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Jan 092014

yellow flowerIts time to talk about dying. Death and dying used to be taboo subjects. Superstitious folks knock on wood whenever something associated with bad luck is mentioned. The elderly and aging have no choice but to voice their opinions to make it known how they would like their bodies to be managed after death. Two generations ago, the world’s population was lesser and land congestion was not an issue. Today, some countries have a scarcity of land and burial is expensive. In Hong Kong and other tiny countries, the price of a burial plot costs more than a small modest apartment. More seniors are turning to cremation and storage of ashes in columbariums. People who are less icky may opt to keep ashes at home, at a privately erected shrine, where it is very convenient to pay homage to a beloved one.

The beginning of 2014 signals the deaths of another generation of celebrities who are now dead. We mourn the the famous, infamous, as well as the ordinary people, who had steadfastly battled adversities, until they died.

January 2014 deaths:

January 1 2014 – Juanita Moore, actress, died.Phil Everly, a musician, and half of the Everly Brothers, has died.

Jan. 3 2014 –
Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel, has died. Sharon was a great politician, of his time. He suffered a stroke in 2006, just before he could run for a second election. Mr Sharon remained very ill, in a comatose state after his stroke, until his death, in January 2014.

Jan. 5 2014 – Jerry Coleman, former baseball player, has died. He became a radio broadcaster, after his sports career ended.

Jan 5 2014 – Soccer player Eusebio da Silva Ferreira is dead.

January 6 2014 dead – Monica Spear, 29, a former beauty queen in Venezuela, is dead. Monica Spear was killed in a robbery, along with her ex-husband, Thomas Henry Berry, 39. Their daughter, Maya Berry Spear, 5, was wounded in her right leg. Her parents died from gunshot wounds, in a roadside robbery, after they got stranded when their vehicle broke down. As their car was being towed by a tow truck operator, robbers attacked them. The family locked themselves inside their car, as the assailants fired bullets at them.Ms Spear and Mr Berry were vacationing in her homeland, to spend time together, as a family.

Jan 7 2014 death – Run Run Shaw, 107, is dead. He was one of the original Shaw brothers, who were involved in the film industry. Mr Shaw died on Tue., Dec 31, 2013.

January 7 2014 – Thomas V. Jones, a executive from Northrop, was a pioneer in aeronautics industry.

Jan. 9 2014 – Amiri Baraka, a poet and writer, is dead. He was an African-American critic of culture and questioned the values of his time.

Jan. 9 2014 – Franklin McCain, a civil rights activist, id dead. He dared to question the status quo and was among the first blacks to openly disobey the social norm of racial segregation. McCain started the revolution which slowly integrated blacks and whites.

Jan. 10, 2014 – Larry Speakes, a former press secretary under President Ronald Reagan, has died.

Jan. 10 2014 – Eric Lawson is dead. He was an actor, who was a spokesman for the cigarette company, Malboro. Lawson died of a smoker’s lung disease.

Jan 10 2014 – Sam Berns, the inspiration behind the film “Life according to Sam”, is dead. Berns was a patient of progeria, which is an aging disease. Berns died at 17 years old.

Sat. 11, Jan. 11, 2014:
Scott Lewis, a celebrity hypnotist, died, in a fall. Lewis was in Sydney, to perform, and was staying in an apartment. He fell from the 11th floor, and was found dead, on the 4th floor. Lewis, a US stage celebrity, often visited Australia, to perform his stage hypnosis. His death could be investigated as it was un-natural.

January 14 2014 – Johnnie Mae Young, a female wrestler, has died. She was one of the first female wrestlers who performed in public.

January 14 2014 – The death of Juan Gelman, marked the end of the poet’s influence in Argentina. The activist was a pioneer in raising human rights awareness in Argentina.

Jan. 16 2014 – Russell Johnson, an actor, has died. Johnson played the professor in the 1960s TV comedy, Gilligan’s Island.

Jan. 16 2014 – Dave Madden’s death has revived interest in the TV show, The Partridge Family.

Jan. 16 2014 – Ruth Duccini, an actress, has died. Duccini was 4 feet tall, and proud of her natural born height, which allowed her to work as a sercice person for airplanes, during WWII. Duccini acted as a Munchkin, opposite Judy Garland, in 1939.

Jan. 16 2014 – Hiroo Onoda, an ex-soldier in the Japanese army, is dead. Onoda lived alone for 30 years in the jungles, in Philippines, even after the war ended, because he believed he had to continue his fight.

Jan. 25 2014 – Morrie Turner, a comic artist, or cartoonist, is dead. Turner created Wee Pals, a popular comic strip.

Jan. 26, 2014 – Tom Gola, a former basketball player has died. Gola enjoyed a successful second career as a coach.

January 27 2014 – Pete Seeger, a folk music composer and musician. Seeger was once involved in Communist activities in 1955, but he was largely forgiven and he managed to have a good career in music, until the 1990s.

Jan. 28 2014 – Tom Sherak, a producer and actor, has died.

Jan. 29, 2014 – Aiche Nana, a former belly dancer and stripper, has died. She was born Kiash Nanah and attracted the attention of Tazio Secchiaroli, who later made a film based on an inspiration of Aiche Nana. Kiash Nanah died at 78 years old.

Famous deaths in February 2014.

Feb. 1 2014 – Maximilian Schell, an actor, has died on Sta., Feb. 1, 2014. Schell was originally from Austria, who braved World War II, as a refugee from Hitler’s regime. His family left Austria, to settle in Switzerland, where Schell grew up in. He went to Hollywood, where he won fame.

Khushwant Singh, a journalist and author of books, has died. Mr Singh was famous in India.

L’wren Scot, 49, has died on March 17, 2014. She was a fashion model before she changed careers to become a fashion designer. Ms Scot was Mick Jagger’s girlfriend. She was discovered dead, by an apparent suicide. Although she was known to have business debts, Scot didn’t ask Jagger for a loan. Instead, she ended her life.

Fred Phelps had died. The pastor of Westboro Baptist Church passed away on March 19, 2014.

