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Jan 032011

Celebrities deaths in 2011 are remembered and mourned. Celebrities are mortal and we mourn for them when they die. A celebrity is one who has been a source of light in their lifetime. May the dead celebrities and non-celebrities, who have served their fellow mankind in their lives, experience peace, in the world thereafter.

Celebrities who died in January 2011:

Celebrity actor who died in Jan 2 2011 – Pete Postlethwaite, 64, actor, died, in England. Postlethewaite passed away after suffering from complications of cancer.

Celebrity scriptwriter death April 2011 – John Sullivan, British scriptwriter, 64, has died. Sullivan was known for his work on “only Fools And Horses”.

(Actresses who died in 2011)
Celebrity actress who passed away on Jan 2 2011 – Anne Francis, 80, is dead. The celebrity actress starred in many films. Among her most memorable was Forbidden Planet (1956).

Celebrity death Jan 2 2011 – Major Richard Winters died on Jan 2, 2011. Winters, 92, was the role model that inspired a book and TV miniseries, called “Band of Brothers”. Winters died in Pennsylvania after suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

Celebrity director death Jan 2, 2011 – Peter Yates, 81, a British director, died in London, after suffering an illness.

Celebrity death announced in Jan 2011 – Suchitra Mitra, singer from India, died after a heart attack. Ms Mitra was eating lunch when she died suddenly, at the age of 86. (singers who died in 2011)

Dead found in January 2011 – Kristi Cornwell, 39, disappeared in 2009, from north Georgia. Cornwell was last seen in her parents’ home, when she went out for a walk and never returned. On Jan 1, 2011, her brother found Cornwell’s burned remains. She was positively identified through her dental records. Cornwell was abducted and disappeared in August 2009. She had worked as a probation officer and had a son, 15.

Dead found in Jan 2011: John P Wheeler – John Wheeler disappeared and was found in a landfill near his home, in New Castle, Delaware. Wheeler was killed long ago but his remains were only found during the New Year weekend. Wheeler was a Vietnam vet and served as a Pentagon official under Presidents Reagan, and both Bush Presidents. John P Wheeler III went missing on Dec 28, 2010. His body was found on Dec 31, 2010. Wheeler was last seen disembarking from the Amtrak train, which arrived from Washington, at the station in Wilmington, Delaware. Police have no clues and appealed to the public for leads.

Updated Jan 28 2011 – The autopsy said John P Wheeler III died after being hit with blunt force. Wheeler’s death was due to blunt force trauma after being assaulted.

Body found Jan 3 2011 – Tanya Shannon, a mother of 4 kids, was in the car when her husband, the driver, had an accident. After the crash in Dec 2010, Dale Shannon was killed but Tanya survived. Ms Shannon walked away from the crash site, presumably to find help. She got lost and was found dead in Jan 2011, in LaSalle County, Illinois.

Celebrity singer death announced on Jan 3 2011 – Gil Garfield, 77, has died. He was the ex singer of the band The Cheers. Garfield was successful in the 1950s with the trio band The Cheers. Garfield gave up music and became a painter, achieving success also in his second career. Garfield, a songwriter/ musician/ art artist, died of cancer, on Sat, Jan 1, 2011. Garfield is survived by his partner, Mike Hiles, and a nephew.

Death announced on Jan 3 2011 – Paul Soldner, a ceramic artist and teacher at Scripps College, died at 89. Soldner invented the American raku style of pottery, a technique to mold pottery. Soldner died of old age and declining health.

Death announced on Jan 4 2011 – Alireza Pahlavi, 44, son of the former Shah of Iran, has died. Alireza Pahlavi, son of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, committed suicide at his residence in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr Pahlavi suffered from depression before his death.

Tue, Jan 4, 2011 – Politician’s death. Salman Taseer, non-Muslim Governor of a Punjab province in Pakistan, was assassinated by his own bodyguard. Taseer invoked anger when he made known he objected to killing anti-Islam offenders who made blasphemy against Islam. Taseer was an advocate for women’s rights in a Muslim country. Taseer also supported the rights of minority groups in Pakistan.

Celebrity singer death Jan 4 2011 – Gerry Rafferty, 63, singer/ songwriter, died. Rafferty passed away on Tue, Jan 4, 2011. Rafferty was best known for his songs featured in movies. Rafferty was admitted into a hospital in Nov 2010. He had liver failure. Rafferty will be remembered for songs like “Baker Street,” “Get It Right Next Time,” and “Stuck in the Middle With You.”

Celebrity author’s death – Dick King-Smith, 88, a children’s literature author, has died. King-Smith was most famous for his book, The Sheep-Pig, which was turned into a movie called “Babe”.

Celebrity musician death on Jan 4 2011 – Mick Karn, 52, bassist for the band Japan, died of cancer. Karn died on Tue, Jan 4, 2011.

Celebrity actress death – Hideko Takamine, 86, Japanese actress, died.

Donald J Tyson, 80, an international food product company owner, died.

Celebrity actress death – Margot Stevenson, 98, stage actress, has died.

Celebrity actor Death – Aron Kincaid, 70, an actor, died. Aron Kincaid was famous in the 1960s, for his work in “The Girls On The Beach” and “The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini”.

Death on Jan 8 2011 – In the Tucson, Arizona shooting, US District Judge, John Roll, died after being shot, outside a Safeway supermarket. Judge John McCarthy Roll received death threats on himself and his family, in July, 2009. The threats came after Roll ruled that illegal immigrants could sue a rancher for civil rights, in a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Congresswoman Gabrielle among those shot.

Tucson, Arizona shooting death Jan 8 2011 – a child, around 9 years old, was one of the 4 confirmed dead victims of the shooting.

Celebrity death 2011 – Debbie Friedman has died. Friedman, singer and songwriter, was ill in hospital. Friedman was admitted into a hospital in San Diego, in Orange County, California. Friedman had pneumonia and was treated with sedatives. She was hooked up to a respirator but her illness proved to be too much for her and she passed away.

Jan 10, 2011, Death of a politician’s aide – Ashley Turton, wife of Dan Turton, was found dead in her car which was burned out. Ashley’s car was parked in the garage of her home in Washington DC. Dan is a White House staffer. Ashley used to work for Representative Rosa DeLauro, D-Connecticut.

Celebrity former footballer death – Cookie Gilchrist, ex football player for the Buffalo Bills, died. Gilchrist, 75, was one of the first star footballers for the American Football League.

Celebrity actor death – David Nelson, 74, an actor and director, has died on Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011. David Nelson was the son of Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Nelson.

Christopher Trumbo, 70, TV/film scriptwriter, died.

Celebrity sportsman death Jan 13 2011 – Ryne Duren, 81, All-Star pitcher, died.

Celebrity actress death – Jill Haworth, 65, British stage and film actress, has died.

Celebrity singer death – Margaret Whiting, 86, a singer who sold millions of records at the pinnacle of her fame in the 1940s – 1950s, has died. Whiting was a singer for over 70 years.

Joe Gores, 79, a writer of mystery novels, died.

Celebrity actor death on Monday, Jan 10, 2011 – John Dye, 47, died after suffering from heart failure. Dye was the actor who starred in the TV series, Touched By An Angel.

Celebrity singer death Jan 14 2011 – Trish Keenan, singer in the British band Broadcast, died. Keenan was ill with swine flu, which developed into pneumonia.

Celebrity author death Jan 13 2011 – Kay Mills, journalist and author, who specialized in women’s issues and the civil rights movement, died at the age of 69.

Celebrity actress death on Jan 6 2011 – British actress Susannah York, 72, has died. York was also an author of children’s books.

Simon Day, singer, has died. Simon Day is the grandson of the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey. Simon Day died after taking a drug overdose.

Celebrity producer death Jan 15 2011 – Royal Marshall, 43, producer of The Neal Boortz Show, died on Sat, Jan 15, 2011. Marshall died of a heart attack.

Celebrity playwright death Jan 15 2011 – Romulus Linney, 80, a playwright, has died. Linney is the father of Laura Linney, the actress. Laura won a Golden Globe for being the Best Actress In A TV Series, on Sunday, Jan 16, 2011. Laura didn’t attend the function because of her father’s death the day before the Golden Globes event. Romulus Linney died of lung cancer.

Celebrity music promoter death Jan 17 2011 – Don Kirshner, 76, died. Kirshner was once called The Man With The Golden Ear, for being able to spot new music talent. Kirshner was in a Florida hospital to treat an infection but died from his illness. Kirshner owned three record labels – Dimension Records, Colgems Records and Kirshner Records. He also did a lot of work to help the music industry grow.

Bradley Cooper, the actor, suffered a bereavement when his father, Charles Cooper, died on Jan 15, 2011. Charles Cooper is survived by his son Bradley, his wife Gloria, his daughter Holly, and his sister Nancy Peacock. Bradley’s girlfriend, Renee Zellweger, didn’t attend Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards (Jan 16, 2011) to lend her support to him.

Celebrity lawyer death on Jan 18 2011 – R Sargent Shriver, 95, died. Shriver was the brother-in-law of the former President John F Kennedy. Shriver also served President Lyndon Johnson. He founded a few important organizations like the Peace Corps, War on Poverty and etc. Shriver had also served as the US ambassador to France. In 1972, Shriver was the Democratic candidate for vice president.

Celebrity author death – Wilfred Sheed, 80, writer of “The Gentle Wit” died.

Celebrity death Jan 14 2011 – Georgia Carroll Kyser, 91, died on Friday, Jan 14. Georgia was a model, singer and actress. Georgia was married to Kay Kyser, and sang in his band “The Kollege of Musical Knowledge”. Ms Kyser retired and lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Celebrity photographer death Jan 18 2011 – Milton Rogovin, 101, photographer, died. Rogovin used to take pictures of the working class in Buffalo, New York.

Celebrity skater death – Donna Atwood, 85, former Ice Capades skating star, died. Atwood was a performer on ice from the age of 16 to 31. She retired to raise her family of 3 children.

Reality TV show celebrity death – Carolin Berger died after having her sixth breast operation. Sexy Cora Berger, as she was sometimes called, went into a coma, before she passed away.

Big Brother reality TV star Berger, 23, had a series of breast enhancement surgeries. Some criticized Berger as doing the plastic surgeries for publicity stunts. After her recent 6th cosmetic procedure, she suffered a serious complication. Berger had two heart attacks. Her doctors placed her in a medical coma on Jan 11, 2011. Her breasts were increased from 70 F to 70 G (UK size 34F to 34G). Berger died in Hamburg, Germany. Prosecutors are investigating Berger’s doctors for possible violations like negligence.

Jan 21 2011 Celebrity dead – Iggy Pop’s ex-drummer, Alex Kirst, died from injuries he received after being a victim of a hit and run. Kirst was injured in Cathedral City, California. Kirst was hit last week while walking on the road. The hit and run driver left him at the side of the road, but a pedestrian spotted Kirst a couple of hours later.

Celebrity death 2011 – EVV Satyanarayana died on Fri, Jan 21, 2011. Mr Satyanarayana, 56, a producer and director, had throat cancer for the last 3 years. He died in hospital.

Celebrity costume designer death Friday, Jan 21, 2011 – Theoni V Aldredge, a costume designer, died. Aldredge designed over 300 production sets’ costumes for the stage and movie.

Celebrity death Jan 21 2011 – Ed Mauser, the oldest survivor of the “Band of Brother”, who fought in World War II, has died. Ed Mauser was a quiet man who refused to be exposed in the media. He had suffered from pancreatic cancer before his death.

Celebrity author death 2011 – Reynolds Price, 77, author and literature professor at Duke University, died. Price became a paraplegic after 1984, when he had a tumor in his spine.

Celebrity death 2011 – Jack LaLanne, 96, fitness guru, has died. LaLanne was a body builder and fitness trainer who had a long running TV show on exercise and body training. LaLanne inspired a series of spin offs like gyms, and exercise related merchandize. LaLanne suffered from pneumonia and died after having respiratory failure.

Celebrity singer death 2011 – Bhimsen Joshi, 89, a famous Indian singer, died in Pune, India.

Celebrity death Jan 24 2011 – Laurence Renard, a fashion stylist, was killed.

Celebrity toy manufacturer death – Milton Levine, 97, co-creator of the ant farm range of toys in the 1950s, has died. Levine helped create a classic toy that became a national and global fad, back in the 1950s. The ant farm toy is still sold these days.

Celebrity producer death – Bernd Eichinger, German film producer, has died. Eichinger produced memorable films like The Neverending Story, Downfall, The Name Of The Rose etc. Eichinger was 61 when he died in LA, Ca.

Celebrity actor death Jan 2011 – Bruce Gordon, 94, an actor, died at 94.

Frank Lieberman, a publicist, died at 68.

Stanley Frazen, a screen editor, died at 91.

Alan Sloane, broadcaster, died at 84.

Celebrity singer death Wed., Jan 26, 2011 – Charlie Louvin, 83, one of the early country music singers, had died. He was part of the duo in the Louvin Brothers group. Charlie had pancreatic cancer and died from its complications.

Celebrity death Jan 2011 – David Kato, a gay rights activist, was killed in his home. Kato, of Uganda, was one of the 100 names outed by the local newspaper, in Oct 2011.

Gladys Horton, a singer, has died. Horton, 66, a singer from the band the Marvelettes, died on Wednesday, Jan 26, 2011. Horton passed away in a nursing home in LA area.

Celebrity hero death – Barney F Hajiro, 94, World War II army soldier, has died. He was awarded for his bravery in three battlefields.

Celebrity death – Dennis Oppenheim, 72, artist and sculptor, died.

Celebrity death 2011 – Charlie Callas, 86, a comedian, has died of natural causes. Callas was popular during his prime in the 1960s – 1980s.

Celebrity death Jan 28 2011 – Dame Margaret Price, an opera singer who is a leading soprano, died. Dame Margaret died of heart failure. The opera singer died on Friday, Jan 28, 2011, at home.

Celebrity death – Dagmar Wilson, 94, storybook illustrator and organizer of the women’s movement for nuclear disarmament, died. Wilson was an activist in 1961. Wilson organized 50,000 women to protest against the making and use of nuclear weapons.

Celebrity actor death – David Frye, 77, a comedian and actor, died in Las Vegas. Frye’s original name was David Shapiro. Frye was popular back in the day when he performed an impressionist. His best impressions were on Richard Nixon, former US President.

Celebrity composer death 2011 – Milton Babbitt, composer, 94, has died.

Celebrity death 2011 – John Barry, the composer who created music for 11 James Bond movies, has died. John Barry was known as the James Bond composer. He died at the age of 77, in New York.

Semi-Celebrity death 2011 – Eunice Sanborn, 114/ 115 years old, died on Monday, Jan 31, 2011. Sanborn was the world’s oldest person. She was born in 1895 or 1896. Sanborn has lived under the rule of 21 US Presidents. Sanborn died in Texas.

