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Jan 032011

Jan 3 2011 – Zsa Zsa Gabor was admitted into hospital for treatment on a lesion and gangrene on her lower right leg. The film actress legend had delayed treatment during Christmas 2010, preferring to spend the holidays at home.

Celebrity ill in Jan 2011 – Helena Bonham Carter said her partner, Tim Burton, was ill in December. Tim Burton suffered a painful ailment, having a problem with kidney stones.

Celebrity with illness Jan 13 2011 – Etta James, the famous R & B singer, is seriously ill with leukemia. To compound matters, James has dementia. James has a third problem, and that is an organic brain syndrome. James can’t perform basic functions like eating for herself, or dress herself. She can’t sign her name on documents. James has 24/7 home care in her residence in Riverside, California.

James, 72, has a husband and son who are embroiled in a civil suit court battle over disagreements on how to spend her home health care allowance of $1 million.

James’ husband, Artis Mills, wants to control this $1 million. His son, Donto Mills, wants the court to assign a third party to control the healthcare fund, to prevent disputes with the immediate family members. Mills said he wants to control the money to fulfill his wife’s wish to be cared for at home. Mills once filed for divorce from James in 2008, but changed his mind and didn’t follow through with his divorce proceedings in 2008.

The court has appointed a hearing on the $1 million health care fund for James. The next hearing is on Fri, Jan 14, 2011.

Jan 14 2011 – Zsa Zsa Gabor has most of her right leg amputated in hospital after her doctors lost the fight to save her limb from chronic gangrene.

Jan 17 2011 – Steve Jobs, Apple Computers CEO, may be ill again. Jobs took indefinite leave away from his business. Speculations abound on his health.

Jerry York, former Apple computers director, once shared a secret about Steve Jobs’ health in 2009. York made his listeners promise not to tell that Steve Jobs went to Switzerland in 2009, for treatment on his pancreatic cancer. Jerry York died in March 2010. Fortune magazine was one of the people who York had confided in. The magazine revealed the information after York died, saying since the source had passed away, they no longer had to keep the promise not to tell about Steve Jobs flying to Switzerland to get cancer treatment. This came after Jobs revealed he was taking an indefinite leave of absence from his company, without specifying the reasons.

Gordon Murray, a Wall Street banker, is ill with a brain tumor. Murray used his remaining time to write a guide on how to invest for retirement funds.

Jan 27 2011 – Nelson Mandela may be seriously ill but the South Africa country’s media are down playing the incident. The Nelson Mandela Foundation said the ex President was being checked into a hospital for routine medical tests. There was no cause for undue concern. Mandela’s visit into the hospital was followed by many family members, headed by his present wife, Graca Machel, 65. Mandela has sparked concern for his health as he is 92 years old. Mandela has been in hospital since Wednesday. He has spent Wednesday and Thursday nights (Jan 26 and Jan 27, 2011) in hospital.

Celebrity illness Jan 27 2011 – Charlie Sheen had a wild party with 5 women on Wed night. On Thursday, Jan 27, Sheen’s home made a 911 call for emergency medical assistance. Sheen was seen wheeled out of his home, on a gurney. Sheen’s rep said he was suffering from abdominal pains. Other sources said it could be serious.

Celebrity illness 2011 – DJ Kool Herc is very ill. Herc allegedly needs surgery but can’t afford it since he has no health insurance.

Celebrity illness 2011 – Michael Lohan was suddenly taken ill with chest pains, while he was waiting for an appointment with a doctor to check his nose.

Celebrity illness Feb 2011 – Zsa Zsa Gabor has returned to hospital. Ms Gabor had been coughing and spitting out blood. She is suspected to be having another infection. Her husband later said Ms Gabor was having pneumonia.

Celebrity singer illness 2011 – Etta James is ill with sepsis, a blood poisoning condition. Etta James was warded in hospital during the week of May 9 2011. Her doctor said Ms James had a low white blood cell count.

Gerard Smith, the bassist for the band “TV On The Radio”, is sick with lung cancer. Smith is not joining the band when they tour because he has to get treatment for lung cancer.