Helena Belmonte, a Filipina-American model, died from a fall from her high rise apartment in Philippines. Belmonte died on March 21 2014.

Actor James Rebhorn, from the show Homeland, went home to the Lord. He suffered a 10 year battle with skin cancer, and was resigned to his fate. He even wrote his own obituary.

March 30, 2014 – Kate O’Mara, 74, actress, has died. She was a British actress, who crossed over the pond, to act in the US TV series, Dynasty.

Sunday, April 6, 2014 – Actor and comedian Mickey Rooney has died.

April 6 2014 – John Pinette 50, an actor most famous for his role in Seinfeld, is dead.

April 7 1013 – Peaches Geldof, 25, has died.

Eric Hill, 32, died in an accident while paragliding. Hill was a contestant in The Bachelerette, starring Andi Dorfman. This season of the show is expected to air later in 2014. Hill scored the first individual date with Dorfman, but he was not the winner of the contest.

April 23 2014 –
Mark Shand, 62, has died. He was Prince Charles’ brother-in-law, being the younger brother of Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall. Shand suffered a fatal injury after a fall and never recovered.

April 10, 2014
Sue Townsend, a famous author, has died.

Celebrity country music singer, Kevin Sharp, 43, is dead

Tito Vilanova, 45, a former coach in Barcelona, has died. Vilanova suffered from throat cancer and had surgery, but lost the fight.

Sat., April 26, 2014 – Rashad Harden, 35, also known as DJ Rashad, is dead. He was found unresponsive and later declared dead, from suspected drug overdose.

Same day death on April 27 2014 – DJ EZ Rock has died at 46 years old. Rodney Bryce was a rapper from Harlem.

Isabelle Fiske Calhoun, 94, has died. She and her husband, Irving Fiske, founded one of the earliest Vermont hippie communes.

Bob Hoskins, 71, actor, is dead.

April 30, 2014 death – Howards Smith, 77, writer on a NY paper called Village Voice, died at 77.

Efrem Zimbalist, 95, is dead. He was a popular actor in the 1960s and 70s, as his TV shows The FBI and 77 Sunset Strip were widely seen.

Elena Baltacha, 30, has died of liver cancer. The former tennis player from Scotland had a liver medical condition since she was 19.
H R Giger, 74, sculptor and set designer, is dead. He was best known for his alien creations.

Malik Bendjelloul, 36, has died. He was a Swedish actor and director, best known for his film, Searching for Sugar Man. Bendjelloul was found dead in Stockholm, on May 13, 2014. His cause of death was suicide. His brother told the press that Malik suffered from depression before he ended his life.

Louise Wilson, 52, is dead. She was the professor head of Central Saint Martins college. She directed the MA Fashion course curriculum. Ms Wilson was teaching at Saint Martins since 1992.

Gordon Willis, 82, a famous cinematographer, has died.

May 19 2014 – Santa Kimes, aka Sandra Louise Walker, 79, died in prison, on Mon., May 19, 2014.
Matthew Cowles, 69, an actor, has died. He was best known for playing Billy Clyde Tuggle in the TV soap, All My Children. Cowles leaves behind his wife of 30 years, Christine

May 23 2014 death – Elliot Rodger, son of Peter Rodger, is dead. Elliot, 22, whose father is the assistant director in The Hunger Games movies, died from allegedly self-inflicted gunshot wound. He suffered from Asperger’s syndrome and showed obsessive behaviors which led to a series of tragic events. Elliot Rodger killed six people and engaged police in gunfire, before being wounded. Rodger turned his gun on himself in a suicide, inside his sleek BMW, on a street in Santa Barbara.

May 25 2014 – Bunny Yeager has died. She was a model who changed career, into a photographer. Yeager helped many aspiring models jump start their careers.

May 26 2014 – Manuel Uribe has died. He was the heaviest man alive in 2006 as he held the Guiness Book of World Records that year. Uribe died at 48, in Monterrey, in Nuevo Leon state.

Malcolm Glazer is dead. He was the owner of the British football team, Manchester United. Glazer died at the age of 86.

Wed., May 28 2014 – Maya Angelou, 86, has died. Ms Angelou was a poet and writer.

Tovar Rascon, 33, a singer, was fatally shot in a restaurant in Mexico City, on May 29, 2014. Rascon, a resident in Phoenix, was famous for his love songs. He was having a meal in the eatery, when two assassins entered and fired at him, at close range. Rascon died almost instantly and could not make it to hospital.

Lewis Kratiz, the new owner of the newspaper the Philadelphia Enquirer, died on Sat., May 31, 2014. His plane failed top take off from the runway in Hanscom Field, Massachusetts. Six others in the plane have also died.

Ann B Davis, actress, has died. Davis was popular back in the day as the housekeeper, in the TV show, The Brady Bunch. Davis passes away at 88 years old.

Huan Huan, a singer, actress and host, has died. Huan Huan was found dead on June 1 2014. Apparently, she committed suicide, as a cryptic note was discovered in her room. There were some burned coals. Huan could have been intoxicated with carbon monoxide fumes from the burning coals.

June 3 2014 death – Karl Harris, 34, is dead. He was a Superbike rider and Supersport champion. He was killed when he crashed during the second lap in a Superstock race.

Don Zimmer, 83, died. He was a famous baseball player. Zimmer was suffering from heart problems and had surgery to repair his leaky heart valve. He died on Wed. night, June 4, 2014.

June 10 2014 – Rik Mayall, 56, an actor in the British comedy Blackadders, has died. Mayall passed away after suffering a heart attack.

June 15 2014 – Radio DJ Casey Kasem, 82,is dead. Mr Kasem passed away on father’s Day 2014, after a long battle with dementia. His three children were estranged from his wife, Jean Kasem and his daughter went to court to fight for custody of Mr Kasem.

Gerry Goffin, 75, is dead. Mr Goffin was one half of the famous songwriting duo with Carole King. Goffin was once married to Carole King but they divorced after some years. Goffin is survived by his second wife, Michelle Goffin.

Stephanie Kwolek, 90, an inventor, is dead. She was a chemist who created tough fibers used in body armor for police, army and other law enforcement personnel. Her invention in 1965 has been used in bullet proof vests, casings for equipment and sports goods.