Celebrity death 2011 – Sal Picnich, 63, a confectionery chef, has died. Picnich was one of the cooks featured in the TV show, “Cake Boss”. Picnich worked at Carlo’s Bakery for 45 years. Picnich was born in Croatia and lived in New Jersey. He passed away due to cancer.

Celebrity TV series creator death – Charles Sellier, the creator of the TV series “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams. Sellier died when he was 67.

Semi-Celebrity dead 2011 – John Taylor Skilling, 20, a college student, was the son of the Enron former CEO Jeff Skilling. John is dead in California. John Skilling is suspected to have died after taking medication. Jeff Skilling has asked his lawyer to make a request for him to have a leave of absence from prison so that he may attend his son’s funeral.

Celebrity death 2011 – Maria Schneider, 58, actress, died. Schneider was famous for her role in “Last Tango In Paris”.

Celebrity death 2011 – Lena Nyman, 66, actress from Sweden, died.

Celebrity dead Feb 3, 2011 – Joyce Sloane, showbiz personality, has died on Thursday, Feb 3, 2011. Sloane was a talent agent who took many new talents under her wing. Sloane helped to make famous John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Chris Farley and Bill Murray.

Celebrity death Feb 4 2011 – Tura Satana, an actress, died. Satana was famous for her role in “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”. Satana died on Friday, Feb 4, 2011.

Gary Moore, rock guitarist, has died. Gary Moore was a former member of Thin Lizzy. Moore, 58, died in a hotel room, in Spain.

Celebrity death 2011 – Brian Jacques, died on Feb 5, 2011. Jacques had a heart attack and died. Jacques, a children’s literature author, was 71 when he passed away. Jacques’ most famous work was on the Redwall series of books.

Celebrity death 2011 – Philippine’s ex-General, Angelo Reyes, has died. Gen Reyes was a top ranking officer in the army. He was accused of corruption for accepting kickbacks in 2000 and 2001, from military contractors. Reyes died after an apparent suicide attempt. Reports said Reyes died from a gunshot wound. Reyes was also once a Defense Secretary in the Philippines.

Celebrity death Feb 2011 – J Paul Getty III, 54, has died. Getty was living in Italy when he was kidnapped in 1974. His right ear was cut off and mailed to a newspaper in Rome. His grandfather paid $2.2 million for his release. In 1981, Getty took drugs and had a stroke. He became incapacitated after his stroke. Getty lived in Buckinghamshire, England and died there.

Getty III married a German, Gisela Martine Zacher, about one year after he was ransomed by his grandfather. Getty was enraged and disinherited by his grandfather. Getty III was 18 and Zacher was 24.

Getty III relocated to LA, California to make a living. He fell into the addictions of drugs and alcohol. When he was 24 in 1981, he suffered a stroke. By then his grandfather had died and his marriage was broken. His father Getty II had inherited the family fortune, but refused to help pay his medical fees. Getty III and his mother went to court to fight him.

Celebrity death Feb 2011 – Jack Popejoy, 63, a morning news reporter on radio, died. Popejoy, who worked at KNX and KFWB, used to report on earthquakes for 25 years in his career, in Southern California.

Celebrity death 2011 – Mary Cleere Haran, 58, died. Haran was a singer, actress and writer. Haran passed away on Sat, Feb 5, 2011.

Celebrity singer death Feb 2011 – Marvin Sease, 64, a singer, has died, Marvin Sease was famous for his gospel and R & B music.

Celebrity chef death 2011 – Rene Verdon, 86, first professional chef to work in the White House, in 1961, has died. Verdon worked for Jacqueline Kennedy and was paid from the Kennedy’s personal money. After Verdon left the White House, he opened Le Trianon, in San Francisco.

Celebrity death Feb 2011 – Will Walker, aka DJ Ill Will, died after suffering health problems. In Jan 2011, DJ Ill Will said he had 2 heart attacks. Will Walker worked at WKYS 93.9.

Celebrity death Wed Feb 9, 2011 – Jimmy Lemi, Minister of Cooperatives and Rural Development in south Sudan, has died. Jimmy Lemi was assassinated in his office, in Juba, the capital of south Sudan, on Wednesday, Feb 9, 2011.

Celebrity death 2011 – Peggy Rea, 89, TV actress, died. Rea had congestive heart failure and died on Feb 5. Rea passed away at her home in Toluca Lake, California.

Celebrity death Feb 2011 – Jesse Valadez, 64, founder of Imperials Car Club. Valadez was one of the first pioneers to use detailed paint work on cars. Valadez, a daring car exhibitionist, was no dare devil on the road as he promoted peace.

Celebrity author death Feb 2011 – Hisaye Yamamoto, 89, writer since the World War II.

Celebrity deaths Feb 2011 – Emroy Bellard, 83, a college football coach, has died at the age of 83. Bellard coached at a few colleges such as the Texas A & M, Mississippi State University and Texas State. Bellard died on Thurs, Feb 10, 2011.

Celebrity actress death Feb 2011 – Betty Garrett, 91, actress, died Garrett passed away in a hospital in Los Angeles.

Celebrity actor death 2011 – Kenneth Mars, 75, an actor who specialized in character roles, died. Mars’ cause of death was due to pancreatic cancer.

Celebrity producer death Feb 2011 – David F Friedman has died. Friedman, the producer of a wide genre of movies, died at the age of 87. Friedman was a versatile producer for horror, soft-core porn, and fighting films.

Semi-celebrity death 2011 – Jigme K Norbu, the Dalai Lama’s nephew, died after he was hit by a SUV on the highway. Norbu was walking in an event called b”Walk For Tibet” to promote awareness for Tibet’s fight for independence from China.

Semi-celebrity death 2011 – Patty Bogle, co-founder of the Bogle Vineyards, has died of leukemia. Patti Bogle passed away at home, in Clarksburg, Ca. Bogle was 59 when she succumbed to her illness.

Celebrity actor death Feb 2011 – Len Lesser, 88, died from pneumonia. Lesser used to act as Uncle Leo, in the TV show “Seinfeld”. Lesser died in his sleep.

Celebrity death Feb 16 2011 – Wilson Holloway, 22, died of cancer. Holloway had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Holloway played football in the University of Tulsa.

Celebrity model death 2011 – Joanne Siegel, the first model for Superman’s girlfriend, Lois Lane, died. Siegel was the wife of the co-creator of Superman, Jerry Siegel. Joanne modeled for Joe Shuster, the artist, who drew Lois Lane, in the 1930s.

Celebrity producer death Feb 2011 – Perry Moore, 39, the executive producer of the Chronicles of Narnia, has died. Mr Moore was discovered dead in his apartment in SoHo, New York. Moore apparently died after taking an overdose of Oxycontin. Perry Moore was found by his live-in boyfriend, Hunter Hill. Perry Moore died from an accidental overdose of painkiller. He had been suffering from chronic neck pain and back pain before he took the drug.

Celebrity death 2011 – Dave Duerson, former footballer with Chicago Bears in 1985 Super Bowl, died. Duerson died in his home on Thur, Feb 17, 2011. Duerson was 50 when he passed away. Dave Duerson committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his chest. His family consented to donate his brain for medical research.

Celebrity dead in Feb 2011 – John Strauss, 90, music composer, music editor, and sound editor, died. Strauss was best remembered for writing the theme song for a TV series in the 1960s, “Car 54, Where Are You?”

Celebrity death Feb 2011 – Dr Charles Epstein, 77, geneticist, has died. Dr Epstein’s cause of death was pancreatic cancer. Epstein was attacked in 1993 by the infamous Unabomber. He survived and continued his research work in genetics.

Ollie Matson, 80, former footballer, died at 80.

Celebrity death Feb 2011 – Walter Seltzer, press agent and producer of films, died at 96. Seltzer was also active in his retirement years. Seltzer became a fundraiser for the Motion Picture and Television Fund.

Celebrity death 2011 – Kathleen Harriman Mortimer, 93, wealthy woman, has died. Mortimer was one of the richest women who was born into the Gilded Age of America. Mortimer experienced the new role of women during the World War I and II.

Celebrity death 2011 – Sofia Cosma, 96, pianist and teacher, died. Cosma was one of the musicians jailed in the old Communist Russia’s prison camps, for 7 years, before she was released. Cosma became a solo pianist in the Romanian Philharmonic after reviving her music career. Cosma relocated again, to California, where she became a music teacher and performer. Cosma died on Feb 12, of natural causes.

Celebrity comic book creator death 2011 – Dwayne McDuffie, a creator of comic books and animator, died. McDuffie had undergone surgery and suffered complications. He died as a result of medical problems.

Celebrity basketball player death Feb 2011 – Troy Jackson, 35, basketball player, died in his sleep.

TV Celebrity dead Feb 22 2011 – Justin Tennison, of the show, Deadliest Catch, died. Tennison is suspected to have died an accidental death from weed and alcohol causes.

Celebrity footballer death Feb 2011 – Dean Richards, a defender who played for Totterham, Southampton, Wolves and Bradford, has died. Richards was only 36 when he passed away.

Celebrity author death 2011 – Arnost Lustig, 84, a Czech writer, has died. Lustig was one of the survivors of the Holocaust. He wrote about his harrowing experiences in his books.

Celebrity death Feb 19 2011 – Troy Jackson, brother of Mark Jackson, died at 35. Troy passed away in Los Angeles, while he was on a visit to play basketball for the All-Star Weekend. Troy was a celebrated street basketball player. He lived in Dix Hills, New York.

Celebrity baseball player death 2011 – Duke Snider, 85, sole survivor member of the 1950s LA Dodgers played, has died. Snider was one of the baseball players written in the song, Boys of Summer, sung by Terry Cashman. Snider passed away Sunday, Feb 27, 2011, in Ca.

Celebrity baseball player death Feb 2011 – Greg Goossen, 65, former baseball catcher with the LA Dodgers, died on Sat, Feb 26, 2011. Goossen retired from baseball and became a boxing trainer. That second career was short lived before he went on to become a stand in actor, for Gene Hackman. Goosen looked a little like Hackman and was successful in clinching around 12 movies, being a substitute for Hackman.

Celebrity death Feb 25, 2011 – Suze Rotolo, 67, Bob Dylan’s ex friend, has died. Rotolo passed away after suffering from an illness. Rotolo was an inspiration and muse to Dylan. She was honored in the 1960s, when he featured their picture together on the cover of his album, “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”.

Celebrity death Feb 2011 – Gary Winick, 49, director, has died. Winick had brain cancer and passed away after a long illness. Winick’s work, Letters to Juliet/ 13 Going On 30, has been applauded. Winick used to teach at the Tisch School of Arts in New York.

Celebrity actress death Feb 2011 – Jane Russell, 89, actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood, has died. Her cause of death was due to respiratory failure. Russell was one of the famously successful actresses during the 1940s to 1950s. Russell acted with many famous Hollywood personalities.

Wes Leonard, Fennville High School basketball player, died after he strived to make the winning dunk, to preserve his school’s perfect record for the season. Wes Leonard collapsed on court and died. Wes Leonard’s cause of death was due to an enlarged heart or dilated cardiomyopathy.

David Lynch, leader of a white supremacist group called national Alliance, was found dead. David Lynch was in charge of the underground movement that was also neo-Nazi. On Wed, March 2, 2011, Lynch was discovered fatally shot in his home in Citrus Heights, California.

Blair River, spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill burger chain, has died. Blair River was physically big but he was gentle in manner. River was called a gentle giant. River, 29, was hit by a bout of pneumonia and died from his illness.

Celebrity death March 2011 – Mike DeStefano, a comic, died in the Bronx, NY. DeStefano is suspected to have died as a result of heart related problems.

Celebrity death Tuesday March 8, 2011 – Mike Starr, 44, has died. Starr, a bassist for the band “Alice in Chains” was found dead in a home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Starr was nonce a participant in Dr Drew Pinsky’s Celebrity Rehab program, during its season 3 run. Starr said he became clean and sober. However, in Feb 2011, Starr was arrested for possession of Xanax and Opana pills.

Celebrity beauty queen death March 2011 – Jean Bartel, 87, former beauty queen, Miss America 1943, has died. Bartel promoted the sale of war bonds and sold $2.5 million of them.

Celebrity reporter death March 2011 – David Broder, 81, journalist who covered politics, has died. Broder, a Pulitzer Prize winner, passed away Wednesday, March 9, 2011.

Celebrity composer/ animation writer death – Eddie Brandt, 90, has died. The ex-animation writer and music composer loved collecting Hollywood movies. His family runs a video store housing many years of films and other Hollywood mementos.

Death of celebrity’s relative 2011 – Madonna’s grandmother, Elsie Mae Fortin, died on Wednesday, March 9, 2011. Ms Fortin was 99 when she passed away. Fortin lived in Michigan.

Celebrity singer death 2011 – Bernard St Clair Lee, baritone singer, died at the age of 66.

Celebrity basketball player death 2011 – Bill Ingram. A basketball player and pastor, died at 58. Ingram used to be a basketball star at Biola University.

Celebrity author death March 2011 – Jean Dinning, author of Teen Angel, has died at the age of 86.

Celebrity music composer death March 2011 – Hugh Martin Jr, 96, songwriter, music composer, has died. Martin wrote some famous and iconic songs like “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”.

Celebrity figure death 2011 – Owsley Stanley, aka Bear Stanley, aka “LSD Guru”, has died. Stanley, around 76 years old, died in a car accident, in Australia. Stanley was a sound engineer who worked with some famous singers.

Celebrity death 2011 – Rick Martin, 59, a former team mate in the Buffalo Sabres, has died after a heart attack. Martin was driving when he suffered a heart attack. His car crashed. By the time Martin was pulled out and sent to hospital, doctors declared him dead.

Celebrity drummer death March 2011 – Joe Morello, 82, once the drummer for the Dave Brubeck Quartet, has died. Morello is recognized as one of the greatest drummer who have performed in the world.

Basketball player death 2011 – Robert Garza, a teen from South Texas High School, collapsed during a time out at a game, held in Austin, Texas.

Celebrity death of British singer March 2011 – Smiley Culture, British reggae singer, died of self inflicted wounds, during a police raid in his home. Smiley Culture was accused of having committed drug offences and his Surrey home was being raided, when he killed himself with a knife.

Celebrity rapper death March 2011 – Nate Dogg, the rapper from Long Beach, New York, has died. Nathaniel Hale passed away at the age of 41. He had battled health problems after suffering two strokes in 2007 and 2008.
Nate Dogg died from complications from his second stroke in 2008. Nate had partial paralysis and partial memory loss after his second stroke. His manager, Rod McGrew, released a statement to thank people for their support.

Celebrity actor death March 2011 – Michael Gough, 94, actor, has died. Michael Gough portrayed Batman’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth, in the first 4 of the action hero’s films. Gough’s last known movie was made under the director Tim Burton. If you watched Alice in Wonderland, you may have remembered Michael Bough in it.

