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Oct 142009

Bruce Wasserstein, Lazard CEO, has died. Wasserstein was hospitalized when he had an irregular heart beat. Wasserstein was in a serious condition.

Initially, the information released by a Lazard representative on Sunday, October 11, said Wasserstein was recovering. Suddenly, the unexpected news came that Wasserstein had passed away. Wasserstein was 61 when he died. Wasserstein left Wall Street mourning the loss of an iconic dealmaker.

Bruce Wasserstein had 4 children of his own. Wasserstein also brought up his niece, a daughter of his sister, Wendy Wasserstein. The girl is named Lucy Jane Wasserstein. Wendy refused to publicly identify the father of her daughter.

Ms Wasserstein passed away in 2006. Ms Wasserstein’s cause of death was lymphoma. Ms Wasserstein died at the age of 55. Ms Wasserstein was a playwright who had won the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award.

Georgette Wasserstein Levis is the sibling of Bruce Wasserstein. Georgette is Wilburton Inn’s owner.

Bruce Wasserstein’s fourth wife is Angela Chao. Wasserstein married Chao in January 2009. Ms Chao is one of the sisters of Elaine Chao, the secretary of Labor under the old George W Bush administration.

Bruce Wasserstein, RIP.

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