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Oct 052009

Updated Oct 13 – The Carla Hughes verdict has been reached. The Hughes jury reached a guilty of capital murder verdict. Hughes’ jury meets again on Wednesday, October 14, to decide her fate. The jury may recommend Hughes to be sentenced to death row or life in prison.

Carla Hughes was described as inconsolable as she cried after hearing her guilty verdict.

Updated October 13 – Carla Hughes verdict is not out. Carla Hughes’ jury is in their second day of deliberations. Carla Hughes’ jury asked the judge if the prosecutors could have called Hughes to testify. The judge wrote a note back to say no, the prosecutors couldn’t force Hughes to take the stand as she had refused to do so.

Carla Hughes’ defense attorney claimed Keon Pittman was responsible. Despite the evidence that Banks’ blood was found on Hughes’ shoes. Hughes’ gun and bullets matched the bullets found at the crime scene.

Keon Pittman was engaged to Avis Banks. Prosecutors claimed Hughes was unhappy with that and this gave her the motive to kill Banks.

The Carla Hughes verdict is needed before the jury goes into the penalty phase of the trail.

Oct 5 2009

Carla Hughes is accused of killing her boyfriend’s other girlfriend, Avis Banks. Hughes allegedly murdered Avis Banks in 2006. Banks was then pregnant with a baby. Hughes has been charged with killing two people; Banks and her baby. Carla Hughes’ trial began on Monday, October 5.

Avis Banks was found dead in the garage of her home in Ridgeland, Madison County, Ms.

Avis Banks and Carla Hughes were girlfriends of Keyon Pitman. They were involved in relationships that ended in the tragedy.

Pitman is a witness for the State and will testify against Hughes.

If Carla Hughes gets convicted on the murder charges, she may face the death penalty.

Carla Hughes.

Carla Hughes

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