Celebrity death of singer March 2011 – Ferlin Husky, 85, country music singer, has died. Ferlin Husky was one of the first country music stars to be honored at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

March 19 2011- Brave independent Libya reporter, Mohammad Nabbous, aka Mo Nabbous, was killed in the line of duty working from Benghazi. Nabbous was reporting live from Benghazi

Celebrity singer death March 2011 – Loeatta Holloway, singer who was born in 1946, has died. Holloway was famous for sing R & B and disco music. Holloway was ill before she died.

Celebrity death March 2011 – Soulja Boy’s step-brother, Deion Jenkins died, in a car accident. Deion was 14 years old when he died tragically on Sunday, March 20, 2011. Details at link.

Pinetop Perkins, 97, a blues pianist, died. Perkins had a heart attack and passed away on March 21, 2011. He died in Austin, Texas.

Celebrity actress death March 23 2011 – Elizabeth Taylor, 79, has died of congestive heart failure. Taylor was married to 7 men and re-married one of them a second time. She was warded in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for 6 weeks to help her weak heart but her organ gave way on March 22.

Elizabeth Taylor used to be married to these men:

Husband #1 Conrad “Nicky” Hilton. Elizabeth Taylor was married to him from 1950-51.
Husband #2 Actor Michael Wilding. Married to Wilding from 1952-57.
Hubby #3 Actor Michael Todd. Taylor was married to Todd from 1957-58, until he died in a plane crash.
Husband#4 Musician Eddie Fisher. Taylor allegedly stole Debbie Reynolds’ husband, Eddie Fisher. They were married from 1959-64.
Husband #5 Actor Richard Burton. Taylor was married to Burton twice, from 1964-74 and 1975-76
Husband #6 Senator John Warner. Taylor was married to him from 1976-82.
Husband #7 Larry Fortensky. Taylor met Fortensky when she was attending a rehab program at the Betty Ford Clinic. They were married from 1991-1996.

Liz Taylor, a Judaism convert, was buried in slightly more than 24 hours. On Thursday, March 24, Taylor was laid to rest at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, in Glendale, Ca. Taylor had requested before her death that she wanted to be late for her own funeral so the pall bearers waited 15 minutes after her scheduled time, to carry out her casket. Taylor’s crypt is located near her close friend, Michael Jackson. Richard Burton’s family in Wales said they would allow her body to be buried in the family grave plot but Taylor’s family buried her in Ca.

Celebrity author death March 26, 2011 – Diana Wynne Jones, 76, author of books, has died in hospital.

Celebrity death March 27 2011 – DJ Megatron, 32, was fatally shot on March 27. Corey McGriff, a hip hop radio station DJ, was killed at 2 am, near his home, in Staten Island. DJ Megatron was a well known figure in the radio stations in Boston, Philadelphia and New York, and in the TV show, “106th and Park”.

Updated – Richard Cromwell, 20, and William Williams, 21, have been arrested for the murder of DJ Megatron. Cromwell and Williams allegedly robbed Megatron of his watch, and shot him. The men intend to plead not guilty.

Celebrity inventor death March 27 2011 – Harry Wesley Coover Jr, inventor of Super Glue, died at 94, on March 27, 2011

Celebrity author death March 2011 – HRF Keating, 84, has died. Keating was the creator of Inspector Ghote of the Mumbai CID.

Celebrity actor death March 2011 – Farley Granger, 85, an actor in the post war era after 1945, died. Granger was famous in the Alfred Hitchcock movies.

Celebrity drummer death March 2011 – Carl Bunch, a drummer, has died at the age of 71.

Celebrity singer death March 2011 – Zoogz Rift, 57, a punk rocker, has died.

Celebrity actor death March 2011 – James Pritchett, 88, an actor, has died.

Celebrity fashion model March 26, 2011 – Eric Zentner, 30, died after being hit by a vehicle.

Celebrity singer death March 2011 – Mel McDaniel, regular Grand Ole Opry performer, has died.

Celebrity singer death 2011 – Mel McDaniel, country music singer, died at the age of 68.

Celebrity music writer death 2011 – Harley Allen, 55, country music songwriter, has died.

Celebrity hockey player April 3, 2011 – Mandi Schwartz, a hockey player from Yale University, has died from leukemia. Schwartz, 23, died after fighting leukemia for a long time.

Celebrity death of director April 2011 – Sidney Lumet, 86, movie director, died at 86. He was ill with lymphoma.

Celebrity death of singer April 2011 – Gil Robbins, singer in Highwaymen, died. Robbins was the father of actor Tim Robbins. He died at the age of 80. Robbins used to sing in the band called the Highwaymen, in the 1960s.

Celebrity businessman death April 2011 – Sidney Harman, 92 or 93, a businessman, died from complications of acute myeloid leukemia. Harman bought over Newsweek and merged it with The Daily Beast. Harman had been sick for the past month. His illness was brief and took away his life.

Celebrity author death April 2011 – Arthur Max, son of Groucho Max, has died. Max, 89, died of natural causes. He was a TV scriptwriter, playwright, and biographer.

Celebrity actor death 2011 – Trevor Bannister, British actor, has died. Bannister, 76, used to be famous on “Are You Being Served?”, a TV show.

Celebrity death April 13 2011 – Evelyn Einstein, granddaughter or daughter of Albert Einstein, has died. Evelyn died on April 13, 2011.

Celebrity senior’s death April 14 2011 – Walter Breuning, 114 years old, was the world’s oldest man, living in Montana. Breuning died on Thursday, April 14, 2011. He was staying in a nursing home. One month ago, in March 2011, Breuning was taken ill and had to be warded in hospital. He passed away in hospital, from natural causes.

Celebrity designer death April 2011 – Bijan Pakzad, a fashion designer, died after suffering from an attack. Pakzad passed away on Saturday, April 16 2011. Pakzad had a stroke on Thursday, April 14, and was hospitalized in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He couldn’t recover and died.

Celebrity death April 2011 – Brigadier Sawai Bhawani Singh, the last Maharaja of Jaipur, has died.

Celebrity actor death April 17 2011 – Michael Sarrazin, 70, had died. Sarrazin passed away in Montreal, Canada, on Sunday, April 17, 2011. Sarrazin suffered from cancer for some time before his death. On April 17, Sarrazin died from complications from his illness. He had been in hospital and died there.

Celebrity sportswoman death April 19 2011 – Grete Waitz, 57, has died. Waitz set a world record when she ran in the New York City Marathon, in 1976. Waitz was originally from Norway. She won the NYC Marathon 9 times. In 1984, Waitz competed in the Los Angeles Olympics and won a silver medal. Waitz had cancer for the last 6 years of her life. She finally succumbed to the disease on Tuesday, April 19, 2011.

Celebrity chocolate company heir death April 2011 – Pietro Ferrero, son of the founder of the Ferrero Rocher brand of chocolate, has died. Pietro Ferrero died while cycling on his bicycle in Cape Town, South Africa. Pietro may have died after suffering a heart attack. Pietro was working in Ferrero International, South Africa, as the CEO, when he died.

Celebrity singer death in April 2011 – Orrin Tucker, 100, singer, died. Tucker was the owner of the LA Stardust Ballroom.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Elisabeth Sladen, 63, British actress, has died. Sladen was 63 when she passed away. Sladen is best remembered for being the actress who starred in The Sarah Jane Adventures, on CBBC. This TV show was a spin-off from the Doctor Who show.

Celebrity musician death April 2011 – Mary Robbins has died. Mary is the wife of Gil Robbins. Mary had been a musician in the 1950s and 1960s.

Celebrity director death April 2011 – Tim Hetherington, a British photographer/journalist/director, was killed in Libya. Hetherington was shooting a documentary on the civil war between Gaddafi’s soldiers and the rebel protestors. Hetherington was killed in a mortar attack.

Photographer & journalist killed along with Hetherington – Chris Hondros, a cameraman working for Getty images, was killed in the same mortar attack at Army Outpost Restrepo, in Korengal Valley, Libya.

Celebrity guitarist death April 20 2011 – Gerard Smith, 36, guitarist who played bass for “TV on the Radio” has died. Smith had lung cancer.

Celebrity TV scriptwriter and playwright death April 2011 – Sol Saks has died at the age of 100. Sol Saks was best remembered for being the scriptwriter for the pilot episode of “Bewitched”. It was so successful that a whole new TV series was born out of it. Saks didn’t write the sitcom but he has been credited for his genius for breathing life into Bewitched, which was a hit in the 1960s.

Celebrity scriptwriter death April 2011 – Madelyn Pugh Davis, 90, a scriptwriter, has died. Pugh Davis wrote “I Love Lucy”, with a co-writer, Bob Carroll Jr.

Celebrity wine manufacturer death April 2011 – Jess Jackson, 81, the original wine maker of the Kendall-Jackson wine business, died. Jackson had cancer.

Celebrity scriptwriter death April 2011 – Kevin Jarre, 56, scriptwriter, has died in Santa Monica, Ca. Jarre passed away after suffering a heart attack, at his home. Jarre is best remembered for writing the scripts for “Tombstone” and “Glory”.

Celebrity death electronic product engineer – Norio Ohga, 81, ex-president and chairman of Sony, the electrical products company and conglomerate, died. Ohga was credited for making the compact disc.

Celebrity chef death April 21 2011 – Ken Kostick, TV chef and author of cook books, died. Kostick, 58, was ill with pancreatitis, and died because of complications. Kostick wasn’t married but left behind his partner, Desi Cabrera.

Celebrity spiritual leader death April 23 2011 – Satya Sai Baba, 86, spiritual leader in India, has died in hospital, after an illness. Sai Baba died after suffering multiple organ failure.

Celebrity footballer death April 2011 – Joe Perry, 84, Hall of Famer, has died. Joe Perry was a footballer with the San Francesco 49ers. He was the first player to rush for 1000 yards, in consecutive seasons.

Celebrity singer death April 25 2011 – Poly Styrene, ex-singer in the band X-Ray Spex, died on April 25, 2011. Styrene had cancer and died as a consequence of her illness. Styrene passed away in London.

Celebrity inventor death April 20 2011 – Hubert J Schlafly Jr, 91, has died. Schlafly invented the teleprompter, to allow speech scripts and news scripts to be scrolled up from the teleprompter device.

Celebrity figure death April 2011 – Madame Nhu, official hostess in the presidential palace in south Vietnam, has died. Madame Nhu had a high profile during the Vietnam War, speaking out on the political situation. Madame Nhu died at the age of 87.

Celebrity singer death April 2011 – Phoebe Snow, a singer, has died. Ms Snow was best known for her hit in 1974, for the song titled “Poetry Man”. Ms Snow, was 58 or 60, dying from a brain Hemorrhage sustained in Jan 2010. Ms Snow took a back seat with her professional singing career in 1975, after the birth of her daughter. The child was born with brain damage and Snow semi-retired to care for her daughter. The child died in 2007.

Celebrity singer death April 2011 – Hazel Dickens, 75, bluegrass singer and social activist, died. Ms Dickens was 75. During her lifetime, Ms Dickens was an advocate for miners, the working class poor, and social causes that influenced music.

Celebrity death April 11 2011 – Angela Scoular is dead. Scoular was an actress in two James Bond films, made in 1966 and 1969.

Celebrity producer death 2011 – John Cossette, executive producer of the Grammy Awards, died. Cossette passed away at the age of 54.

Celebrity product endorsement spokesman death April 2011 – Elmer Lynn Hauldren has died at 89. Hauldren used to be the ad guy for Empire Carpets.

Celebrity music composer death 2011 – Peter Lieberson, 64, has died. Lieberson passed away after suffering from lymphoma. Lieberson was warded in a hospital in Tel Aviv, in Israel. he was getting his treatment in hospital, but died after having complications from his disease.

Celebrity movie collector death April 2011 – Marvin Eisenman, 83, died. Eisenman collected more than 42,000 films during the past 25 years. Eisenmanwas liked to be known as the a “film detective”. People who searched for elusive movies called upon Eisenman to check if he had a copy in his large library. Eisenman had his fans, who affectionately called “Marvinn of the Movies”.

Infamous celebrity death April 2011 – Orlando Bosch, a militant from Cuba, has died. Bosch was accused of bombing an airplane of Cuba’s, in 1976. Bosch was tried in court and acquitted in Venezuela. Bosch, 84, died in a hospital in Miami, on Wed, April 27, 2011.

Celebrity producer death April 2011 – Roger Gimbel, 86, TV producer, died.

Celebrity mountain climber death April 2011 – Erhard Loretan, a Swiss climber, died in a fall. Loretan was killed after he fell in the Swiss Alps.

Celebrity actor death April 2011 – William Campbell, actor, died at the age of 87. Campbell was best remembered for his roles in Star Trek, Love Me Tender etc. Will Campbell was married to Judith Campbell Exner. President Kennedy had a relationship with Judith Campbell Exner in the 1950s.

Celebrity professional bike racer death April 2011 – Jeff Kargola, aka Ox Kargola, died on Friday, April 29, 2011. Kargola died while racing across a desert in Mexico. Kargola, 27, suffered some serious head injuries in a bike accident and was sent to San Felipe’s hospital. Kargola passed away in a hospital, in Mexico. He was racing on the second day of the 1376 miles of the Desert Assassins 2011 “Rip to the Tip Race”. The race was down to the tip of the Baja Peninsula.

Celebrity author death April 2011 – Ernesto Sabato, 99, has died. Sabato was a writer who highlighted Argentina’s dictators’ links to crimes against the citizens.

Celebrity boxer death 2011 – Sir Henry Cooper, British boxer, died. Cooper once defeated Cassius Clay, when he was still boxing, in his hey days. Cooper passed away at 76. He was a former heavyweight champion in Britain, the Commonwealth and Europe.

Celebrity snooker presenter death 2011 – Ted Lowe, once a presenter on a snooker TV show, “Pot Black”, has died. Ted Lowe was famous in 1969, for hosting the BBC show.

Celebrity baseball player death April 2011 – Emilio “Millito” Navarro, 105, baseball player, died on April 30, 2011. Navarro died in Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean.

Famous ruler’s son’s death April 2011 – Saif al-Arab al-Gaddafi was killed around April 29 – 30. Gaddafi’s 3 grandchildren were also killed by a Nato missile strike. Saif was the 6th and youngest son of Gaddafi.

Death of aspiring actress April 30 2011 – Svetlana Barcia, 35, died on Sat, April 30, 2011. Barcia was an aspiring actress when she died. Barcia, who stated she was a model and actress on some websites, may have jumped down from the roof of the Cassa Hotel, in New York City. Barcia’s body landed on a balcony, on the 10th floor.