Eli Wallach, 98, has died. He was an actor. He is survived by his wife Anne Jackson, and their three children.

Bobby Womack, 70, is dead. He was a soul singer and composer. Womack died on Thursday, June 26, 2014.

Meshach Taylor, 67, has died. He was an American actor in TV shows like Dave’s World and Designing Women. Mr. Taylor suffered from cancer and he died on Sat., June 28, 2014. He left behind his wife, Bianca Ferguson, his children, Tamar, Esme, Yasmine and Tariq. Taylor is also survived by four grandchildren.

Matt Bendik, 35, is dead. He was the boyfriend of Becca Tobin, an actress in Glee. Bendik was the owner of a nightclub and a promoter. He was found dead in his hotel room in Philadelphia. Bendik started running clubs when he was just 15 years old. After he made his first $100,000, he continued his success with bigger clubs.

Patsy Byrne, 80, died on Tues., June 17, 2014. She was an actress whose more famous role was in the British TV comedy, Blackadder. She died in a care center for elderly actors, in London.
Dave Legeno, 50, has died. Legeno was an actor best remembered for his role as Fenrir Greyback, a werewolf, in the Harry Potter movies. Legeno was found dead in the Death Valley, in California. The mountains are a treacherous terrain with temperatures soaring up to a maximum of 120 degrees. It was thought he died while hiking. Legeno was discovered on Sunday, July 6, 2014. An autopsy revealed he died due to heat stroke. Two hikers found Legeno on Sunday, but police said he could have died a few days ago before his body was discovered. Legeno is survived by an adult daughter named Wendy Legeno.

Harry Whitaker, 3, has died. Whitaker was a child actor who played Leo Dingle, the son of screen couple Marlon Dingle and Rhona Goskirk, in the UK ITV show Emmerdale. He worked with actor Mark Charnock, acting as his son. Harry Whitaker shared his role with another child actor, Theo Tasker. Young Whitaker was born with Downs Syndrome.

Nadine Gordimer, 90, is dead. The South African writer passed away on Sunday, July 13, 2014. The twice married author of books is survived by a daughter and a son.

Johnny Winter, 70, blues musician , is dead. Winter was famous for his skills playing his guitar. He composed blues music with Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix.

Skye McCole Bartusiak, 21, is dead. Bartusiak, the actress who played Mel Gibson’s daughter in the film The Patroit, in 2000, has died. Her cause of death has not been revealed. Her moher said Skye was suffering from epileptic seizures for a period before her death. Helen McCole Bartusiak speculated that Skye could have choked and died.

James Garner, 86, has died. Garner was best known for his acting in The Rockford Files and Notebook.

Ross Burden, 45, a chef who made his fame as a TV chef, is dead. Ross Burden died at 45, after falling victim to cancer.

James Shigeta, 81, is dead. He was a versatile actor who worked in various channels of media from stage to TV to the big screen. Shigeta even did voice overs.

Sally Farmiloe, 60, has died. She was the ex-girlfriend of author Jeffrey Archer. They enjoyed a three year relationship until an exposure forced them apart in 1999. Familoe had long suffered from cancer. She first had breast cancer in 2012, but later contacted secondary cancer in her bones and liver. Farmiloe died on Monday, July 29, 2014. Sally Farmiloe was an actress, writer, fundraiser and charity worker. She is survived by her daughter Jade, adopted daughter Katherine, husband Jeremy Neville, and stepson Alistair.

Aug 2 2014 – Michael Johns, 35, ex American Idol finalist, is dead. Johns was a singer and songwriter who caught the attention of America when he auditioned during the contest. One of his staff handling his Twitter account announced Mike Johns’ death.

Johns had an ankle sprain injury and experienced swelling and pain in his leg. He visited a doctor on Thursday, July 31, 2014. Johns went back and dropped in his friend’s home. He fell asleep on the couch. His pal discovered him dead when he went to check. The cause of death is suspected to be a blood clot in his ankle or leg.

Johns participated in the seventh season of American Idol, in 2008. He had worked on an album named Reckless. The plan was to release Reckless later in 2014. Johns is survived by his wife, Stacy Vuduris. The couple married in 2007. Johns was originally from Perth, Australia.

August 2014 – British Radio 1 lost Mike Smith. The DJ was once described by the late Princess Diana as her favorite DJ. Smith died after suffering complications from major heart surgery. Smith is survived by his wife, Sarah Greene. The radio personalities were married for 25 years.

Monday, August 4, 2014 – Jim Brady 73, died. Brady was President Ronald Reagan’s Press Secretary. Brady was seriously wounded during the assassination attempt on Reagan, in March 1981. Brady suffered brain damage and consequential injuries like partial paralysis, loss of short term memory, slurred speech and etc. He spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Brady refused to let his disabilities stop him. He campaigned for changes to gun control. He was staying in a retirement community in Virginia, when he died from his health concerns.

August 4 2014 Monday – Martha Stewart’s sister, Laura Plimpton, is dead. Plimpton, 59, died on Monday, August 4, 2014. She worked for Martha for the past 25 years. She was born Laura Kostyra, the youngest girl in the family of six siblings. Laura’s first husband died from cancer. It was then that Martha helped Laura to get a house and job. Laura started working for her sister and their bond lasted her entire life. She is survived by her second husband Randy, and their three children. Laura was exercising at home when she suddenly felt sick. It was later discovered she suffered from a brain aneurysm. Laura Plimpton had signed to donate her organs before her death. Martha wrote that she was proud of her sister’s generosity.

August 5 2014 – Marilyn Burns died at 65 years old. Burns was discovered dead at home, near Houston, Texas. Marilyn Burns shot to fame in 1974, in the horror flick, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She spent her childhood and adult life in Texas. Burns acted in many films but the T. C. Massacre was her first movie in which she played a leading character.

