a new trial.

The prosecutor and the defense lawyer have agreed Charlene Hill shot her husband and he later died in hospital. The defense argued that the shooting was in self defense.

The prosecution said that Ms Hill’s claim of self defense, and the evidence did not match up. Mr Hill had bullet wounds, and the evidence at the crime scene did not collaborate with Ms Hill’s story.

The assistant DA said they intend to get a re-trial or new trial soon.

Oct 27 2009

The Charlene Hill trial had its jury selection done on Thursday, September 3, 2009. Ms Hill is on trial. Ms Hill, of Pecan Grove, 52, has been charged with killing her husband, Danny Hill, 49. The Danny Hill murder case is not as clear cut as black and white.

Charlene Hill allegedly fatally shot her husband on Nov 10, 2006, inside the couple’s home in Woodland Court, Richmond, Va.

The alleged motive for the murder of Danny Hill was insurance fraud. The prosecution claimed there was an affair. The lawyer had evidence and knew of Mrs Hill’s attempts to get Danny Hill to sign over his properties to her.

The story has been made into a documentary called Shootout At The Hills.

Charlene Hill

Charlene Hill

Charlene Hill in court to testify in the Danny Hill murder trial
Charlene Hill in court

Danny Hill & Charlene Hill

Danny Hill & Charlene Hill

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