Notorious terrorist death April 2011 – Osama Bin Laden has been killed in a bomb attack or bullet. Laden allegedly was culled in Pakistan, one week ago. Conflicting reports said Laden was killed by a bomb or bullet to the head. His body has been recovered by the US military. Laden was downed about 1 week ago. Investigators are rushing the DNA tests to confirm the identity of the deceased body. After 10 years and $25 million reward on his head, Laden has finally been killed by ground forces in Pakistan.

What are the chances the real Osama Bin Laden is really dead? He has doubles who look like him. The DNA test results usually take 6 weeks to be ready.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Marie-France Pisier, 66, has died. Ms Pisier was a French actress who passed away at the age of 66.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Yvette Vickers died. Vickers, 82, was discovered dead in her home. Vickers was found dead by her neighbor. Police said the state of Vickers’ dead body suggested she had died about 1 year ago. Vickers was famous in the 1950s, when she acted in “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” and “Attack of the Giant Leeches”, Vickers had also posed for Playboy and was a Playmate, back in her hey days. Vickers died in her home in the Benedict Canyon. Update – Authorities determined Vickers died from heart disease.

Celebrity actor death May 3 2011 – Jackie Cooper died.
Jackie Cooper, 88, an actor, has died. Cooper was ill before he was warded in a hospital, in Beverly Hills. He died in hospital.

Celebrity soldier death 2011 – Claude “Chuckles” Stanley Choules died.
Claude “Chuckles” Stanley Choules, 110, was a former soldier who fought in World War I. Choules was the world’s last known soldier veteran who fought in in the first World War. Claude Choules died in a nursing home, in Australia.

Celebrity actress death April 27, 2011 – Mariam Mercer died. Marian Mercer, an actress, is dead. Mercer passed away at 75 in Newbury Park.

Celebrity playwright death 2011 – Arthur Laurents died. Laurents was a playwright for the stage. Laurents was famous for his script on “West Side Family”. Besides being a writer, Laurents was a director too. Laurents was dead at 93.

Celebrity death of musician 2011 – David Mason is dead. David Mason died at 85. Mason was a classical musician who played for concerts which were televised in the 1960s. Mason was a sessionist who played the trumpet for “Penny Lane”, a song the Beatles recorded.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Sada Thompson died at 83. Sada Thompson the actress is dead. Thompson was an Emmy Award and Tony Aaward winner.

Celebrity golfer death May 7 2011 – Seve Ballesteros is dead. Ballesteros, 54, died on Saturday morning, May 7, 2011. Ballesteros passed away due to complications of his brain tumor illness.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Dana Wynter is dead. Wynter was best remembered for her role in “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers” (1956). Dana Wynter died at 79.

Celebrity dead May 7 2011 – Guenter Sachs is dead. Brigitte Bardot’s ex-husband, Guenter Sachs, a billionaire, is dead. Sachs died by his own hand, via a suicide. Sachs, a billionaire photographer/ art collector/ documentary film producer, was in his home in Gstaad, a Swiss resort town, when he fatally shot himself. Sachs died at the age of 78. Sachs was dead but he wrote a suicide note, with instructions to release the note to the media. Sachs’ surviving family released the note, talking about how he had a hopeless illness and was losing his memory, thoughts and communication abilities. Sachs was dead on Saturday, May 7, 2011. Although born German, Sachs became a Swiss citizen in 1976.Sachs was once married to Brigitte Bardot in 1966 to 1969. After he divorced Bardot, Sachs married Mirja Larsson, in the same year, 1969.

Celebrity boxer death 2011 – Lionel Rose is dead. Lionel Rose died at 62. He was the World Bantamweight Champion in 1968. Rose had Aborigine ancestry. He was the first Aborgine to be honored as the “Australian of the Year”.

Celebrity singer death 2011 – John Walker has died. John Walker is dead at 67. He was a singer in the band The Walker Brothers. In late 2010, he discovered he had liver cancer and within months, was dead.

Celebrity cyclist death 2011 – Wouter Weylandt is dead. Wouter Weylandt, a professional cyclist from Belgium, has died after a fall. Weylandt died after he crashed during the third stage of a race. Weylandt died in the Giro d’Italia.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Dolores Fuller is dead. Dolores Fuller died at 88. She was an actress, songwriter and owner of a record company. Ms Fuller used to date Ed Wood.

Celebrity death May 2011 – Mia Davis had died. Actress Mia Davis, 36, is now dead. Davis had a knee surgery but died from complications. Davis was a producer for The Ricki Lake Show, Change of Heart, Divorce Court etc. Mia Davis acted in Road bTrip. Davis was married to Michael Yard, a comic. Mia Davis had surgery on Monday, May 9, 2011, for an old basketball injury on her knee. Davis died on Tuesday, May 10, 2011. Davis and her husband lived in NYC, but she had her surgery in LA. Mike Yard said her doctor suspected a blood clot could have caused her death.

Celebrity basketball player dead May 2011 – Robert Traylor died. Robert Traylor was found dead at 34 years old. Tarylor was nicknamed “Tractor” because of his large frame and build. Tractor allegedly died Wednesday, May 11, 2011, due to a heart attack. In 2006, Traylor had heart surgery for an enlarged aortic valve. Traylor may have died before Wednesday as he was missing for 3 days before someone went to his apartment and discovered his death on Wednesday. Traylor’s last team mwas the Bayamon Cowboys.

Celebrity jockey death 2011 – Michael Baze, a race jockey, was found dead in a vehicle. Baze died in Churchill Downs, in Louisville. Police suspect drugs may have played a role. Baze was due to attend a trial on cocaine use, before his sudden death.

Celebrity death May 10, 2011 – Burt Reinhardt is dead. Reinhardt died at the age of 88. he was a former president of CNN, in its formative years. Reinhardt has been credited with building CNN up to become a world wide news network. Reinhardt died near Atlanta, in Georgia.

Celebrity guitarist death 2011 – Cornell Dupree is dead. Dupree died in his home in Texas. Cornell Dupree died after an illness with emphysema. At his death, Dupree’s age was listed as 68 years old.

Celebrity football player death 2011 – Ron Springs, a former running back for Dallas Cowboys, is dead. Ron Springs died after a heart attack. Springs was 54 years old.

Celebrity music producer death May 8 2011 – Gabriel Ben-Meir died on Sunday, May 8, 2011. Gabriel Ben-Meir was dead from a shotgun wound at his head. Police are investigating the case.

Celebrity sports cartoonist death May 2011 – Bill Gallo is dead at 88. Bill Gallo died after a long career at The Daily News. Galoo drew cartoons for the newspaper for half a century.

Celebrity NHL sportsman death May 13 2011 – Derek Boogaard, the New York Rangers enforcer, died. On Fri, May 13, Boogaard, a NHL player, was found dead in his apartment home. Derek Boogaard is dead at 28 years of age. Updated – Boogaard, the hockey player, died after taking oxycodone and alcohol. The medical coroner said Boogaard’s death was probably an accident due to the mixing of drugs in his body.

Celebrity activist death 2011 – Vivian Myerson died at 100. Vivian Myerson was dead at her home in Hollywood, on Friday, May 13, 2011.

Celebrity ex footballer death 2011 – Ron Springs, ex Dallas Cowbot RB, died at 54.

Celebrity baseball pitcher death May 2011 – Mel Queen is dead at 69. Me Queen wqas a pitcher for the Angels and a coach for the Blue Jays.

Celebrity death May 2011 – Jack Jones, former reporter for Los Angeles Times, part winner of the 1966 Pulitzer Prize, is dead. Jack Jones died at 86 years old. Jones was famous for being part of the newspaper team that wrote on the Watts riots and the consequences.

Celebrity radio personality death May 2011 – Charles McPhee died at 49. Charles McPhee, a Dream Doctor, used to host a radio show where he decoded dreams and used analysis for dreams. McPhee was a self proclaimed Dream Doctor who was forced into early retirement in 2006, when he contacted Lou Gehrig’s disease. Dream analysis was not new but McPhee popularized the practice. People became more open and responsive to dream interpretations.

Celebrity musician death May 2011 – Bernard Greenhouse, 95, is dead. Greenhouse was a founder of the Beaux Arts Trio.

Celebrity actress death May 2011 – Mary Murphy is dead. Mary Murphy, an actress, died at the age of 80. Ms Murphy was an actress in the 1950s. She acted in big screen movies and in TV shows.

Celebrity musician death 2011 – Snooky Young is dead. Snooky Young died at 92. He was a jazz trumpet player in the TV show, “Tonight Show”.

Celebrity TV producer death 2011 – Jeff Gralnick is dead. Gralnick died at 72. He was a TV producer for “60 Minutes” and “NBC Nightly News”.

Celebrity’s sibling death May 9 2011 – DJ Am’s sister, Lara Long, is dead. Lara Long died of colon cancer in early May 2011. Lara Long was 40 years old when she died. The late DJ Am died from a drug overdose in Aug 2009.

Celebrty death May 15 2011 – M Bone is dead. M Bone, a hip hop artiste, died after a drive by shooting in LA.

Celebrity athlete death May 2011 – Samuel Wanjiru is dead. Samuel Wanjiru died after falling down from his home’s balcony. Mr Wanjiru was the Kenyan Olympic gold medallist. Mr wanjiru died in Nyahururu. Sammy Wanjiru, 24, won his gold medal in the Beijing Olympics. His wife, Triza Njeri, found him drinking in their marital home, and he had the company of a woman. Wanjini and Njeri allegedly had a domestic quarrel. Wanjiri then leapt down to his death.

Celebrity death May 2011 – Bob Flanigan has died. Bob Flanigan was a singer in the group, Four Freshman. Flanigan died at the age of 84. Flanigan died on Sunday, May 15, 2011. He had congestive heart failure.

Celebrity dead 2011 – Joseph Wershba, former CBS producer, is dead at 90 years old. Wershba was a documentary producer.

Celebrity death 2011 – Ming Ming, the World’s Oldest Panda, is dead. Ming Ming the panda died at the age of 34 years old. That’s old, in panda years. Ming Ming died in Xiangjiang Wild Animal World in China.

Celebrity baseball player death May 2011 – Harmon Killebrew is dead at 74. Killebrew died after a failed fight with esophageal cancer. Killebrew died on Tuesday, May 17, 2011.

Celebrity death 2011 – Willard S Boyle, inventor, is dead. Boyle, 86, died of kidney disease.

Ceolebrity actor 2011 – Edward Hardwicke has died. Edward Hardwicke was a British actor. He died at 78.

Celebrity death 2011 – Ross Hagen died. Ross Hagen, the actor in TV shows, is dead. Hagen is better remembered as the actor in Daktari. He died at 72 years old.

Celebrity death May 2011- Austin Box is dead. Austin Box died on Thursday, May 19. Austin Box played linebacker for Oklahoma College’s Sooners. Mr Box’s cause of death in unknown and being investigated.

Photographer death 2011 – Anton Hammerl, 41, is dead. Hammerl was a photographre vfrom Soth Africa. He died in April 2011, in Libya.

Celebrity actor death May 2011 – Bill Skiles has died. Bill Skiles is dead at 79. Skiles was aprt of a comic duo act called the Skiles and Henderson comedy duo.

Celebrity wrestler death May 20 2011 – Randy Savage, aka “Macho Man”, the wrestler, is dead. Randy Savage died suddenly in a car accident. Mr Savage was 58 years old when he died.

Celebrity singer death May 2011 – Kathy Kirby, singer, is dead. Kathy Kirby was a participant in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965. Kirby was taking part as a representative of the UK. Kirby died at the age of 72.

Celebrity actor death 2011 – Bill Hunter is dead. Bill Hunter, 71, is an Australian actor. Hunter acted in some famous films like Gallipoli, Muriel’s Wedding and Strictly Ballroom etc.

Celebrity songwriter death 2011 – Joseph Brooks is dead. Joseph Brooks the composer for the song, “You Light Up My Life”, has died after a suicide. Brooks found dead in his home, in an apartment in New York.

Celebrity author death May 2011 – Dick Wimmer is dead, Dick Wimmer, the writer of Irish Wine, was famously rejected 162 times before his novel was accepted and published. Wimmer died at the age of 74. Wimmer’s other novels gained acceptance after his Irish Wine was published in 1989. Wimmer also taught writing courses at 24 colleges.

Celebrity film maker death May 2011 – Bruce Ricker is dead. Bruce Ricker died at 68, after a long acreer in making films. Ricker was a trained lawyer who changed careers after his documentary was well received. Ricker made “The Last Of The Blue Devils”, which launched his career in film making.

Celebrity heiress death May 24 2011 – Huguette Clark, the heiress who fascinated a nation of people, is dead. Clark died at 104. Ms Clark had lived in various hospitals in New York, for the past 20 years. Ms Clark suffered declining health and hearing during the last few year in her life.

Celebrity sports anchorwoman death May 2011 – Korea’s Song Ji-sun is dead. Song Ji-sun is a TV personality with MBC Plus Sport. Song worked as an anchorwoman on the Sport channel. Song leaped down from the 19th floor of her Seocho-dong officetel building. Local police in Seocho said the Ms Song died at the scene.

Song Ji-sun claimed she had been dating Im Tae-hoon, a baseball player, for 1 and 1/2 years, but he denied her claim. Ms Song had hinted she was suffering from a relationship problem but the exact nature was unknown.

Celebrity death May 2011 – Paul Splittorff has died. Splittorff was a pitcher for the Kansas City Royals. Splittorf became a broadcaster after he retired from sports. Plittorff was dead on Wed, May 25, 2011. Splittorff died of oral cancer and melanoma.

Celebrity death May 2011 – Mark Haines is dead. Mark Haines died at 65. He was a co-anchor on CNBC “Squawk On The Street”. Haines worked on the TV program for 22 years. Haines died suddenly Tuesday night, May 24, 2011.

Celebrity death of actor May 2011 – Jeff Conaway is dead. Jeff Conaway died after doctors removed his life support system. Conaway had been in hospital since May 11, when he was found unresponsive at home. Conaway had taken an overdose of medication. He had been suffering from pain from a back injury for years. Dr Drew Pinsky said Conaway had pneumonia and sepsis. Conaway died on Friday morning, May 27, 2011.

Celebrity basketball player death May 2011 – Margo Dydek is dead. Margo Dydek, 37, died after having a heart attack. Dydek was a player with the WNBA. Dydek was pregnant with her third child when she was suddenly taken ill.

Celebrity actress death May 2011 – Janet Brown is dead. Janet Brown died after being sick. Brown was famous for her impersonations of Lady Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of the UK.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Irene Gilbert is dead. Irene Gilbert was an actress who helped found the Stella Adler acting academy. Irene Gilbert became the director of the acting school in Los Angeles. Ms Gilbert worked as the director of the school for 20 years. Irene Gilbert is best remembered for her roles in Cannon and Barnaby Jones. Gilbert died at 76 years old.

Celebrity musician death 2011 – Gil Scott Heron is dead. Mr Scott-Heron was a poet and musician.