August 10 2014 – Kevin Ward death. Did Tony Stewart, 43, intend to kill Kevin Ward, 20? Ward died on the track at the Empire Super Sprints, in Canandaigua, in New York. Ward’s race car crashed after Stewart’s car spun it around. Ward was angry as he got out of his car and walked on the dirt track. Stewart drove by on his next round and struck Ward. Ontario County Sheriff’s Department are investigating the death to determine what was the real cause. Initial reports said they did not suspect foul play. Ward died from his serious injuries on Sunday, August 10, 2014. The races were immediately suspended after the accident.

According to Freud, the personality is driven by the id. This component seeks pleasure or the basic desires. Men are led by their id. The ego serves to rein in the id by reminding it of the rules involved in individual acts. The id wants to display anger after the frustration of crashing out of the race. The ego desperately wants to be heard that it is wrong to walk along the dirt track facing oncoming traffic.

Actor who died in 2014 – Charles Keating, 74, is dead. Keating started his acting career as a stage actor playing Shakespear plays, before he ventured into television. Keating’s cause of death was due to cancer. Charles Keating died on Sat., August 9, 2014. He left behind his wife Mary Keating, and his two sons.

Celebrity deaths
Danny Murphy, 59, is dead. Murphy was a quadriplegic actor. He was born healthy but became disabled after an accident at 19 years old. Murphy became an activist for disabled actors. He suffered from cancer before his death.

Menahem Golan, 85, is dead. Golan was an experienced Israeli movie maker. He died in Tel Aviv.

August 8 2014 death – J J Murphy, 86, is dead. He was the actor in Game of Thrones’ Ser Denys Mallister. He played a knight in the House Mallister, and was the oldest member of the Night’s Watch. Murphy’s Tv character was the commander of Shadow Tower. Murphy had commenced four days of filming for this 5th season of the Game of Thrones when he suddenly collapsed and died. Producers of the show, DB Weiss and David Benioff, said they will not recast Murphy’s character Ser Denys Mallister.

August 11, 2014 – Robin Williams died. Williams committed suicide with asphyxiation. His body will be sent for an autopsy and toxicology reports will be prepared. However, the Marin County Sheriff’s department said initial findings indicated death caused by lack of oxygen to the brain and body. He was last seen on Sunday night, 10 pm, at home. His third wife and new widow, Susan Schneider, confirmed Williams died on August 11, 2014. His assistant forced open the door to a room and found Williams seated with a belt around his neck. The actor had several superficial cuts on his wrist. Williams had long suffered from depression, a type of mental illness. Few knew the comedian actor was battling a personal battle privately. Williams was known for his decades old struggle with drugs and alcohol. He quit drinking but relapsed and sought treatment. He was in a Minnesota rehab for alcohol addiction, as recently as in July 2014. He used to champion the 12-step program to treat addictions. Williams left behind his third wife Susan Schneider and three children, Zachar Pym Williams, Zelda Rae Williams and Cody Alan Williams.

08/12/2014 – Lauren Bacall died on Tuesday, August 12 2014. Bacall, 89, had a stroke and died at her home Tuesday.

Celebrity skate boarder death 2014
Jay Adams, 53, died on Thursday, August 14, 2014. Jay Adams was one of the outstanding skateboarders in the 1970s. He used to have drug problems and was imprisoned for taking banned substances. Jay Adams died in Mexico, where he had spent the last 3 months vacationing by the sea. His son, Steve Adams, is a surfer. Jay Adams’ cause of death was due to a heart attack.

August 15 2014 death – Peter Claver McAlevey, is dead. He was a film maker, producer, and Hollywood agent. McAlevey died of liver cancer at the age of 58.

Friday, August 15 2014 – Licia Albanese, 105, has died. She was originally from Italy, but later made America her home. Albanese was an opera singer. She passed away at home, in New York.

August 18, 2014 – Don Pardo, 96, is dead. Pardo was an announcer for Saturday Night Live. He started for the show in 1975. He began his career with NBC in 1944 and stayed with the station for 60 years.

Corey Griffin, 27, is dead. Griffin was one of the first trend setters behind the Ice Bucket challenge to raise money for ALS patients. He used this dare to raise money for Pete Frates’ cause.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 – Simin Behbahani, 87, a female poet from Iran, is dead. She was a feminist who fought for gender equality in Iran. Simin was ahead of her time.

Death on August 19, 2014 – Candida Lycett Green, a British writer, 71, has died. She was John Betjeman’s daughter. Ms Green was a writer. She was a founding member of Private Eye in the 1960s. This magazine championed conservation for England’s countryside. Her husband was Rupert Lycett Green, a tailor for men’s high fashion. Ms Green socialized with the rich and famous in London. Her books sold well and she enjoyed a steady stream of income.

BKS Iyengar died on Wed., August 20, 2014. Iyengar was a yoga guru from India. Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar died of kidney failure at 95 years old. He lived a fruitful life, passing on his teachings in 14 books on yoga. Iyengar died in a hospital in Pune. He was sickly as a child and his relative told him to learn yoga for health. True enough, his weakness and determination to solve his problem brought him to his calling.

Brian G Hutton, 79, film director, is dead. Hutton was once Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite director. Hutton died Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at the age of 79. Like his former actress protégé, Hutton died at the same age as her. He passed away after suffering complications from a heart attack one week before his death. The Hollywood community in Los Angeles mourn his death.

June 2014 – Eric Hill, author of children’s books, has died. Eric Hill, 86, was born in London but settled in California. He created a series of children’s picture books which became so popular they were translated into 60 languages. Hill used a technique called “lift-the-flap” to create anticipation, excitement, and surprise to encourage young kids to read.
Sir Richard Attenborough, 90, is dead. Lord Attenborough, a British actor and film producer, leaves behind his wife Sheila Sim, his son Michael Attenborough and daughter Charlotte Attenborough. Both children are in the acting industry.

Celebrity death 2014 – Albert Ebosse, 24, a Cameroon soccer player for JS Kabylie, is dead. Ebosse suffered a severe concussion when a projectile (object thrown from the stands), hit his head. Ebosse was playing in an Algerian league game. He had earlier scored one goal for his team Kabylie, but they lost to USM Alger when the match ended at 2-1.
Albert Ebosse has played for these clubs during his sports career:
Coton Sport FC, in Cameroon
Unisport Bafang, in Cameroon
Douala AC, in Cameroon
Perak FA in Malaysia, in 2012.
JS Kabylie in July 2013.

