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Mar 252009

Dolly Parton husband Carl Dean, or Carl Thomas Dean, is Dolly Parton’s husband. Dean was born on July 20, 1942. When Dean met Parton, it was 1966.

Parton had decided to become a singer. She warned Carl Thomas Dean of her ambition. Dean agreed to let her work at her goal before Parton would marry him.

Carl Dean original picture drawing Dolly Parton met Carl Thomas Dean in 1964, when she first moved to Nashville. Parton, then 18, had gone to her local laundromat called the Wishy-Washy Laundromat. Dean spoke to Parton about getting sunburn on that day. Parton and Dean started talking and dated for two years before deciding to get married.

Carl Thomas Dean, born in 1942, is the owner of a road surface paving business. Dean services road by paving them with asphalt. Dean is based in Nashville and he seldom travels out. Carl Dean used to work with his father in their company called the Dean and Dean Asphalt company.

Later sources said Dean has retired. He stays on their marital farm home and takes care of the family finances.

As Dean stays in the background, he gives the impression that he seldom spends time with Parton. He does accompany her on some of her tours. Parton had spoken about her husband in interviews. She said Dean was a romantic at heart who wrote her poems and does nice things to surprise her and keep the sparks going in their marriage.

When Parton and Dean set up their home together, they took in a few of her younger siblings. Parton was the fourth of twelve children so the younger ones needed help as the family back in Tennessee was poor. The Parton family lived in a run-down one room cabin. Dolly Parton and Carl Dean had big hearts as they took in her younger siblings and raised them, like their own children. The couple never had kids of their own.

When Parton’s younger siblings grew up, they bore children who then joked that she was their ‘Granny”. Parton took care of their parents so her nieces and nephews joked that she was like their granny.

Dolly Parton and Carl Thomas Dean are very private people who seldom talked about their personal lives. The couple never had children of their own. A family friend of Parton and Dean died, leaving the child an orphan. Dean and Parton took in the child and raised the boy. Parton does not talk about the boy, as she keeps her personal life away from the media.

Dolly Parton has published photos of Carl Dean in her book, “My Life and Unfinished Business”. Some of Parton’s music albums like “My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy” and “Joshua” show Carl Dean on the covers.

Updated April 12 2011 – Dolly Parton made a guest appearance at the GLAAD Media Awards in early April. Ms Parton sang her iconic song, “9 to 5”. She delighted fans with her sporadic guest appearances, popping up at TV shows and events. Parton was also a presenter of an award. She presented Greenblatt with his award at the Glaad event. The hosts were Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones, both from Parks and Recreation.

Parton has worked quietly to prepare her new album, “Better Day”. It will be released in the summer of 2011. Parton will then start her national US tour and then global tour, singing through the UK, Europe and Australia. Will Carl Dean Thomas accompany Parton when she tours? Its hard to say. He may join her, or stay behind at their farm, to take care of their interests at home.

Parton was busy in March 2011, contributing some efforts towards a free book project, for the children in Scotland.

In February 2011, Parton helped to promote the Boot Campaign. The founders are 5 women from Texas, who called themselves the Boot Girls. The campaign encourages people to buy a pair of army boots. The proceeds from the sale will be donated to military charity organizations. Veterans and other servicemen are aided by these various army charities.

Updated on May 14 2014 – Dolly Parton was a victim of bullying when she was at school. She was poor and wore home made clothes. One time, her mum sewed her a patchwork coat made from scraps of colorful fabric. Ms Parton said she was innocent and naïve when she wore her coat of many colors to school, and was hurt when the children teased her for wearing a homemade coat. Parton learned a hard lesson, which she later immortalized in her song, “Coat of Many Colors”. She remained humble after her transformation, from rags to riches. Ms Parton raised her younger siblings, together with her husband. The couple never had children of their own.

A gossip magazine said Ms Parton always wore long sleeves to hide her arms, which were covered with tattoos. The 68 year old singer denied this statement. Ms Parton said she had tattoos to cover her scars and these were in places that the public would never get to see. Ms Parton said she had her tattoos inked for her husband Carl Thomas Dean. She has a small tattoo in the valley between her breasts. Some of her low cut blouses failed to conceal this tattoo.

Even celebrities get bullied
Kim Novak, an aging actress at 81, cried bully when she was mocked for her frozen facial expression during a red carpet appearance in 2014. Novak readily admitted to having cosmetic surgery help to stay beautiful, and said she didn’t understand why she was made the poster child of the week for maintaining her face. Novak said she was entitled to her beauty routine as she was an actress. It took one gang leader to mock her face and the internet followed suit. Novak cried she was bullied and was dropped like a hot potato. The press delights in bullying celebrities as insignificant stories excite by spiking the traffic. Miley Cyrus is Dolly Parton’s god-daughter. She was bullied when she first went on stage with Robin Thicke, during her famous twerking performance. She benefited from the publicity by using the crisis to her advantage. Her name was trending and she choreographed more controversial performances to ride her rising popularity. Miley knew how to use adversity to propel her fame.

Everyday cyberbully incidents
This is your typical day. You surf Twitter and Facebook. Suddenly you read something that strikes an accord. Some classmates are gossiping and badmouthing another classmate. They’re planning to gang up and post criticisms about her and upload a defaced photo.

What to do when you spot cyberbullying from classmates/schoolmates/colleagues/friends:

1. Record the website weblink, date and time of cyberbullying. Take a screenshot and save it.
2. Write down the names of the parties involved in the cyberbullying incident.
3. Describe what triggered the cyberbullying.
4. What was your reaction when you witnessed the cyberbullying?
5. What do you plan to do about this cyberbullying? Who is the immediate authority in charge of the school/ institution?