Celebrity poetry slam champion death May 2011 – Willie Lee Bell Jr is dead. Willie Bell Jr died after being shot, outside The Literary Cafe and Poetry Lounge, on Sunday May 29, 2011. Bell Jr was killed after he closed his cafe in north Miami. Police are investigating the case.

Leonard Kastle, a scriptwriter and teacher, has died. Kastle wrote the script for The Honeymoon Killers, which was released in 1970. Kastle wrote opera scripts and other works. Kastle taught at the State University of New York, in Albany.

Bull rider death May 2011 – Leonel Trejo, 40, is dead. Leonel Trejo was an experienced bull rider from New Castle, Delaware. Trejo died in the ring after he fell down and was trampled on.

Celebrity death May 2011 – Clarice Taylor, is dead. Clarence Taylor died at 93. She was an actress in the old “Cosby Show”, on TV. Taylor acted as Anna Huxtable, the mother of Bill Huxtable. Taylor also played Harriet on the children’s famous series, Sesame Street.

Celebrity fashion designer death May 2011 – Jonas Bevacqua has died. Jonas Bevacqua was the founder of LRG, a hip hop and skateboarding fashion brand. Bevacqua was dead at 33 years of age. The autopsy failed to reveal the cause of death. Authoritioes are waiting 4 – 6 weeks for the results of the toxicology tests.

Celebrity ballon festival founder death May 2011 – Sid Cutter is dead. Sid Cutter was an avid ballon enthusiast who founded the Albuquerque International Ballon Fiesta. Cutter died at 77. Cutter organized the first balloon fiesta 40 years ago, in Albuquerque.

Celebrity actor death June 3 2011 – James Arness is dead. James Arness was an actor in Gunsmoke. Arness died at 88, from natural causes.

Catholic Franciscan friars deaths May 2011 – RC Franciscan friars Julian Riester and Adrian Riester have died. They were twins who became Franciscan friars and served the Lord for 65 years. Friars Julian and Adrian, 92 years old, died hours apart from each other, in Florida.

Celebrity author death 2011 – Josephine Hart is dead. Josephine Hart died in London. Hart was an Irish writer of the novel, Damage, which was made into a film. Damage the movie, starred Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche.

Celebrity musician death 2011 – Andrew Gold has died at 59. Andrew Gold was a singer, songwriter and musician. Gold used to be a part of Linda Ronstadt’s pop band in the 1970s. Gold wrote the theme song for “The Golden Girls”. Mr Gold died in his sleep.

Celebrity actor death 2011 – Wally Boag, 90, died June 3, 2011. Boag was an actor.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Betty Taylor, 91, is dead. Taylor was an actress who acted opposite Wally Boag in Disney’s long running stage show, the Goldenhorse Shoe Revue.

Celebrity author death 2011 – Jennifer Worth is dead. Jennifer Worth, 75, has died. Ms Worth was an author who wrote “Call The Midwife”, a popular trilogy of books.

Celebrity musician death 2011 – Leon Botha, Die Antworld’s DJ, has died. Leon Botha became dead on Sunday, June 5, 2011. Leon Botha had progeria, a medical condition that aged the body prematurely. Botha survived long enough to be the oldest living person with progenia. Most Progenia sufferers die in their teens as their bodies age rapidly.

Celebrity sportsman death 2011 – Thomas Emma is dead. Thomas Emma died after a fall from a building. Police said Mr Emma, a former basketball player for Duke University, may have committed suicide.

Celebrity writer death 2011 – Leonard Stern is dead. Leonard Stern died at 88. Sternb was a TV scriptwriter, producer, director and writer of the Mad Libs word game books.

Celkebrity writer death 2011 – Jorge Semprun died at 87. Semprun was an author famous for his autobiography about his life as a Holocaust survivor. Semprun survived Adolf Hitler’s death Camp in Buchenwald.

Celebrity musician death 2011 – Ray Bryant is dead. Ray Bryant died at 79 years old. Bryant was a musician who composed music and played the piano. Bryant was well known for his jazz music.

Celebrity fighter pilot death 2011 – John R. Alison, WWII ace fighter pilot, is dead. Alison died at 98 years old.

Celebrity boxer death 2011 – Genaro ‘Chicanito’ Hernandez, two-time world super-featherweight champion, is dead Hernandez died at 45.

Celebrity documentary producer/ director/ scriptwriter death 2011 – Stephen E. Fleischman, documentary writer, producer and director, is dead. Fleischman died at 92.

Celebrity painter death 2011 – Maqbool Fida Husain, aka M F Husain, is dead. MF Husain died in London at the age of 95. MF Husain was a fomer Indian national who relocated to London.

Celebrity surfer death Nov 2 2010 – Andy Irons, 32, died of a heart attack. Andy Iron’s suffered from hardening of his coronary arteries, which led to a sudden heart attack. According to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner, Irons had Xanax, methadone, and Benzoylecgonine in his body. The last compound was a by-product the body made after ingestion of cocaine.

Celebrity dog death Dec 2010 – The late Leona M Helmsley’s dog, Trouble, is dead. Dog Trouble, who inherited $2 million from his owner, died at the age of 12 years old. Troule is deemed to have died from natural causes. That’s a long life for a dog. Trouble left behind a remaining fortune, which will go to The Leona M and Harry B Helmsley Charitable Trust. Trouble’s death was concealed from the public. Trouble was cremated.

Celebrity death 2011 – The Girl Scouts’ Top Cookie Sellere for San Diego County, Sabrina Keller, 14, died. Sabrina Keller sold 3463 packages of cookies. Keller was at a dance organized for her eighth grade class when she suddenly collapsed and died.

Celebrity spokeswoman death JUne 10, 2011 – Jeanna Bice is dead. Jeanne Bice was the spokeswoman for the Quaker Factory, has died.

Celebrity death 2011 – Gunnar Fischer is dead. Gunnar Fischer was a cinematographer who worked on Ingrid Bergman movies. Fischer died at the age of 100.

Celebrity death 2011 – Laura Ziskin is dead. Laura Ziskin, a producer, died at the age of 61.

Celebrity singer death 2011 – Carl Gardner is dead. Carl Gardner was the lead singer of the Coasters. Gardner died at the age of 83. Gardner was afmous for leading the rhythm and blues band with hits like Charlie Brown, Poison Ivy and Yakety Yak.

Celebrity producer death 2011 – Bob Banner is dead. Bob Banner was a TV producer and director. Banner was one of the first to discover Carol Burnett. Banner recognized the talents in Burnett and gave her a chance to act in TV. Several years later, he saw his prodigy rise to become a successful comedy cum variety TV show star. Banner died at the of 89.

Celebrity director death 2011 – Paul Alter is dead. Paul Alter was a director & producer of TV shows. Alter died on Sat, June 11, 2011. Alter died in Los Angeles.

Celebrity death 2011 – Clarence Clemons is dead. Clemons died on Sat, June 18, 2011, after suffering complications from a stroke. Clemons was a saxophonist for the E Street Band, which was Bruce Springsteen’s band. Clemons died at the age of 69.

Celebrity death stuntman June 20 2011 – Ryan Dunn, 34, stuntman, is dead. Ryan Dunn died in a single car crash in Pennsylvania.

June 20 2011 death – Zachary Hartwell, production assistant, actor and friend of Ryan Dunn, died on Monday early morning, June 20, 2011. Hartwell died in the same car crash as Dunn. Hartwell left behind his new wife, Rachel.

Celebrity deaths June 2011 – Burt Styler is dead. Burt Styler, a Tv scriptwriter, died at 86. Burt Styler won at least one Emmy Award for his TV writing scripts.

Celebrity Oldest Living Person death June 2011 – The World’s Oldest Person died at the age of 114. Maria Gomes Valentim, the world’s oldest living woman and person, has died.

Celebrity death 2011 – Eric Swenson, co-founder of a magazine named Thrasher, is dead Eric Swenson died by his own hamnds when he committed suicide, outside a police station. He died after a fatal gunshot wound. Swenson was 64 when he died.

Celebrity death June 2011 – Fred Steiner, 88, is dead. Fred Steiner was a music composer who created theme music for many TV shows and movies.

Celebrity death 2011 – Nick Charles is dead. Nick Charles, 64, died after suffering from bladder cancer. Nick Charles will be best remembered for being a sports anchor. Charles was CNN’s first sports broadcaster. Chrales fought the brave fight for the past 2 years before his body succumbed to cancer.

Celebrity death 2011 – Gene Colan, 84, died. Gene Colan was a comic book illustrator. Colan worked on Howard the Duck, Dracula, Daredevil and Batman.

Celebrity deaths 2011 – Peter Falk is dead. Peter Falk was a distinguished actor who did work on the stage, smnall and big screens. Falk died at 83, after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Falk was hospitalized in the weeks before his death. After he was seen fading fast, his wife Shera brought him home to spend his last few days at home. Falk’s survivors included his daughters Catherine Falk and Jackie Falk.

Celebrity death 2011 – Elaine Stewart is dead. Elaine Stewart was an ex-model and actress in the 1950s. Stewart died at 81. Stewart was sick for a long time before her body gave up the fight on Monday, June 26, 2011.

Celebrity author death 2011 – Esther M Broner is dead. Ms Broner was a writer and feminist who died at 83. Broner was a Jew who started a Jewish women’s Passover Seder, and created other women’s version of Jewish ceremonies. Broner died on June 21, 2011, in New York City.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Margaret Tyzack is dead. Ms Tyzack was a British actress who performed on stage, TV and the big screen. Ms Tyzack was 79 when she died.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Edith Fellows is dead. Edith Fellows was a child actress who made 30 films before she turned 13 years old.

Celebrity pastor death 2011 – Michael Wenning, 75, is dead. Michael Wenning died on Tue, June 28, 2011. Wenning was the pastor who preached at the Bel Air Presbyterian Church. Former President Ronald Reagan, and his wife, Nancy, worshipped at that church. Pastor Wenning officiated over the late Reagan’s funeral service, in 2004.

Celebrity death 2011 – Billy Costello is dead. Billy Costello, the ex WBC boxer champion, died at 55 years old. Costello was the former light welterweight boxing champion. Costello had lung cancer and died on Wednesday, June 29, 2011. Costello died in KIngston, New York, his hometown.

Celebrity death 2011 – Jay Dee Springbett, 36, is dead. Springbett was a judge in the reality TV show contest, Australian Idol. Springbett was discovered dead in his home, in an apartment, in Sdyney. Springbett may have died earlier than Thursday, June 30, 2011, when he was found.

Celebrity death 2011 – Cy Twombly is dead. Cy Twombly was an artist who painted on canvas. Twombly died at 83 years old. He was known for his distinctive style, of scribbles on canvas. He used repetitive lines to present his artwork.

Celebrity film maker death 2011 – Mani Kaul is dead. Mani Kaul, a movie maker from India, died at the age of 66. Kaul lived and died in New Delhi, India.

Celebrity death 2011 – Armen Gilliam is dead. Armen Gilloam was a former Nets player, as well as a power froward for the UNLV. Gilliam died on Tuesday, July 5, 2011. Gilliam had played basketball at the LA Fitness gym, in Bridgeville, in Pennsylvania. Gilliam was 47 when he died.

Celebrity death 2011 – Gordon Tootoosis is dead, Tootoosis, an actor, has died at 69.

Celebrity death 2011 – Eddy Nicholson, antiques collector, died at 73.

Celebrity death 2011 – Mika Myllyla, athlete, died at 41.

Celebrity death 2011 – Robert H. Widmer, aeronautical pioneer, died at 95.

Celebrity death 2011 – Richard Poff, lawyer, dies at 87.

Celebrity author death 2011 – Iain Blair, aka Emma Blair, writer of romance books, died.
Celebrity death of sports manager 2011 – Dick Williams, Hall of Famer manager, is dead. Williams died at 82 years old.

Celebrity footballer death 2011 – John Mackey, 69, is dead. John Mackey was a footballer with the NFL for 10 years. Mackey suffered from dementia before his death.

Celebrity death 2011 – Betty Ford is dead. On Friday, July 8, 2011, Betty Ford died at 93 years old. Ms Ford was the former First Lady and wife of Gerard Ford. Ms Ford founded the Betty Ford Recovery Center, a rehab.

Celebrity death 2011 – Manuel Galban, 80, is dead. Manuel Galban was a guitarist who has won the Grammy Award. Galban was from Cuba. Galban was best known as the guitarist from the Buena Vista Social Club.

Celebrity death 2011 – Blanco is dead. Blanco, the composer has died.

Celebrity death 2011 – Facundo Cabral is dead. Facundo Cabral died after gunmen ambushed his vehicle and fatally shot him. Cabral was a writer and folk singer in Guatemala. Cabral was on his way to an airport when gunman attacked him and killed him on Saturday, July 9, 2011. Cabral died at the age of 74.

Celebrity death 2011 – Sam Denoff is dead. Sam Denoff, a TV show scriptwriter, has died. Sam Denoff was famous for writing The Dick Van Dyke Show and That Girl. Denoff died at the age of 83.

Celebrity musician death 2011 – Raymond Jones is dead. Raymond Jones was a keyboard player for Chic, a disco music and R & B band. Jones died at the age of 52.

Celebrity photographer death 2011 – Cal Montney, 91, is dead. Cal Montney was a cameraman with the LA Times newspaper.

Celebrity death 2011 – Allen Eckert, TV writer, has died. Allen Eckert was afamous for the drama called “Tecumseh!”. Eckert died at 80 years of age.

Celebrity producer death 2011 – Sherwood Schwartz, 94, is dead. Schwartz was an executive producer. He died in his sleep. His cause of death was due to natural causes. Schwartz was known for creating TV shows like Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch.

Celebrity musician death 2011 – Rob Grill died at 67 years old. Rob Grill was a musician in the band Grass Roots.

Celebrity actor death 2011 – Paul Michael, 84, is dead.

Celebrity death 2011 – Roberts Blossom, an actor, is dead. Blossom was best remembered as the actor who played the neighbor in the movie, Home Alone.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Googie Withers is dead. Googie Withers was an actress in a few Alfred Hitchcock movies. Withers did in Australia, at 94 years old.

Celebrity whistle blower death 2011 – Sean Hoare, a whistle blower who exposed the News of the World phone hacking practices, is dead. Sean Hoare was a former addict of drug and alcohol. Hoare’s death is being investigated. The timing of his death at the height of the xposure of the newspsper’s scandals, puts suspicion on his death.

Celebrity death 2011 – Ed Flesh died Friday, July 15, 2011. Flesh died in California, when he was 79 years old. Ed Flesh was the designer of some of TV’s famous game shows like the Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, The $25,000 Pyramid and Name That Tune. Ed Flesh also designed the studio sets for TV talk shows and soap operas. Ed Flesh is survived by his partner, David Power.