Leonid Stadnyk, 44, is dead. Leonid Stadnyk was one of the tallest men in the world. He was around 8 feet 5 inches tall. He grew 1 foot every three years after he had an operation at 12 years old. His brain surgery disturbed an area that controlled growth and his height increased in spurts. Stadnyk could not work professionally as he could not afford a car, and shoes. In cold weather, he often suffered frost bite in his toes because his handmade makeshift footwear were insufficient to protect his feet. His hands and feet measured a foot in length for each. He wore size 27 shoes which had to be custom made for him. Stadnyk refused to become a circus freak and shunned most publicity. He saw his disorder as a humiliation as it cost him his job and posed immense problems in his daily living. Leonid Stadnyk’s cause of death was due to a brain hemorrhage.

August 2014 – Joseph Jennings, 18, Kansas, died in a hail of SIXTEEN police bullets. Before anyone has any misgivings about race issues, this is about a young white man. Jennings had a record of mental illnesses and was depressed. On Sat., Aug. 23, 2014, he took 60 pills and was rushed to Ransom Memorial Hospital. He was suicidal but saved. After his discharge, Jennings went to Orscheln Farm and Home, a hardware store. Someone called police about a man in the parking lot. Cops claimed Jennings was in a suicidal state. Officers tried to talk to Jennings but ended up shooting him. Police thought he was reaching into his person to pull out a gun and they fired at him. Jennings’ relatives said the teen suffered from anxiety and depression. He was raised by foster parents. Childhood neurosis might have affected his mental health as he had long grappled with anxiety and depression. Joseph Jennings, RIP.

William Greaves is dead. Mr Greaves was a co-host of the Black Journal. He won one Emmy Award for one of his films. Greaves was better known for being a movie maker in his life time of 87 years.

Joan Rivers maybe dying. She is not dead yet but her doctors placed her in an induced coma to help her body recover. During routine surgery on her vocal cords, Rivers, 81, suffered a respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest. Her brain could have been starved of oxygen. Doctors are unsure of how serious her condition is. Temporarily, she is stable in her induced coma. Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, has flown to NY to visit her in hospital.

Stephen Lee, 58, died. He was best known for his character role in Star Trek. Lee died on August 14, 2014, after a heart attack.

Werner Franz was only 14 when he worked on board the Hindenburg airship in 1937. The German aircraft caught fire and crashed 77 years ago. Franz is the last surviving crew who has now died. Now, there are no more living crew survivors of the Hindenburg.
Tues., August 26, 2014 – Bryce Dion, 38, is dead. He was a sound engineer for TV shows. Dion was on the set of “Cops”, a reality TV show, when he was mistaken for a robber and shot. Dion, 38, was wearing a bullet proof vest but a stray bullet got him at a place that was unprotected. The alleged gunman, Cortez Washington, 32, was only armed with an Airsoft handgun with plastic bullets. Washington was also killed at the scene.

August 31 2014 – Jimi Jamison is dead. He was the singer for his band Survivor.
September 3 2014 – Singer EunB, 22, from the all girls band LADIES CODE, is dead. EunB was travelling in a car, in Suwon, near Seoul. The vehicle’s back wheel or tire fell out. The car went out of control and crashed into a guard rail. EunB died. Fellow band member Rise is critically injured. So Jung has some injuries. Both Rise and So Jung are warded in hospital for treatment.

Andrew Madoff, Bernard Madoff’s son, is dead. Andrew’s cause of death was due to mantle cell lymphoma, a type of cancer. Andrew Madoff, 48, maintained his innocence of his father’s Ponzi scheme scam. Mark Madoff, his brother, committed suicide in Dec. 2010.

Sep 4 2014 celebrity death – Gustavo Adrian Cerati Clark, 55, is dead. He was a singer and songwriter from Argentina. He is one of the longest coma patients. He suffered a stroke in May 2010 and remained in a coma for the rest of the four years until his death. Clark’s cause of death was respiratory failure.

Thursday, Sep 4 2014 – Joan Rivers, 81, is dead. She passed away after a heart attack during a surgery to examine her vocal cords. Her daughter Melissa spent some time at her bedside before making the decision. Doctors brought Joan out of the induced coma to see if she could wake up on her own. Joan spent about one day in a private hospital room out of the ICU. The next day, the world was told Joan Rivers died.

Koh Eun Bi, 22, has died. She was a band member of LADIES CODE, based in South Korea. Popularly known as EunB, she died in a car accident.

Kwon RiSe, aka real name Kwon Ri Sae, died later. She was rushed to surgery. The complicated medical procedures took 11 hours but her blood pressure fell dangerously low. Surgeons changed their minds and cut short her surgery to stabilize her condition. RiSe died outside the OT.

Sep 5 2014 – Simone Battle died at 25. She was a singer of the all girl band G.R.L. She was a contestant in X Factor 2011. By Monday, September 8, news revealed Simone Battle’s cause of death was suicide by hanging.

Sep 6 2014 – Molly Glynn, 46, died. She was an actress who starred in several TV shows like Boss and Chicago Fire. Molly was cycling through a forest preserve trail when a sudden storm sent a tree crashing down. Molly was struck by a falling tree and died. Ms Glynn is survived by her husband Joe Foust.

September death 2014 – Bernie Yvon, an actor in stage musicals in Chicago, has died. Yvon died in a car crash.

Sean O’Haire, ex WWE wrestler, is dead. He used a pseudonym while his real name was Sean Haire. He died at 43 years old. His cause of death was suicide by hanging. Haire was found dead by his father in his home in South Carolina. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He started pro wrestling in 2000. His professional sports career failed to last long and he retired. Haire became a hair stylist and fitness trainer. He stayed in South Carolina. Sean Haire left behind his father John, three brothers, and a sister.