Fat girls are bullied
Do fat girls have to date fat men? Most men love skinny girls. Even society applauds the image of the fat men with thin women prize trophies. We see more women than men having body image issues. They ruin their reproductive systems with disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia. The more fortunate ones are able to recover sufficiently to become mothers. Why do women go to extremes to please the opposite sex? Psychology studies explain women lack confidence, while men are teeming with over-confidence.

Keely Shayne Smith has broke convention of successfully holding onto her slim husband, Pierce Brosnan, the former James Bond actor. He told interviewers that he loved his wife’s shape.

Howard Stern once predicted that heavy Gabourey Sidibe would not be offered any more roles after her debut on “Precious”. Ms Sidibe has the last laugh as she gave good performances in “Seven Psychopaths”, “Tower Heist” and “The Big C”. She didn’t go on diet to lose 179 pounds. The alleged weight loss picture was photoshopped. Ms Sidibe is defending her stance not to bow to pressure by losing weight.

Victims of bullying often fall sick. They are physically weaker than their peers, experience emotional disturbances, and are mentally ill prepared to face life. The effects of bullying are enduring as these children grow up into youths who face health problems. They exhibit higher levels of inflammation than peers who were not bullied when young. A research group in Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, said inflammation levels was known to have a direct relationship with heart disease and other health problems. The longitudinal study was done over 11 years, but researchers have to follow up with the original group until they reach their 50s, to test them for signs of heart disease. The bullied victims suffer long term damaging effects which might affect them in the long run. It is essential to identify children and teenagers at risk of child trauma and intervene by prescribing therapy.

In contrast, bullies grew up with almost zero signs of having higher inflammation levels.

Carl Dean and Dolly Parton were married on May 30, 1966. They have been married almost 48 years. Dean and Parton’s story can be found in “Dolly” by Judith McPasternak.

Dolly Parton has been linked to Judy Ogle. Ogle is Parton’s best friend. Parton said they loved each other as best friends and not in the lesbian way.

Carl Thomas Dean & Dolly Parton.

Carl Dean & Dolly Parton wedding photo

Carl Thomas Dean & Dolly Parton.

Carl Dean & Dolly Parton wedding photo

Carl Thomas Dean & Dolly Parton.

Carl Dean & Dolly Parton

Updated Aug 26 2011 –
Dolly Parton is being honored by The Silent Movie Theater. They arranged a special “Dolly Parton All-Nite 9-to-5’er”, with eight hours of the country music singer’s movies.

On September 2, Dolly will be shown on the QVC channel, for a special interview. Its exclusively on QVC on Sept 2, 2011. Dolly contributed to the band Chicago’s new holiday spirit album, to be released near Christmas 2011.

July 2014 update –
Carl Dean and Dolly Parton have known each other for 50 years and have been married 48 years in 2014. Parton’s famous song “Jolene”, is about a pretty bank teller, who had the eyes for Carl Dean, when they were all young. Ms Parton wrote the lyrics Jolene around 1973. Back in the day, it was quite respectable to hold a job in a banking institution. Customers were wealthy ones who had money to deposit in the bank. Dolly had joked before that she was worried when Carl frequently visited the bank, where Jolene would pay attention to him. The man’s ego was stroked when a well groomed bank teller flattered him with attention. He probably felt she gave him the time of the day. Ms Parton said she wondered what has become of Jolene after all these years. Now that they were all greying and aging into their twilight years, would Jolene still fancy Carl?

Ms Parton has been faithful to Carl Dean all these years, despite teasing him about Jolene. She has refuted rumors that she had been hiding her orientation. Ms Parton has always maintained she was not having any improper relationship with Judy Ogle, her personal assistant. They were friends since grade school and their strong friendship cemented the bond. Girls are allowed to have girlfriends and should not fear gossip about being lesbians.

Carl Dean has always played second fiddle to his wife. He chose to remain in the shadows or background. Mr. Dean takes care of the home, household and family members. Dolly is the fourth child in a large family of 12 siblings. She took over the responsibilities of caring for her younger siblings ever since she started helping out her parents. Dolly said Carl liked to be a homebody to take care of their farm house, domestic animals, family, and all other concerns. He never traveled with her when she went on the road promoting her music.

Dolly and Carl celebrated their wedding anniversary on May 30. Being a private couple, they did not release publicity photos.

What is the meaning of the name Dolly?
It means a vision. Dolly certainly had the vision to be a singer and make her living singing.

What is the meaning of the name Carl Thomas Dean?
The meaning of Carl:
Carl denotes fame and honor. One of the most famous personalities named Carl is Carl Sagan, an astronomer. He made astronomy popular for the common man by promoting the subject on a large scale, in the media.

The meaning of Thomas:
Thomas means the Twin.

The meaning of Dean:
Dean means fame.

Taken in totality, Carl Thomas Dean has twin meanings that include the same trait of fame. A man named thus is destined for great fame. Indeed, Carl Thomas Dean has enjoyed global fame being known as the husband of Dolly Parton.

Why Dolly Parton never became a mother –
She was so involved in her own work. Dolly loved her music and singing. She loved children too and mentored many. Her own siblings benefitted. She also dished out care and advice for godchild Miley Cyrus and other people’s children. Dolly loved the energy and magic of children. She likened herself to be a child as a part of her childhood remained with her. She was never a biological mother so she identified with kids more than with mothers.

Shrink rap on Dolly –
She was strongly influenced by her family, surroundings and personal genes. She knew her signature strength was to be a singer. Her family of siblings kept her rooted to the ground. She worked hard to support them through school. Her humble surroundings and environment may have influenced her decision not to give birth to her own biological children. She knew she already had children from her parents. Dolly has a conscientious personality.

Carl Thomas Dean asphalt business.

Carl Dean asphalt business

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