Celebrity actor death 2011 – David Ngoombujarra, an actor, is dead. David Ngoombujarra was an Australian Aborigine actor. He died at age 44.

Celebrity death 2011 – Myra Kraft, or Mrs Robert Kraft, has died. Myra Kraft was the wife of the owner of the football team, the New England Patriots. She died at 68.

Celebrity death July 2011 – Jerry Ragovoy, songwriter, is dead. Ragovoy was famous for penning beloved songs like Time In On My Side. hes ometimes used the pen name Norman Meade.

Celebrity death 2011 – Lucian Freud, 88, is dead. Lucian Freud was a painter who did realist portrait artwork. Freud was British. Freud died at age 88.

Celebrity deaths 2011 July 17 – Joe Lee Wilson, 75, a jazz vocalist, is dead. Wilson died on Sunday, July 17, 2011. Wilson suffered from a heart problem and may have died as a result of his illness.

Celebrity doll maker death 2011 – Elliot Handler, the co-founder of Mattel toy maker company, has died. Elliot Hnadler was responsible for making and naming Barbie doll. Handler, 95, died from heart failure. His wife Ruth Handler, was the creator of Barbie doll, which she named after their daughter, Barbara Handler.

Celebrity deaths 2011 July 15 – Helen Beverley died at 94. Helen Beverley was a Yiddish actress. She died of natural causes.

Celebrity deaths 2011 July – Martin Weinberger, 82, ex newspaper editor and publisher of the Claremont Courier community newspaper. Martin Weinberger passed away on JUly 5.

Celebrity deaths 2011 July 13 – Jolene Combs, 69, has died. Combs was a school newspaper instructor at El Camino College and Redondo Union High School.

Celebrity deaths July 23 2011 – Amy Winehouse died Saturday, July 23, 2011. Amy Winehouse died at 27. Winehouse joined a list of other famous musicians who died at 27 years old. Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix all died at 27. A private funeral service will be held for her personal friends and close relatives, on July 26, 2011.

When is Amy Winehouse’s funeral? Amy Winehouse’s funeral is set to take place on Tuesday, July 26, 2011. The private funeral means only the closest of Amy’s friends and relatives would be invited to attend. Where is Amy Winehouse’s funeral? Winehouse’s funeral is scheduled at Golder’s Green, in London. Mitch Winehouse, Janis Winehouse and Alex Winehouse are the family members in attendance at the funeral. Amy’s body will be cremated and her ashes scattered together with her grandmother’s ashes. The older lady Cynthia, died 5 years ago, after suffereing from cancer. Amy and her grandmother were close. The singer had her grandmother’s name tattooed on her arm. The autopsy was inconclusive. Officials are waiting for the toxicology results, which can be ready after 2 to 4 weeks.

Amy’s funeral service was held at Edgewarebury Cemetery. Rabbi Frank Hellner conducted the funeral service. Prayers were recited in English and Hebrew. Around 300 to 400 funeral mourners attended the private service. Amy’s body was cremated at the Golders Green Crematorium. Amy Winehouse’s will allegedly was made during the time of her divorce from Blake Fielder-Civil. Her estate is around $16 million. Sources who know about her financial affairs said her estate is likely to be divided among her immediate family members like her parents and brother.

Kelly Osborne was among the celebrities who attended Winehouse’s funeral. She wore her blond hair in a bee hive hairstyle, to pay tribute to Amy.

Looking for Amy Winehouse grave:
Amy Winehouse grave will not be found. Winehouse was from a Jewish family. However, her funeral and body were not disposed in the traditional Jewish religious way. While Jews banned the cremation of a deceased body, Amy Winehouse was cremated. She had many tattoos on her body, while the Jewish custom forbade the use of tattoos which poked holes into the body. It was not explained who was in charge to order a cremation for Amy Winehouse. Her ashes would be scattered. Presently, there is no news about a grave site for her.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Linda Christian, actress, is dead. Linda Christian was famous in her hey day in the 1940s. Linda was best remembered as the first James Bond girl.

Celebrity actor death 2011 – GD Spradlin is dead. Spradlin was an actor in some famous movies like “Apocalypse Now”, and “The Godfather: Part II”. His full name was Gervase Duan Spradlin.

Basketball player death 2011 – Desmond Allison, ex basketballer for the University of Kentucky, has died. Allison was shot several times on Monday, July 24, 2011. Allison, 31, died in hospital in northeast Columbus.

Singer death 2011 – Joe Arroyo died at 55. Joe Arroyo was a Salsa singer in Columbia.

Musician death 2011 – Dan Peek, 60, has died. Dan Peek was a member of the band “America”. Peek was found dead at home. Dan Peek died from heart disease. He had an enlarged heart and severe heart problems.

Sportsman death 2011 – Jeret Peterson, aka Speedy Peterson, has died. He killed himself in a lonely canyon in Utah. Peterson was a silver medalist in the freestyle skiing Olympics in 2010. He had competed in 3 Olympics Games, in 2002, 2006 and 2010. He perfected his signature freestyle ski movement, named as The Hurricane. Peterson performed a combination of 3 somersaults and 5 twists. He allegedly committed suicide with a self inflicted gunshot wound. He called police to tell them where to find him before he shot himself. Officers located his dead body Monday night, July 25, 2011.

Saxophonist death 2011 – Gil Bernal, a tenor saxophonist, has died at 80. Bernal was famous for being a pop/ jazz/ musician.

Scientist death 2011 – Robert Ettinger is dead. Ettinger was the Father of Cryonics. Ettinger’s body has been entombed, in a fgrozen chamber at -321 degrees Fahrenheit.

Death 2011 – Frank Foster is dead at 82. Foster was a music composer and jazz saxophonist.

Death 2011 – Polly Platt, 72, is dead. Polly Platt was a production designer who worked on the sets of films like “Terms of Endearment”, “Say Anything” and “The Last Picture Show”.

Sportsman death 2011 – Hideki Irabu, ex pitcher for the New York Yankees, is dead. Hideki Irabu, 42, died after he committed suicide, in LA. Irabu hanged himself in his home. He was best known for winning the World Series in 1998 and 1999, while he was playing with the NY Yankees. His last MLB baseball stint was in 2002.

Fri, July 29 2011 – Nikolai Ivanisovich, 62, is going to die on July 29. Ivanisovich is committed to die via assisted suicide, in a clinic in Switzerland. He has terminal cancer and chose to die by assisted suicide. His death will be web cast on BattleCam.com.

Author’s death 2011 – Henry Carlisle, 84, is dead. Carlisle was a writer and translator.

Death 2011 – Gene McDaniels, 76, is dead. McDaniels was a pop singer, composer, songwriter and music producer.

Dead in 2011 – Delois Barrell Campbell, 85, is dead. Cambell was a gospel singer.

Death 2011 – Arthur Murray, aka Kit Murray, has died. Murray was a retired colonel who put his name down in history as the pilot who flew a Bell X-1A at 90,000 feet at nearly twice the speed of sound, in 1954.

Dead 2011 – Mike Starr, 44, is dead. Starr was the ex bassist of the band “Alice in Chains”. Mike Starr was found dead in Salt Lake City, Utah. Starr had substance abuse issues and he appeared in Celebrity Rehab 2009, in its 3rd season.

Death 2011 – Bubba Smith, 66, is dead. Bubba Smith was a former footballer for the NFL. Smith became an actor after he left the football career. Smith was found dead on Wed, Aug 3, 2011. One of his last movies, “Daze: Vol. Too”, made in 2009, is having work done to get it released soon.

Death 2011 – Naoki Matsuda is dead. Matsuda is a Japanese football player. He may have died after suffering a heart attack, when he collapsed on the football pitch, 2 days ago.

Death 2011 – Gordie Duane, 80, surfboard maker, has died. Duane was respected for his craftsmanship.

Dead 2011 – Andy Collins, 27, has died after a heart attack. Collins was a ex football player at Occidental College.

Died in 2011 – Annette Charles, 63, an actress, is dead. Charles had been suffering from cancer and her death is related to complications from cancer. Charles was best remembered for her role as Cha-Cha, in the movie “Grease”.

Death 2011 – Khamis Gadhafi, one of the sons of Moammar Gaddafi, is allegedly dead. Khamis’ death is unconfirmed although rebels said he was killed in Zlitan, a town about 100 miles east, of Tripoli.

Dead 2011 – Dr Max Harry Weil, 84, pioneer of the Intensive Care Unit, died.

Died in 2011 – Anthony Quinn’s son, Francesco Quin, 48, has died. Francesco allegedly had a fatal heart attack outside his home, in Malibu.

Dead 2011 – Nancy Wake, a service woman who was a spy in World War II, is dead. Nancy Wake worked during the French resistance. She died at the age of 98, in a nursing home, in London.

Dead 2011 – Michael Barry, 69, is dead. Barry was a TV chef on BBC’s TV series, “Food and Drink”.

Died 2011 – Charles Wyly, Texas billionaire, is dead. Charles Wyly died after an accident with a SUV. Wyly was a staunch supporter of Rick Perry and an arts patron. He died in a car accident in Colorado.

Dead 2011 – Marshall Grant, a musician, is dead. Grant was a bassist and manager for Johnny Cash. He managed Cash’s band when they went on the road. Grant and Cash worked together for 20 years, from the 1950s.

Death 2011 – Ken Graydon, 77, is dead. Graydon was a poet and storyteller. He hosted story telling gatherings at his home in Falbrook, California. He used the campfire as a social setting and atmosphere to share stories.

Death 2011 – Jani Lane, ex lead singer of the band Warrant, is dead. Jani Lane died in Comfort Inn Hotel, in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. Jani Lane wrote “Cherry Pie”, in 1989 and led Warrant to great success. He later left the band to perform as a solo artiste. He died at 47. The official cause of death was not released. Lane was lat in the news in 2010, when he was arrested for DUI. Lane was convicted and setenced to serve 120 days in prison.

Death 2011 – Billy Grammer, country music singer, 85, has died. Billy Grammer became famous with his hit song, “Gotta Travel On”, in 1959.

Death 2011 – Robert Robinson, 83, is dead. He was a media personlaity who worked in broadcasting.

Dead 2011 – Shammi Kapoor, actor, 79, has died. Kkapoor was an actor in Bollywood, India. He was famous in his hey day, in between 1950s to 1960s.

Dead 2011 – Vic Dunlop, 62, a comic actor, died. Vic Dunlop was a good comedian who once held the record for being able to make a person laugh in the shortest time.

Died in 2011 – Albert Brown, 105, has died. Brown, aka Doc Brown, was the oldest Bataan Death March survivor, from World War II.

Death 2011 – Rick Rypien, 27, a player for the Winnipeg Jets, died at home. Rypien was found dead on Monday, Aug 15, 2011.

Dead 2011 – Emily Spickler, 19, student and part time model, died. Spickler was a student at the University of Southern Queensland, in Toowoomba. She was found dead in her room Monday, Aug 15, 2011.

Dead 2011 – Aug 15 2011: Russell Armstrong, estranged husband of RHBH star Taylor Armstrong, died. Russell’s death was caused by his own suicide.

Died 2011 – Kampane, aka Rhian H. Stoute, an aspiring rapper, has died. Kampane was based in New York. Kampane’s body was found in a sport utility vehicle, a SUV, parked on a street in New Jersey. He was shot and then burned. Police said his death will be investigated but they don’t think he was killed.

Death 2011 – Chad Linley, 29, is dead. Chad is the elder brother of Cody Linley, an actor in Hannah Montana. His death is being invetsigated by the coroner. Chad’s funeral was held on Aug 12 2011.

Death 2011 – Nick Ashford, 70, a songwriter, is dead. He was half of the team, Ashford and Simpson. He died of throat cancer, on Monday, Aug 22, 2011.

Dead 2011 – Jerry Leiber, 78, a songwriter, has died.

Died 2011 – Jimmy Sangster, a film screenwriter, died at 83. Sangster used to write scripts for horror films.

Death 2011 – Michael Showers, 45, actor died. Showers was the actor in Treme. He played the role of Captain John Guidry. Showers was found dead in the Mississippi River. He had been dead for 2 days.

Dead 2011 – Mike Flanagan, ex baseball pitcher for the Major League, died. Flanagan, 59, was found dead outside his home. He killed himself with a gunshot wound to his head. Flanagan was troubled by financial issues. He did not leave any note behind.

Death 2011 – Frank Dileo, 63, is dead. Frank Dileo was a former manager for Michael Jackson, from 1984 to 1989. He was a music promoter.

Dead 2011 – Esther Gordy Edwards, a music executive, helped to build upo Motown Records.

Death 2011 – Alan Schram, a manager partner owner of Wellcap, died after a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Schram was Russell Armstrong’s friend and killed himself one day after Armstrong died.

Dead 2011 – Adrian McFarland, the Omagh road racer, has died. McFarland was killed in an accident, during a race, in the Czech Republic.

Death 2011 – Stetson Kennedy, a writer, has died at 94. Kennedy was famous for writing about the KKK, during their active days in the 1940s.

Died 2011 – Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, is dead. Schaeffer died at 71 years old. She was a writer.

Death 2011 – David Edwards, aka Honey Boy Edwards, died on Mon, Aug 29, 2011. Edwards was the oldest survivor of the Delta Bluesman. Edwards passed away at 96.

Death 2011 – News 12 TV host, Michael Baldwin, lost his baby son. The news host of the New York TV station said he was asked to report to woirk at the last minute, while he was on daddy duty, taking care of his son, Michael II. He asked a baby sitter to wtach his infant. The infant’s babysitter, Teresa Coffey, 39, died suddenly and collapsed on the baby, smothering him to death. Coffey was 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 200 pounds. She suffered from health problems but liked children because she was unable to have her own. She could have taken some prescription pills as a bottle was found at her home.

Death 2011 – Wade Belak, ex hockey player with the NHL, has died. Belak, 35, was found dead in his home, in Toronto, Canada. He hanged himself.

Death 2011 – John Collado, 43, an ex professional wrestler, died after an altercation. Collado is accused of holding a police man in a choke hold. The cop shot him. Collado was sent to hospital, where he died.

Death 2011 – Cliff Robertson, 88, an actor, died. Robertson died on Sat, Sep 10, 2011.

Death 2011 – Betty Skelton, 85, a pilot and race car driver, died. She was active in the 1940s and 1950s.

Death 2011 – Andy Whitfield died of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a type of cancer, on Sep 11, 2011. Whitfield, an actor in “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”, died in Sydney, Auatralia. His wife, Vashti, released a statement to announce his death at age 39.

Death 2011 – Mary Fickett, 83, actress, has died.

Dead 2011 – Victor Tallarico, the father of Steven Tyler, has died. Tallarico died at the age of 95, during the weekend of Sep 10-11, 2011.

Death 2011 – Mary Fickett, 83, actress, has died. She was an original cast member of the ABC TV series, “All My Children”.