Wed., Sep 10, 2014 – Richard Kiel, 74, has died. He was famous for acting as the villain named Jaws in the James Bond series of movies. Kiel was tall at 7 feet 2 inches. Kile broke a leg and was recuperating when he passed away.

Ian Paisley, 88, is dead. He was a preacher and politician in Northern Ireland. He was down in history as the first ever First Minister of NI.

John Bardon, 75, has died. He was a British actor in the TV show EastEnders.

Sir Donald Sinden, 90, is dead. He was a stage and TV actor.

Dr Anthony Kidman, the father of Nicole Kidman, has died. He was a clinical and health psychologist in Australia. He was visiting Singapore, when he had a fall in his hotel room. Police have classified his death as un-natural and are investigating.

Polly Bergen, actress, died on Sep 20 2014. Polly Bergen was 84 years old. She worked for over 60 years, as an actress and singer. She was married to three husbands. Her first husband was Jerome Courtland, from 1950 to 1955. Her second husband was Freddie Fields, from 1956 to 1973. Her third husband was Jeffrey Endervelt from 1982 to 1990.

Stefan Gierasch, 88, is dead.

Joe Sample, 75, a jazz pianist, is dead. Joe Sample died on Fri., Sep 12, 2014.

Sep 15 2014 – A security guard working on the set of Falling Skies, was killed. The set was in Burnaby, Vancouver, Canada. A truck rolled downhill and pinned the guard against a tree. The five ton truck was parked on a six per cent slope for unloading. The tailgate was down. When the trucked rolled backward, its tailgate crushed the man against a tree. He was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

Sep 17 2014 – George Hamilton, 77, is dead. He was a famous singer.

Rob Bironas, 36, is dead. He died in his SUV after he crashed into several trees at high speed. His vehicle overturned just one mile away from home. Bironas showed no vital signs upon arrival at hospital and was declared DOA. Bironas was a footballer. He was last contracted to the Tennessee Titans, for 9 seasons, as a kicker. Bironas was married to Rachel Bradshaw. Her father is Terry Bradshaw, a former NFL player. They married in June 2014.

Eric The Actor Eric Lynch is dead. He was also known as The Actor. Eric The Actor/ Lynch was a comedian side kick on the Howard Stern radio show. Eric suffered from heart problems, before his death on Sep 20 2014. Complications arose and he had major organ failures. Eric was a short person and called “Eric the Midget”. He has appeared in shows like In Plain Sight and Fringe.

Skip E Lowe looks at Hollywood is gone forever. Skip E Lowe, 85, died Monday, Sep 22 2014. He used to interview Hollywood celebrities for his show. It ran for 35 years. Lowe’s cause of death was due to emphysema and respiratory illnesses.

Paul Revere, 76, leader and organist of Paul Revere and the Raiders, died on Saturday, Oct 4, 2014. Revere was known to have cancer in 2013, but his website has not released the cause of death.

Geoffrey Holder, is dead. He was an actor who played the role of villain Baron Samedi, in the movie, Live and Let Die.

Lynsey de Paul, 66, a British Singer, has died. She was struck down by a brain haemorrhage.

Sarah Goldberg, 40, an actress is dead. Sarah died at her family’s cabin in Wisconsin, after falling ill from a heart condition. Sarah Goldberg died on September 27, 2014. She worked using the pseudonym Sarah Danielle Madison. She acted in 7th Heaven, Jurassic Park III, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Training Day, and other TV shows. The coroner could not find a conclusive cause of death. Sarah’s mother, Judy Goldberg, said she went to bed and never woke up from her sleep. She loved animals. In lieu of flowers, her family requested money to be sent to Sarah Goldberg Memorial Fund at PAWS, 1997 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614.

Sep 29 2014 – Archana Pandey, a model, was found dead in her home. Neighbors alerted police to a foul smell emitting from her residence. When they broke in, they found Ms Pandey dead. Police said she wrote a suicide note and killed herself.

Oct 2014 – Retired former leader of Haiti, Jean Claude Duvalier, died from a heart attack. His nickname was Baby Doc.

Jan Hooks, 57, is dead. Jan used to work in SNL as a comedian.

Michael Christopher Pebley, aka Mr Trigger or Trigz, died on Friday, Oct 10, 2014. He was a tattoo artist and body piercing artist. Pebley was killed by a gunman who was fighting with him earlier. The two men had a verbal altercation inside a shop. The fight escalated outside before the assailant took out his gun and in cold blood fired four shots. Trigz is survived by five children and his fiancée. Trigz’s friends paid tribute to him, saying he was a good man who was misjudged because of his extensive body art tattoos.

Tue., Oct 14 2014 – Elizabeth Pena, 55, is dead. Liz Pena was an actress who did extensive work in TV shows and movies. Ms Pena was originally from Cuba. She suffered from a brief illness before succumbing to ill health. Her death was attributed to natural causes.

Oct 16 2014 – Misty Upham, the actress from Osage County, maybe dead. Police found a body who needs to be positively identified. A purse was recovered at the scene. It contained the ID of Misty Upham. She has been missing since Oct 5 2014. Police found her body in the woods of Forest Ridge Drive, in Auburn, near White River, in Seattle.

Joanne Borgella Ramirez, 32, is dead. Joann was a plus sized model and aspiring singer. She joined American Idol season 7 but didn’t make it to the finals. Joann was eliminated after making it into the top 24 contestants. Ramirez suffered from endometrial cancer and died from the disease.

August 2014 – Michael Johns, a singer who competed in American Idol season 7, died in August 2014. Johns was a finalist in the top 10 before he was eliminated by judges.
Oct 19 2014 – Lynda Bellingham, 66, is dead. She had been suffering from colon cancer since July 2013. Ms Bellingham, a presenter in the show Loose Women, died peacefully, with her beloved husband, Michael, by her side.

Oscar de la Renta, 82, is dead. He was a famous fashion designer who clothed celebrities and many of the world’s famously rich people. De la Renta died of cancer.

Muhamad Ali, the three time heavyweight boxing champion, is seriously ill with Parkinson’s Disease. A source close to him said the former boxer has stopped speaking.