Celebrity actress illness April 2011 – Catherine Zeta-Jones
Celebrity in rehab April 2011 – Catherine Zeta-Jones allegedly was in rehab from April 6 – 11, 2011. Rumors said Zeta-Jones got treated for nicotine addiction and alcohol abuse.

Celebrity ex-baseball player illness 2011 – Harmon Killebrew said he is no longer interested to battle esophageal cancer. Killebrew is giving up his fight. Killebrrew, 74, is preparing for his final days before he leaves.

Celebrity singer illness 2011 – Etta James is ill with sepsis, a blood poisoning condition. Etta James was warded in hospital during the week of May 9 2011. Her doctor said Ms James had a low white blood cell count.

Margo Dydek, a former basketball player for the WNBA, is sick. Ms Dydek is pregnant and has suffered a sudden heart attack. Doctors have placed Dydek in an induced coma, to stabilize her condition.

Celebrity baseball catcher ill in May 2011 – Gary Carter, a baseball player who was honored with the Hall of Fame title, is ill. Gary Carter has 4 small tumors in his brain. Carter is having brain surgery very soon in a couple of days’ time, probably on Sunday/ Monday or Tuesday. Duke University Hospital surgeons will operate on Carter. Carter first knew he was ill when he suffered headaches and loss of memory in the past few days. Carter underwent MRI scan in a local area hospital, near his home in Palm Beach Gardens. On Saturday, May 21, 2011, doctors told Carter he had four small tumors growing in his brain.

Updated May 27 2011 – Gary Carter has a brain tumor that is spreading. His doctors said Carter’s brain tumor is likely a malignant tumor and is cancerous.

Updated May 29 2011 – Gary Carter has Grade 4 glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is inoperable. This condition affects the brain and central nervous system.

Selena Gomez became sick Thursday night after appearing on The Tonight Show. Gomez was admitted into hospital after suffering a bad headache and nausea. Gomez could be suffering from a bout of food poisoning or something worse. Gomez was warded in hospital for a battery of routine tests to discover her ailment.

Jennifer Hudson sang on Friday June 10 2011, in Good Morning America. Then she had some abdominal pains which prevented her from singing in The Early Show. Hudson was sent to hospital and treated. Hudson’s illness was diagnozed as a bout of food poisoning. Hudson was treated and released from hospital.

Vidal Sasson, 83, has blood cancer. Mr Sasson had been diagnozed with blood cancer 2 years ago, around 2008/ 2009, but he deliberately kept the news a secret as he didn’t want to be distracted by any fuss caused by the revelation of his illness. Mr Sasson wanted to continue working without losing the focus of his attention.

Celebrity illness 2011 – Harold Camping, the prophet preacher who incorrectly predicted May 21 2011 as the coming of the end oif the world, is ill. Harold Camping had a stroke on Thursday, June 9, 2011. camping was hospitalized after suffering a stroke.

Selena Gomez’s illness may be blood pressure related. Gomez has been tested for blood pressure and relative illnesses. Doctors have not discovered the cause of her severe headache and nausea but suspected that blood pressure may have something to do with her feeling sick. Gomez has been hit by a mystery illness and is waiting for her doctors to tell her what is wrong with her.

June 12 2011 – Clarence Clemons, a saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen’s band called the E Street Band, is sick. Clarence Clemons had a stroke on Sunday, June 12, 2011. Clemons was at home, in Florida, when he was suddenly taken ill.

Celebrity illness 2011 – Gary Carter, a former baseball catcher, was admitted into hospital Thursday night, June 16, 2011. Gary Carter was taken ill after suffering a coughing fit and getting pain in his spine or back.

Celebrity illness 2011 – Glen Campbell Alzheimer’s disease
Glen Campbell, 75, the country music singer and guitar player, is ill. Campbell has Alzheimer’s disease. Prior to being diagnozed by his doctors for Alzheimer’s, Campbell had been plagued by short term memory loss for many years.

Celebrity illness 2011 – Missy Elliot Graves Disease
Missy Elliot, the hip hop singer, has Graves Disease. Missy Elliot suffers from the thyroid gland and autoimmune system disease. ms Elliot said she first knew about her illness in 2008, when her doctor told her. Elliot said she has lived with Graves disease all these years and learned how to cope with her incurable condition. Elliot has symptoms like headaches or dizziness, dry throat with the feeling of lumps, loss of hair, wild mood swings, and big eyes bulging out like goldfish eyes. Elliot said she had radiation as part of her medical treatment for Graves disease. After treatment, Elliot said her thyroid gland was kicked back into action. In fact, Elliot did have to take medication for the past 9 months. Graves disease is not a fatal illness although patients have to live with it as it is incurable. Elliot has been exercising to throw off the weight gained through the years of previous medication for her illness.