Died 2011 – Richard Hamilton, 89, artist, is dead. He was famous in Britain, having been known as the father of pop art.

Death 2011 – Frances Bay, 92, actress, has died. Bay was a TV and movie actress who started acting in midlife, assuming character roles.

Death Sep 16 2011 – Kara Kennedy, 51, died on Fri, Sep 16, 2011. Kara was Ted Kennedy’s daughter and eldest child. Kara died of heart failure and complications from fighting cancer.

Dead Sep 17 2011 – Eleanor Mondale, daughter of Walter Mondale. Eleanor had brain cancer and died at 51. She left behind her husband Chan Poling.

Death 2011 – Tom Wilson, 80, artist, died. Wilson was the creator of a comic called Ziggy. He suffered from pneumonia before he died.

Celebrity singer died in 2011 – Dolores Hope, wife of Bob Hope, died. Dolores died on Sep 19, 2011. Dolores, 102, used to sing before her marriage but sacrificed her career to become a mother and housewife.

Death 2011 – Frank Driggs, a jazz producer, is dead. Driggs, 81, also a historian, died recently

Infamous convict death Sep 21 2011 – Troy Davis, convicted for the fatal shooting death of a policeman, Mark Allen MacPhail, was executed. Troy Davis died Wed, Sep 21, 2011.

Death Sep 23 2011 – Orlando Brown, football player, is dead. Orlando Brown, 40, died at his home.

Dead 2011 – Vesta Williams, 48, has died. Vesta Williams was a R & B singer. She was found dead in her hotel room. Police are investigating her death, possibly due to accidental overdose of prescription medication, or a suicide. Murder has been ruled out.

Died in 2011 – Jerry Schad, 61, writer of outdoor books, died. Schad was a professor teaching in San Diego Mesa College.

Death 2011 – Jessy Dixon, 73, a singer, has died. Dixon was a songwriter and gospel singer.

Dead 2011 – Arch West, 97, creator of Doritos chips, died. West will be buried with 3 flavors of his favorite Doritos, ie Original, Cool Ranch and Nacho flavored ones, to bury them with him.

Death 2011 – David Zelag Goodman, 81, is dead. Goodman was a screen writer.

Died 2011 – Wangari Maathai, 71, died. She was an environmentalist who lived in Africa. Maathai was Africa’s first female Nobel Peace Prize winner

Dead 2011 – Mo Rothman, 92, died. He was a film studio executive. Rothman passed away on Sep 15, 2011, after a long illness with Parkinson’s disease.

Death 2011 – Sylvia Robinson, one of the first promoters of hip hop music, had died. Sylvia Robinson was 75. She suffered from congestive heart failure.

Death 2011 – Leonard Dillon, a pioneer musician in reggae, has died. Dillon died in Jamaica.

Died 2011 – Hella Hasse, 93, Dutch writer, has died.

Death 2011 – Peter Gent, 69, ex NFL player, has died. Peter Gent wrote a book, called “North Dallas Forty”. He revealed the playful side of being a football star. Wine, women and song adventures were described in his book. Gent’s book was so popular that it was made into a movie.

Died in 2011 – Another football star has died. Mike Heimerdinger, who used to play as an offensive coordinator, for the Titans, Broncos and Jets, has died. Heimerdinger passed away, after suffering from a rare type of cancer. He was 58 when he died.

Death 2011 – Donald Lapre died in prison while awaiting trial for alleged fraud. Intial reports said he killed himself by cutting in self-mutilation. Prison officers discovered Lapre dead in his cell, surrounded by blood. Lapre was due to begin trial for cheating investors of $52 million, in useless internet businesses like The Greatest Vitamin In The World.

Death 2011 – Lee Davenport, 95, developed a radar for use during World War II. He created the micrwave radar, that was built into a semitrailer, with a parabola on top. The US and Allied soldiers used this radar to fight the enemies, during WW II.

Dead 2011 – Bert Jansch, a folk musician, has died. Jansch, 67, was one of the founding members of the band called Pentangle. He died in London.

Dead 2011 – Reverend Fred L Shuttlesworth, 89, is dead. He is a civil rights leader.

Died 2011 – Arthur C NBielson, the founder of the TV ratings company, has died. AC Nielsen Company was the leader in conducting TV ratings. Nielson, 92, had Parkinson’s Disease.

Death 2011 – Charles Napier, 75, actor, has deid. Napier appeared in famous movies like “Philadelphia” and “The Blues Brothers”.

Death 2011 – Oct 5, 2011 marks the death of Steve Jobs.

Death 2011 – Diane Cilento, 78, has died. Cilento was an actress living in Australia.

Dead 2011 – Rollin Post, 81, a political reporter, has died.

Died 2011 – Doris Belack, 85, is dead. The actress died on Tue, Oct 4, 2011.

Death 2011 – George Baker, 80, an actor, has died. George Baker was well known for his role as Chief Inspector Wexford, The Ruth Rendell Mysteries.

Death 2011 – Dr Richard Koch has died. Koch, 89, was a medical doctor.

Death 2011 – Roger Williams, a music composer, has died. Roger Williams was famous for his music pieces like “Born Free”. Williams died at 87.

Dead 2011 – Al Davis, 82, owner of the football team Oakland Raiders, died. Al Davis died at 82.

Death 2011 – Mikey Welsh, bassist for the band Weezer, is dead. Mikey Walsh, 40, died, in a hotel room in Chicago, on Sat, Oct 8, 2011. Welsh was the bassist from 1998 to 2001, before he left to become an artist. On Sep 26, 2011, Welsh predicted his own death. He wrote on his Twitter account that he dreamt of his own death, in Chicago. He was visiting Chicago, to see his former band Weezer. Welsh even predicted the cause of his death as being from a heart attack.

Died 2011 – Paula Ettelbrick, 56, has died. Ettelbrick was an advocate for gay rights.

Death 2011 – Chauncey Hardy, a footballer in a UK college, has died. Hardy, 23, was assaulted at a bar. He had head injuries, two heart attacks, and was a coma. Hardy died in hospital, on Sunday, Oct 9, 2011.

Celebrity singer dead 2011 – Jagjit Singh, 70, a singer in India

Dead 2011 – Jack Manigault, 40, Omarosa’s brother, died on Sunday, Oct 9, 2011. Manigault was fatally shot in a home. He was sleeping with his girlfriend, when her jealous former boyfriend broke into the home and pumped bullets into him. Marco Cardenas, 22, is suspected to have killed Manignault.

Dead 2011 – Patricia Modell, 80, has died.

Died 2011 – Ray Aghayan, 83, costume designer, has died. He won several awards for costume designs.

Death 2011 – Joel “Taz” DiGregorio, 67, a musician, died in a one car crash. DiGregorio was driving to a rendevous with his band, The Charlie Daniels Band, when his car went off the road. DiGregorio crashed on the interstate 40 west of Nashville. DiGregorio has been a keyboardist and singer with the Charlie Daniels Band, for 40 years.

Death 2011 – Betty Driver, 91, an actress, has died. Driver used to portray Betty Turpin, a barmaid character, in the British TV series, Coronation Street.

Dead 2011 – Laura Pollan, a dissident from Cuba, has died. Pollan was a founding member of an opposition group called Ladies in White. Pollan used to hold weekly marches, to protest the political situation in Cuba. Other Ladies in White were the wives of political prisoners in Cuba.

Death 2011 – Dan Wheldon, 33, a two time IndyCar winner, died. Dan Wheldon, a British race car driver, died while racing in a Las Vegas Indy 300 race on Sunday, Oct 16, 2011. There was a multi-car crash and 15 cars were destroyed. The race in Las Vegas was stopped. Wheldon’s car catapaulted over another car on Lap 12. His car became partially entangled in the catch fence. After rescuers got to Wheldon, he was airlifted in a helicopter and sent to a hospital. Tragically, Wheldon could not survive his injuries and died.

Dead 2011 – Sue Mengers, 81, a Hollywood agent, has died. Sue Mengers used to work for Hollywood celebrities like Cher, Farrah Fawcett, Nick Nolte, Steve McQueen, Ryan O’Neal, Michael Caine, Faye Dunaway, Joan Collins, Bob Fosse, Brian De Palma and Burt Reynolds. Mengers negotiated deals for her clients, from 1960s to 1990s. Mengers died on Sat, Oct 15, 2011.

Death 2011 – Granados Chapa, a journalist from Mexico, has died.

Dead 2011 – Elouise Cobell, 65, a Native American leader, has died.

Dead 2011 – Murray Light, a newspaper editor, has died. Murray Light was the editor of Buffalo News.

Death 2011 – Pete Rugolo, 95, died. Rugolo was a composer of music for TV programs, and a jazz musician.

Death 2011 – Carl Lindner Jr, 92, has died. Lindner was a financier nliving in Cincinnati.

Dead 2011 – Kent Hull, ex footballer for the Buffalo Bills, has died. He played football during the 1990s. Kent Hull died at 50.

Died 2011 – Norman Corwin, a radio personality, has died. Corwin passed away at the age of 101. Corwin used to write, direct and produce plays for radio. He was active in radio in the 1930s to 1940s.

Death 2011 – Piri Thomas, writer, has died. he was best known for his book, “Down These Mean Streets”. It was his memoir, published in 1967.

Dead 2011 – Barry Feinstein, 80, a photographer, has died. Feinstein used to take pictures of rock musicians.

Death 2011 – Gale Gillingham, 67, is dead. Gillingham was a former footballer for the Green Bay Packers. He died in his home, in Minnesota. The suspected cause of death is a heart attack. Gillingham was lifting weights when he was suddenly taken ill.

Died in 2011 – Hollis Roberts, the former Chief of Choctaw, has died. Roberts died at 68.

Death 2011 – Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, 85, has died. The Crown Prince had been ill and died while in the US. He had served as the defence ministerof Saudi Arabia, since 1962.

Died 2011 – Terry Span, 48, a guitarist from the band Aleister Wild, has died. Span died after suffering ehad injuries inflicted upon by his band mate, Michael Sorden.

Death 2011 – Edmundo Ros, 100, a band leader, has died. Ros was one of the first musicians to popularize Latin American music in the UK. Ros lived in Spain and died there.

Dead 2011 – Robert Pierpoint has died. Pierpoint was once a correspondent for CBS.

Died 2011 – Paul Leka, a so9ngwriter, has died. Leka was famous for the song, Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)”. This song was so popular it became a sports arena song and was regarded as an anthem.

Death 2011 Marco Simoncelli, 24, has died. He was a motorbicyclst racer. Simoncelli died during a race in Sepang, Malaysia. He lost control of his bike, crashed and fell. Simoncelli was run over or hit by two other drivers. He had head, neck and chest injuries and died. The Malaysian Moto GP race was canceled.

Died 2011 – Begum Nusrat Bhutto, 82, has died. Ms Bhutto was once a First Lady in Pakistan. She passed away in Dubai, after suffering an illness.

Celebrity death 2011 – Heide, a children’s literature author, has died. Heide passed away at the age of 92.

Celebrity dead 2011 – John McCarthy, the father of artificial intelligence, has died. Mccarthy died at 84.

Celebrity death 2011 – Daniel B Burke, the CEO of Capital Cities/ ABC, has died. Mr Burke has been credited with helping to turn the ABC TV station around, to make profits.

Celebrity dead 2011 – Jimmy Savile, a former TV show presenter, has died. Jimmy Savile, from Britain, used to host a TV show called “Jim’ll Fix It”. He was 84, when he died in his home, in Leeds.

Celebrity death 2011 – Bob Barry Sr, the radio announcer for Oklahoma football programs, has died.

Celebrity death 2011 – Gil Cates, 77, died. Cates was a producer, director and Hollywood show personality.

Celebrity dead 2011 – Phyllis Love, 85, is dead. She was a TV and big screen actress.

Celebrity relative’s death 2011 – Dorothy Rodham, 92, has died. Dorothy is the mother of Hillary Clinton.

Dead 2011 – Harry Lawenda, a creative interior designer, has died, at 87.

Celebrity death 2011 – Axel Axgil, gay rights activist, died, at 96.

celebrity death 2011 – James Van Doren, 72, has died. He was the co-founder of the famous Vans shoes. James and his brother Paul Van Doren took orders for custom made canvas deck shoes, when they first opened their store, in 1966. The brand slowly grew and became an international brand.

Musician dead 2011 – Cory Smoot is dead. Cory Smoot, guitarist for GWAR, a speed metal band, has died. Cory Smoot was found dead while traveling on tour with GWAR. He played using his stage name, Flattus Maximus. The lead singer for GWAR, David Brockie, said the cause of death was being investigated.

Celebrity actor death 2011 – Leonard Stone, an actor died. Stone was better known for potraying Sam Beauregard, the character in the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Leonard Stone, 87, died on Wed, Nov 2, 2011. Mr Stone died of cancer, at 87.

Celebrity actor death 2011 – Wyatt Knight is dead. Knight was the actor who played Tommy Tuner, in the “Porky” films. Knight died in Maui, Hawaii. Police who are investigating his death said intial findings suggest Knight committed suicide. His wife, Silvina Knight, said her husband killed himself. He had suffered from cancer and could not endure the post treatment pain. He thought about it and chose to travel to Hawaii, to die in a beautiful place. Knight defeated cancer after radiation, but he could not cope with other types of pain like emotional pain, besides the physical pain.

Celebrity musician death 2011 – Cory Smoot died in the tour bus, on Thur, Nov 3, 2011. Smoot was the guitarist for GWAR, the metal band.

Celebrity dead 2011 – Andy Rooney, 92, is dead. Rooney has retired more than one month ago. He had suffered health problems after undergoing minor surgery. Rooney will be best remembered for his writings and commentary on the TV show, “60 Minutes”. He died on Fri, Nov 4, 2011.

Celebrity death 2011 – Bhupen Hazarika, a famous singer in India, has died. Bhupen Hazarika

Celebrity death 2011 – Sid Melton, 94, a character actor, has died. He had pneumonia and succumbed to his illness, on Wed, Nov 2, 2011. Sid Melton, real name Sidney Meltzer, was famous for his portrayals of TV characters in The Danny Thomas Show, Green Acres and etc. Melton’s acting career lasted around 60 years.

Celeb dead 2011 – Jim McNeil has died. McNeil was a motorcycle racer in the FMX series. McNeil died after an accident doing a pratice run for the AAA Texas 500, on the Texas Motor Speedway.

Celebrity died 2011 – Doris Walker-Smith, 78, a writer and historian, has died. Ms Walker – Smith suffered injuries after escaping from a house fire, in October, 2011. She passed away on Oct 31, 2011.

Celebrity dead 2011 – Hal Kanter, 92, is dead. Hal Kanter is a comedy writer.