Alvin Stardust, 72, is dead. He was a singer and actor. His last album was released 30 years ago. Alvin Stardust had recorded a new album and was planning to release it soon when he was taken ill. After a brief illness, he died, surrounded by his family.

Skip E Lowe looks at Hollywood is gone forever. Skip E Lowe, 85, died Monday, Sep 22 2014. He used to interview Hollywood celebrities for his show. It ran for 35 years. Lowe’s cause of death was due to emphysema and respiratory illnesses.

Oct 21 2014 – Ben Bradlee is dead. He died at the age of 93. Bradlee was a former newspaper editor. He managed The Washing Post, one of the most prestigious media in America, for more than 25 years. He had a nose for the big stories and directed his staff of journalists to go after the important scoops.

Oct 23 2014 – Aldo Sarabia was missing for a week. The musician was found dead one week later, on Oct 23, 2014. Mr Sarabia played in a 18 member band called Banda el Recodo. Two suspects are held for questioning. Alma Delia Chavez and her new lover, Yahir Alfredo Sandoval. The prosecution team claims Alma invited her husband out for a dinner. Yahir was hiding in the trunk of the car. At some point, he got out of his hiding place and shot Aldo. The musician’s body was abandoned and left to decompose.

Thur, Oct 23 2014 – Terry Kennan, 53. is dead. She was a former Fox News anchor, who also worked with CNN during her career in media journalism.

Thursday, Oct 23, 2014 – Clark McEntire, 86, is dead. He was the father of country music singer, Reba McEntire. Clark had been ill with declining health for a few years.

Sat Oct 25 2014 – Jack Bruce, 71, is dead. He used to play lead bassist and sing vocals for the band Cream. Jack Bruce died in Suffolk, England. The cause of death was due to liver disease. Jack Bruce had suffered from liver problems for several years. He had a liver transplant years ago.

Marcia Strassman, 66, is dead. Marcia was an actress, most famous for her roles in TV shows. Strassman died of breast cancer. She starred in “Welcome Back, Kotter” and “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids”.

Sunday, Oct 26 2014 – Oscar Taveras, 22, died in a car crash. Taveras was from Dominican Republic and played baseball with the MBL’s Cardinals. He was driving along a road between two towns. He could have been traveling between Cabarete and Sosua, towns in the Dominican Republic. His girlfriend, Edilia Arvelo, 18, also died in the same crash.

Sunday, Oct 26 2014 – Senzo Meyiwa, the captain of Orlando Pirates, a football team in South Africa, is dead. Meyiwa, 27, was killed by bullets in an attempted robbery at his girlfriend’s home, in the Zamo Section in Vosloorus. Two men entered the home and asked for Meyiwa’s cell phone. Three suspects fled the scene in Vosloorus, south of Johannesburg. South Africa police offered a reward of R 150,000 for info that will lead to arrests. Meyiwa is survived by his wife Mandisa Mkhize, his girlfriend Kelly Khumalo and their daughter Aphelele. Meyiwa had earlier admitted to being caught in a love triangle between his wife and girlfriend. He said he lied to both women.

October 13 2014 – Elizabeth Norment, 61, is dead. She was an actress whose recent role in House of Cards made her famous. Norment suffered from cancer and died at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, in NY.

Tue, Oct 28, 2014 – Skip Waters, the chief meteorologist at a New Bern TV station in North Carolina, is dead. Skip Waters, 61, died of natural causes.

Tom Menino, 71, is dead. He was a former mayor in Boston. Menino served the city for five consecutive terms and transformed Boston.

Bernard Stanley Bilk, 85, dies. He was better known as Acker Bilk. He played the clarinet and sang jazz songs. Acker Bilk was the first musician whose work topped the charts in the US in the 1960s. he was the first to make it across the pond, thus proving music is universal.

The superstitious would say Michael Jackson’s enemies are dying. Tom Sneddon, 73 is dead. He was one of the lawyers who prosecuted M J for child molestation, during the long investigation and trial that lasted 12 years. Sneddon’s cause of death was due to cancer.

October death -Michael Alsbury, 39, is dead. He was one of the two test pilots of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. The space craft exploded while using cheaper experimental rocket fuel. Mike Alsbury is survived by his wife and two young kids; a son and a daughter. The main pilot Peter Siebold survived as he parachuted to safety. Richard Branson is allegedly scrambling to adjust his new directions after this devastating loss of life and $220 million spaceship.

Nik Wallenda, 35, is challenging death by walking on the tight rope. His great grandfather fell to his death walking the same rope suspended 500 feet above the Chicago River. Discovery Channel is airing the stunt live, but with a 10 second delay to allow editors to cut the tape if Wallenda falls to his death.

Brad Halsey, 33, is dead. Brad was a former baseball pitcher. He died in a climbing accident near his home in New Braunfels, Texas.

Gavin Smith was found dead after being missing for 2 years. Smith is confirmed dead. He disappeared two years ago, on May 1, 2012. Hikers have recently found human remains in a shallow grave. Tests later identified the remains as belonging to Smith. Police said Smith had an affair with Chandrika Creech, who was married to a drug dealer named John Creech. He was serving a prison sentence. Police said the murder had the markings of a hit directed by someone, performed by persons experienced with crime. Smith’s black Mercedes was found in a storage facility owned by Mr Creech. Gavin Smith left behind his wife Lisa, and their three sons, Dylan, Even and Austin.

Big Bank Hank, 57, is dead. He was one of the founders of the band Sugarhill Gang, who produced Rapper’s Delight, in 1979. His real name was Henry Jackson. His cause of death was due to kidney problems from cancer. The other surviving members of the Gang, Wonder Mike and Master Gee, sent messages of condolences to the Jackson family.

Sunday November 9 2014 – Dr Myles Munroe and his wife, Ruth Munroe, died in a plane crash. The pastor, 60, from the Bahamas and his entourage were flying in a private jet when the fatal accident occurred. Dr Munroe was flying to attend his own organized Global Leadership Forum. Dr Munroe founded The Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship. In 2003, he spoke about how people should live life as a donation to impact others. His sermon is now viewed as a foreshadow of his early death. The star of the event died. The pilot was trying to make the descent to land the aircraft in bad weather. The plane crashed into a shipping crane at a shipyard and slammed into a recycling center at the yard.

