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Feb 132009

Updated May 12 2009 – Rebecca Shaw & Marvin Renslow: Shaw & Renslow black box transcript (photos)

Rebecca Shaw, the co-pilot, was talking to Captain Marvin Renslow, about the ice conditions. Shaw admitted her inexperience dealing with ice and the type of plane. Renslow insisted he had the experience to handle the icing on the engine. The engines failed while Shaw and Renslow were unaware or unable to correct the problems.

The transcript of the voice recorder, or black box, has been released here.

Feb 13, 2009
Passenger list Buffalo plane crash: Passenger list Flight 3407 (photos)

This is the passenger list of the Buffalo plane crash. This is the passenger list of Flight 3407 that crashed in Buffalo,New York,on Thursday night at around 10pm.

Our sympathies and condolences to all those affected. The list will be updated here as more names are released.

Passenger list Flight 3407/ Passenger list Buffalo plane crash. (includes crew members)

1) Beverly Eckert was the widow of Sean Rooney, who died in September 11. The photo (please click on link) showed Obama had met Ms Eckert on Feb 6. Eckert became an activist who lobbied for bills and  reforms that were related to 9/11.

2) Don Mcdonald of Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. Mcdonald worked for Pharmetics, a company which is based in Toronto, Canada.

3) Maddy Loftus. Madeline Loftus (photo here) is of Parsippany.

4) The pilot was Capt. Marvin Renslow, who joined Pinnacle Airlines, the parent company of Colgan Air, in September 2005. Renslow had flown 3,379 hours with the carrier.

5) Rebecca Shaw, joined Colgan January 2008. Shaw had flown 2,244 hours with Colgan.Shaw was the First Officer.

6) Matilda Quintero was a flight attendant/air stewardess. Quintero started working with Colgan in May 2008. There is a photo and video report on Matilda Quintero at the link. Please click on it to view.

7) Donna Prisco, flight attendant, began flying with Colgan in May 2008.

8. Capt. Joseph Zuffoletto was off an duty crew on board. Crew list from MyFox.

9) Alison Des Forges. Forges was a senior adviser for Human Rights Watch’s Africa division. Forges was an expert on genocide in Rwanda.

10) Susan Wehle. Wehle, 55, was a cantor at Temple Beth Am in Williamsville, N.Y., since November 2002.

11) Carl Yarber, 62, retired. One site used the name Clay Yarber. There is a dispute on the name.

12) Ellyce Kausner. Kausner was a second-year student at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville.

13) Gerry Niewood. Niewood was a member of Chuck Mangione’s band. Niewood was flying to Buffalo for a performance on Friday night, Feb 13. The Chuck Mangione show was cancelled. Mangione said he was shocked over the tragedy. Photo of Gerry Niewood is at the link on his name. Niewood played the saxophone.

14) Coleman Mellett. Mellett was another band member of the Chuck Mangione’s band. (Source link TMZ)

15) Mary Pettys. Pettys lived in South Buffalo and worked for a company based in Newark. Pettys had to travel regularly between Buffalo and Newark.

16) Lorin Maurer. Maurer was the Athletics Friends Manager for Princeton’s Department of Athletics and Office of Development. Lorin Maurer’s photo is at the link.

17) Jean Srnecz. Srnecz worked as the senior v-p of merchandising for Baker & Taylor (B & T).

18) Jerome Krasuski. Jerome Krasuski, 53, worked for Northrop Grumman.

19) Zhaofang Guo, 55, of Amherst. Guo was a Ford employee and husband of Ping Wang, a researcher at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

20) David M. Borner, 49, of Pendleton. Borner worked for Kraft Foods.

21) Kevin Johnston, of Buffalo.

21) John G. Roberts III, 48, a Lewiston native who lived in India. Roberts was visiting family.

22) Ronald Gonzalez, 44. Gonzalez was a director of a youth services program in New Brunswick, N.J.

23) Bethany Kushner, 19, of Angola. Kushner was returning home to Buffalo.

24) Nicole Korczykowski. Korczykowski’s parents live in Eden. Korczykowski worked for a New York City investment company.

25) Dawn Mossop and

26) Donald Mossop of Bloomfield, N.J., and their child,

27) Shawn Mossop, 12.

28) Ferris Reid of Bloomfield, New Jersey. Ferris Reed is the sister of Dawn Mossop.

29) Brad Green. Green is of East Amherst, New York.

30) Mary Julia Abraham (44) of West Seneca, NY. Abraham is survived by her parents George Abraham and Tita Abraham, siblings Ruthann, George, and Tina, many nieces and nephews.

31) George Abou Karam, 28. Karam was flying in to visit family he had not seen in 13 years from Israel.

Doug Wielinski was the owner of the house that Flight 3407 crashed into. Wielinski died when the plane crashed through the roof of his home. His wife, Karen Wielinski and daughter Jill Wielinski, escaped with minor injuries. The photos and background of the Wielinski family are at the link.

Short biographies of some of the dead from Flight 3407 are at the link.

CNN has a similar writeup of a few biographies at the link.

The Buffalo News published a long list of names which were included above. You may like to read their background information at the link.

If there is someone you know who should be in the “Passenger list of the Buffalo plane crash” please share.

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  1. Thanks for the information.

  2. Mary was a talented healthcare worker that was very dedicated to all that she serviced. She went that extra mile and always took the high road. She will be sadly missed by all that she serviced and most of all her friends and family.

  3. George AbouKaram, 28, was flying in to visit family he hasn’t seen in 13 years from Israel.

  4. Gerry Niewood was the sax player for the famous Simon and Garfunkel Central Park Concert.

  5. Thanks for the update.

  6. Mary Julia Abraham (44) of West Seneca, NY. Survived by parents George and Tita Abraham, siblings Ruthann, George, and Tina, many nieces and nephews.

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