Celebrity illness 2011 – Jerry Lewis, the comedian, is ill. Jerry Lewis was in Australia, when he was taken ill. Lewis, who has been suffering from muscular dystrophy, was in his car when he could not get out. Lewis was sent to hospital following his bout of illness. Lewis had to cancel his scheduled show. Lewis’ show was a fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of Australia, at the Rooty Hill RSL. His show on Friday, June 24, 20911, was cancelled due to his poor health.

Celebrity illness 2011 – Pat Summitt, a basketball coach for women, has dementia. Summitt, 59, of Tennessee, said she does not want pity.

Glenn Campbell has Alzheimer’s Disease. Campbell is releasing a last album, before he retires from making music.

Prince Ernst August of Hanover has been ill with pancreatitis. He is Monaco’s Princess Caroline’s husband. Prince Ernst had a prior brush with pancreatitis, which could have been caused by drinking.

Celebrity illness 2011 – Nancy Dow, 75, had a stroke and is hospitalized. Dow is Jennifer Aniston’s mother.

Illness October 8 2011 – Zsa Zsa Gabor, 94, was hospitalized after losing consciousness at home. Her husband, Frederic Prinz von Anhalt said she was running a fever and was bleeding from a tube inserted into her stomach. On Wed, Oct 5, 2011, Mr Anhalt paid for a billboard to be erected in Los Angeles, to announce that he was going to run for the post of Mayor, in 2013.

Celebrity actor sick in 2011 – Larry Hagman, the actor who played JR Ewing in the TV series Dallas, has cancer. Hagman, 80, announced he has cancer, but has hopes it would be treatable.

Celebrity singer ill in 2011 – Robin Gibb, 61, one of the brothers in Bee Gees, is ill with colon inflammation. As reported on Thursday, Oct 13, 2011, Robin Gibb is hospitalized in England.

Marie Osmond was ill with bronchitis. On Wednesday night, Oct 26, 2011, Osmond checked into the Emergency Room of a hospital. She sang for a show at a Las Vegas venue, but felt sick after that so she went into the ER. After a few hours, Ms Osmond left the hospital, but would be seeking follow up treatment. Bronchitis does not go away after one treatment.

Nov 2011 – Andy Rooney had minor surgery last week. He suffered a complication and had to be cared for, until his condition stabilized. (Update – Andy Rooney died)

Celebrity boxer sick in Nov 5 2011 – Joe Frazier, the first boxing champion to defeat Muhammad Ali, is in the news again. Joe Frazier has liver cancer. He is still boxing on, hoping to defeat his fourth stage liver cancer. Never say never win! Joe Frazier is weak but his thirst for life is strong.

Celebrity singer ill in Nov 5 2011 – Andy Williams, the singer, is ill with bladder cancer. He was on stage singing at an early Christmas show, on Sat, Nov 5, 2011, when he announced his illness. Williams said he was optimistic about his condition as bladder cancer can be treated. He is 83 years old now. Andy Williams said he intends to beat cancer and return to the stage to celebrate his 75th year in show biz, in 2012.

Celebrity illness 2011 – Robin Gibb has liver cancer.

Celeb sick 2011 – Jerry Buss, 77, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, is ill. He has some blood clots in his legs. Doctors said the condition could have been caused by traveling long distances and frequent traveling.

Celebrity football coach ill 2011 – Joe Paterno is ill with a broken hip. Paterno fell down and broke his hip.

Celebrity illness 2011 – Dec 23, 2011: Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, was sent to hospital. Prince Philip suffered chest pains and was admitted into hospital, as a precautionary measure. Prince Philip is 90 years old.

Celebrity ill 2011 – Dec 23 2011: Etta James, the singer, had breathing problems. Ms James was sent to hospital. Doctors placed Ms James on a breathing machine to assist her respiration.

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