Carol Ann Susi, 62, actress, is dead. Susi’s recent famous work was The Big Bang Theory. She provided the voice of Mrs Wolowitz, who was not seen on screen, but her voice was heard. Susi’s voice was used to holler “Howard!” She died on November 11 2014, after battling cancer.

Rebekah Gibbs, 41, a British actress, is dead. Gibbs died after suffering from breast cancer for the past six years.

Warren Clarke, 67, an actor, has died. Clarke succumbed to his illness and died.

Katerina Netolicka, 26, a model in the Czech Republic, is dead. Netolicka was a highly paid model for Prada, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and other high end fashion houses. Her friends said she was suffering from depression. They claimed she did self-harm when she was depressed. A friend described Katerina as displaying symptoms of mental illness. Her moods changed quickly from being happy to sad. This description sounds like bipolar mood disorder. Kate was dating boyfriend Jakub Petruzalek for the past 5 years. He is a national ice hockey player.

Adam Sigler is dead. He is the brother of actress Janie-Lynn Sigler. Adam suffered from a sudden, unknown brain hemorrhage and passed away.

Johnny Elichaoff, 55, a drummer, is dead. He was the ex-husband of Trinny Woodall, the fashion expert in the British show, “What Not To Wear”.

Fri., Nov 14, 2014 – Diem Brown died. The MTV reality TV show star died after fighting cancer for about 10 years.

Jerry Alan, 75, a stuntman, has died. Alan was regularly employed by James Bond films as a stuntman. He had played body double for three different generations of James Bond actors. Jerry Alan died from cancer.

Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed Ali-Thani, of Qatar, is dead. He was a cousin of the ruler of Qatar. He died suddenly, on Sunday, November 9, 2014, while living in his residence in London. He used to own a customized watch called the Henry Graves Supercomplication. It was made by hand by Patek Philippe, in 1933. The watch is 80 years old and changed hands a few times. The original owner, Henry Graves Jr, had declared the watch unlucky. Graves’ best friend died and two of his sons died in car accidents. After his death, the watch was inherited by his daughter and later grandson, before it was sold away.

Author Harper Lee’s sister has died. Alice Lee, 103, was a lawyer and church leader.

Nov 17 2014 – Jimmy Ruffin, 78, is dead. He was a Motown singer in his hey day. Ruffin died in Las Vegas.

2014 Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, 19 is dead. Her decomposing body was found in a shallow grave. Her older sister, Sofia Trinidad, 23, was also found dead in the same ditch. Maria and Sofia disappeared after leaving a birthday party. Maria was scheduled to fly to London on Sunday November 16 2014. Sofia’s boyfriend, Plutarco Antonio Ruiz, is a suspect in the murders. He has been arrested.

Spain’s Duchess Alba, 88, is dead. She suffered from pneumonia and died from her illness. Duchess Alba left behind a fortune of 500 million pounds.

Damien Gurganious, 38, a former contestant on the reality TV show Biggest Loser, is dead. Gurganious died on Monday, Nov. 24, 2014.

Jeremy Thorpe, 85, a former British politician, is dead. Thorpe died of Parkinson’s disease. He was the ex head of Liberal Party.

Keith Martin, the World’s Fattest Man at 70 stone, is gone. Martin, 44, died because of pneumonia.
Ex-Queen Fabiola, 86, is dead. She was one the reigning queen in Belgium. The present King Philippe of Belgium, is related to her as her nephew.

Mon., Dec 8, 2014 – Earl Hayes, a rapper, has died. He allegedly shot and killed his wife Stephanie Moseley, 30, before he turned his gun on himself. Hayes learned that his wife was cheating on him before he shot her. There was some controversy over Floyd Merriweather. He was talking on Facetime with Earl, when he asked some provoking questions. Earl shot Stephanie and then himself, with the line still open. Floyd was able to hear what was going on in the room.

Dec 8 2014 – Stephanie Moseley, 30, a dancer, actress, model and celebrity personality, is dead. Moseley died from a fatal gunshot wound, inflicted by her husband Earl Hayes. Many of the deceased personalities’ peers posted condolences and goodbye messages to Moseley and Hayes.
Scot Young, 52, is dead. Mr Young was once a wealthy businessman whose divorce from his ex-wife, Michelle Young, became a long battle. Mr Young fell down from a height of more than 60 feet from his ex-girlfriend’s (Renee) luxury penthouse in London. They had split up two weeks before but she didn’t change her locks. Young entered the unit and had an argument with her. She left the building and called police for help. By the time they arrived, Young was found dead on the ground floor. Later, it was revealed that Young had sought help from a mental hospital. His family said he was showing manic symptoms and was depressed. Young discharged himself from hospital. The institution came under fire for not keeping Young under treatment, but they have replied that Young was not forced to stay on because he was not under any mandatory confinement.

Mary Ann Mobley, 75, has died. Mobley was a former Miss America. She was successful in transitioning into acting and continued her fame as an actress.

Billie Whitelaw, 82, is dead. She was an actress.

Bob Hoskins, 71, actor, is dead. He died in April 2014.

Kate Gross is dead. Ms Gross was a charity worker founder of Africa Governance Initiative. Gross, 36, died of colon cancer, on Dec. 25, 2014. She wrote a book about her illness, and the memoir will be released on Jan 15 2015.

Joe Cocker, 70, a singer, is dead. Joe Cocker suffered from lung cancer, before succumbing to the disease.

Heather Hicks Ervin, 39, is dead. Ervin passed away Mon., Dec 22, 2014. She was a TV producer.
Howard Schultz, 61, a TV film creator, has died. Schultz was famous for inventing the show Extreme Makeover.

Christine Cavanaugh, 51, a voice actress, is dead. She used to do voices of TV characters in Rugrats and Babe. Cavanaugh was 51 years old.

Bernard Kay, 86, is dead. He was an actor who was famous in British TV shows like Coronation Street.

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