Celebrity boxer death 2011 – Joe Frazier has died. Frazier’s family had released news of his liver cancer a few days before his illness took a turn for the worst. It was to perpare the public to face the worst. On Monday, Nov 7, 2011, Frazier’s family announced that he ahd died. Frazier died at 67 years of age.

Thank you to the readers who sent in celebrity death obituaries to be included in this post.

Celebrity death 2011 – Theadora Van Runkle, 83, costume designer, has died. Ms Runkle worked in Hollywood’s movie industry for 40 years.

Celebrity died 2011 – Heavy D, aka Dwight Errington Myers, 44, has died. Heavy D was a rap singer. He collapsed at near his home and was sent to hospital. He passed away in hospital.

celebrity death 2011 – Sally Field’s mother died. Magaret Field O’Mahoney, 89, has passed away, on Sunday, Nov 6, 2011. Ms M’Honey died of lung cancer. She used to be an actress, but gave up her career, to raise her children.

Celebrity dead 2011 – Ed Macauley, 83, a former basketballer with the NBA, has died.

Celebrity cartoonist death 2011 – Bil Keane, 89, is dead. Bil Keane was the creator of the “Family Circus” cartoon. Bil Keane’s death was due to congestive heart failure. He was famous during his life time, as the cartoonist for the newspaper comic strip.

Mia Amber Davis death certificate listed her official cause of death as a pulmonary thrombo-embolism, meaning a blood clot in the main artery in her lung. Davis’ husband, Michael Yard, claimed she died as a result of her knee surgery.

Celebrity death 2011 – Evelyn Lauder, daughter-in-law of the late Estee Lauder, has died. Evelyn died at 75.

Death 2011 – Ilya Zhitomirskiy had died. He committed suicide during the weekend of Nov 12 – 13, 2011. He was the co-founder of the computer program Diaspora. He faced extreme pressure as a young technology entrepreneur and took his life, in San Francisco. Zhitomirskiy was a student based in New York, but he had a vision for Diaspora. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, was one of the financial investors in Diaspora. The website was set up as a rival to Facebook. Diaspora was supposed to be a simpler to use social networking website.
Other co-founders of Diaspora are Raphael Sofaer, Dan Grippi, and Max Salzber.

Celebrity actor death 2011 – Karl Slover, an actor who played a muchkin in the Wizard of Oz, has died. Karl Slover died at 93 years old.

Celebrity death 2011 – Ruslan Akhtakhanov, a famous poet known for his political stance in Chechnya, was killed. Akhtakhanov was in Moscow, when he was fatally shot. Russian police speculate that he could have been murdered by a contract killer. Akhtakhanov had anti-separatist opinions.

Celebrity death 2011 – Jon B Lovelace, founder of American Funds, has died. Lovelace passed away at 84 years old. Lovelace made money managing the firm which specialized in buying and holding mutual funds.

Celebrity deaths 2011 – Kurt Budke has died. Budke was a coach at the Oklahoma State University, women’s basketball. Budke and three others died in a plane crash in central Arkansas, on Thur, Nov 17, 2011. Also killed in the same plane crash were:

Miranda Sema, assistant basketball coah at Oklahome State University,

Ex Senator Olin Branstetter,

Paula Branstetter, wife of Olin.

Celebrity dead 2011 – Mark Hall, 74, died. Mark Hall was the co-founder of Cosgove Hall, a cartoon creating company. Mark Hall was an animator who created famous cartoons like Danger Mouse, Chorlton and the Wheelies, The Wind in the Willows and etc.

Celebrity musician dead 2011 – Lee Pockriss, a songwriter, has died. Lee Pockriss composed the iconic “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” song. Pockriss passed away at the age of 87.

University footballer dead – Garrett Uekman is dead. Ukeman was 19, played tight end for the University of Arkansas, and died because of unknown causes.

celebrity money man is dead – Theodore Forstmann died at 71. Forstmann was a famous fiancier who once walked in the circles of Princess Diana and the like.

Writer died in 2011 – Shelagh Delaney, 72, has died.

Celebrity dead 2011 – John Neville, 86, has died. Neville was a British actor. He died on Sat, Nov 19, 2011.

Celebrity billionaire death 2011 – Theodore Forstmann, boyfriend of Padma Lakshmi, is dead. Forstmann, 71, died of brain cancer.

Celebrity sportsman death 2011 – Greg Halman, 24, a baseball player, was fatally stabbed. Halman passed away in the Netherlands. His brother, 22, is a suspect in his death and was arrested. Greg Halman was a Dutch who played for the Seattle Mariners in 2010, until 2011.

Celebrity death 2011 – Gregory Papalexis, the boss of a company that makes hot dogs/ frankfurter, is dead.

Celebrity deaths 2011 – Rev Maurice Chase, 92, has died.

Celebrity singer death 2011 – Andrea Marie Truden, 68, a singer, has died. Truden was famous for her singing in the band Andrea True Connection. She died on Nov 7, 2011.

Celebrity dead 2011 – Danielle Mitterrand, 87, ex First Lady of France, has died.

Celebrity writer death 2011 – Anne McCaffrey has died.

celebrity poet death 2011 – Ruth Stone, 96, poet, has died.

Celebrity race car driver death 2011 – Jim Rathmann, 83, ex race car driver, died. Rathmann was the winner of the 1960 Indianapolis 500.

Celebrity preacher illness 2012 – Reverend Billy Graham is hospitalized because of pneumonia.

Celebrity death 2011 – Gary Speed, 42, former footballer and present Welsh football manager, died. Gary Speed committed suicide aqt his home. Speed left behind his wife, Louise Speed, 40, and his 2 sons, Ed Speed, 14, and Tom Speed, 13.

Celebrity death 2011 – Ken Russell, 84, British film director, has died.

Celebrity dead 2011 – Lana Peters, 85, died. Ms Peters is the daughter of Josef Stalin.

Celebrity comedian dead Nov 29 2011 – Patrice O’Neal, 41, died. Patrice O’Neal suffered a stroke in Oct 2011. He could not recover and passed away in November.

Celebrity footballer dead 2011 – Chester McGlockton is dead. McGlockton, 42, died on Wed, Nov 30, 2011. He played with the LA/ Oakland Raiders and totaled 12 seasons with the NFL. McGlockton played 4 times as a Pro Bowl defensive tackle. After his retirement as a player, McGlockton became a defensive assistant coach at Stanford/ Chabot College. McGlockton may have died from a heart attack.

celebrity death 2011 – Judy Lewis, daughter of Loretta Young and Clark Gable, has died. Lewis was the daughter born out of wedlock, for Loretta Young and Clark Gable. She died at 76.

Authoress death 2011 – Christa Wolf, 82, has died. Christa Wolf was one of the more famous writers from East Germany.

Actor death 2011 – Bill McKinney, an actor, has died. He was best remembered for his role in the movie, Deliverance. McKinney died at 80.

Actor death 2011 – Alan Sues, 85, died. He was an actor.

celebrity death 2011 – Dev Anand, 88, has died. Mr Anand was an actor from Bollywood, India, who settled in London.

Celebrity death 2011 – Socrates, 57, a former footballer in Brazil, has died. Socrates was once the captain of the Brazilian football team. Socrates suffered septic shock due to an infection in his intestines. He used to talk about his consumption of alcohol, even while he was an athlete playing soccer. Socrates said he was thin, lacked enough preparation for being a professional player. He said his performance was not affected by alcohol. Prolonged drinking may have affected his digestive tract and intestines.

celebrity death 2011 – Bill Tapia, a ukulele player, has died at 103. Bill Tapia had performed for famous people like Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong etc.

Celeb grandson ded 2011 – Andrew Embiricos, grandson of actress Rita Hayworth, has died. Andrew Embiricos was found dead in his home, in Chelsea. Embiricos had a plastic bag over his head. Signs pointed to an apparent suicide. He may have suffocated to death. Rita Hayworth’s daughter, Yasmin Aga Khan, is the mother of Embiricos, 25.

Celebrity boxer illness 2011 – Muhammad Ali, the boxer, attended Joe Frazier’s funeral service on Nov 14, 2011. Five days later, on Nov 19, 2011, Muhammad Ali was suddenly ill, when he fell unconscious, at home. He was sent to hospital.

Death 2011 – Patricia Dunn, 58, ex chairwoman of Hewlett Packard, has died.

celebrity singer death 2011 – Violetta Villas, a singer, has died. Ms Villas was a singer in the 1960s. She performed in Las Vegas. Villas died at the age of 73. She passed away on Mon, Dec 5, 2011.

Celeb singer dead 2011 – Howard Tate, a singer, died at 72. Tate died in his home in New Jersey.

Death 2011 – Barbara Orbison has died. She was the widow of the late Roy Orbison. Ms Orbison passed away in Los Angeles.

Photographer dead 2011 – Leo Friedman, 92, a former cameraman, has deid. Friedman used to snap photos of Broadway plays in the 1950s to 1960s.

Human rights activist died 2011 – Sonia Pierre, a human rights activist, has died suddenbly. Pierre was only 48, when she had a sudden heart attack. Pierre passed away on Sun, Dec 4, 2011.

Celebrity actor dead 2011 – Harry Morgan has died. Morgan was the actor in the TV series, M*A*S*H. He played Colonel Potter. Harry Morgan passed away on Wed, Dec 7, 2011. He was 96 years old.

Celebrity singer death 2011 – Dobie Gray, 69, a pop singer, is dead, Dobie Gray died in Nahsville.

Football player dead 2011 – Fred Thompson, a football player for Oregon State University, has died. Thompson was playing basketball, on Wed, Dec 7, 2011, when he suddenly collapsed and died. Thompson was 19.

Celebrity death 2011 – Ron Fletcher is dead. Fletcher, 90, was the first man to open a studio for Pilates. He helped to spread the teaching of Pilates.

Celebrity musician dead 2011 – Bob Burnett, 71, is dead. Burnett was a band member of the group called Highwaymen. It was a band playing folk music.

Celebrity death 2011 – John Afterberry, a music executive in Hollywood’s recording industry, has died. Afterberry was the victim of a gunman’s random shooting spree, on the street of Hollywood. Afterberry suffered critical gun wounds after being shot. He died as a consequence of his injuries.

Celebrity producer death 2011 – Bert Schneider, 78, has died. Bert Schneider was best remembered for making “Five Easy Pieces” & etc.

Celebrities who died in 2011 – Billie Jo Spears has died at the age of 73. He was a singer.

Celebrities who died in December 2011 – Joe Simon, one of the creators of the comic book character Captain America, has died.

Celebrity author who died in December 2011 – Russell Hoban, a fantasy writer, has died.

Writer dead in Dec 2011 – Christopher Hitchens, 62, has died.

Celebrity rapper dead 2011 – Slim Dunkin, aka Mario Hamilton, was killed by gunshot, in Atlanta.

Celebrity singer dead 2011 – Cesaria Evora, 70, a singer, has died.

Person related to Van Morrison died in 2011 – Gigi Lee, a friend and business dierctor of Van Morrison’s companies, has died. Gigi Lee was the rumored friend who posted a message about giving birth to a baby, in Dec 2009. The baby died in Jan 2011. Gigi Lee died of cancer in Oct 2011.

Politician death 2011 – Vaclav Havel is dead. Havel, 75, was a playwright and former Czech President. He was a leader in the 1989 Velvet Revolution.

Politician dead 2011 – Kim Jong-il, former President of North Korea, has died. Kim Jong Il is dead at 69. He had been suffering from diabetes and heart disease for several years.

Celebrity beauty queen dead 2011 – Eva Ekvall, 28, died on Sat, Dec 17, 2011. Ekvall suffered from breast cancer before her death.

Infamous personality death 2011 – Donald Neilson, a convicted serial killer imprisoned in Norfolk, UK, has died. Neilson was nicknamed the Black Panther killer, during the times he committed the murders in the 1970s. He fell ill and was sent to hospital, where he died.

Celebrity actress death 2011 – Heidi Helen Davis, 60, an actress, has died.

Celebrities who died in 2011 – Dan Frazer, 90, an actor, has died.

celebrity writer died – Ronnie Wolfe, the creator of the comedy “On The Buses”, has died.

Celebrity deaths 2011 – Ed Roman, 61, a famous guitar builder, died.

Celebrity dead 2011 – Nov 29 2011: Patrice O’Neal is dead. O’Neal was a comedian who died at 41 years of age. He suffered a stroke and died from complications. O’Neal’s health had been affected by diabetes even before he was struck down by the stroke.

Celebrity death 2011 – Carol Channing’s husband has died. Just one day before his 92nd birthday, on Dec 26, Harry Kullijian had an aneurysm. Mr Kullijian died in hospital.

Celebrity dead 2011 – Joe Bodolai, 63, a scriptwriter for the TV show Saturday Night Live, has died. Bodolai was staying in a hotel room, in Los Angeles. He is thought to have committed suicide. A bottle of antifreeze was found in the room.

Update on rapper Heavy D’s death – The report said Heavy D was killed by a pulmonary embolism. He had a long flight and a clot developed.

Celebrity artist death 2011 – Helen Frankenthaler, 83, an abstract painter artist, has died.

Celebrity sportsman death 2011 – Mark Watson, a quad bike racing champion, has died.

celebrity pop artist death 2011 -James Rizzi, 61, has died. James Rizzi was an expert in pop art.

celebrity animal death 2011 – Cheetah the Chimnpanzee, who acted in Tarzan films in the 1930s, has died. Cheetah died at 80 years old.

Celebrity musician death 2011 – Sam Rivers, the jazz saxophonist, has died. Sam Rivers died at 88.

Celebrity deaths 2011 – Sean Bonniwell, 71, lead singer of the Music Machine, is dead.

Celebrity singer death 2011 – Kaye Stevens, 79, a singer and actress, has died. Ms Stevens used to be Johnny Carson’s guest, when he was hosting The Tonight Show, on TV. Stevens died in a hospital in Florida, on Wed, Dec 28, 2011.

Celebrity footballer’s wife death 2011 – Keaha Draft died of breast cancer. Chris Draft, a former linebacker for a team with bthe NFL, announced the death of his wife Keasha. She was already suffering from breast cancer, when Chris married her in a small, wedding ceremony. She went to her wedding in a wheelchair as she was very ill with cancer.

celebrity dead 2011 – Don Mueller, a sportsman, is dead.

Celebrity architect dead 2011 – Ricardo Legorreta, 80, a famous architect, has died.

Celebrity designer artist dead 2011 – Eva Zeisel, 105, has died. Zeisel was a designer and artist who put her creative paintings on table ware.

Simms Taback, 79, a famous author and artist, has died. Taback died on Dec 25, 2011. He was the illustrator of an edition of “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly”.

Celeb motorcyclist racer dead Jan 1 2012 – Jorge Boero, 38, died during the first day of the Dakar Rally motorcycle race. He crashed and suffered an injury to his chest. thorax. Boero then had a heart attack. Jorge Martinez Boero was dead before he could be helped to a hospital.

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