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Jun 232009

Brooke Greenberg turned 16 in Jan, 2009, Brooke Greenberg looks like a baby. Greenberg has not aged much since she was born.Greenberg is a permanent baby.

Greenberg has the physical and mental capacities of a baby. Doctors said Greenberg’s body parts did not develop in syn as a whole and that was one reason her body has not aged.

Greenberg has baby teeth even when she turned 16. Greenberg’s bones had an age of about 10. Doctors are puzzled on why Greenberg suffers from this strange phenomena. Brooke Greenberg has sisters who grow in the usual way.

On Friday’s “20/20”, Greenberg’s case will be featured.

Brooke Greenberg photos.

Updated August 6

Brooke Greenberg is a 16 year old baby. Ms Greenberg is a baby in physical appearance as her body did not allow her to grow. TLC made a special documentary called “Child Frozen In Time”. Greenberg’s story will be aired on Sunday, August 9.

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  1. I don’t know how many people frequent this page, but I am sorry to report that Brooke Greenberg died on 24 October 2013 (last Thursday as I write this) at the age of 20. Except for the funeral arrangements, no details about Brooke’s death seem to have been published. Sad, eh? :-(

  2. hi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. Astrology caused this? Aaaaahahaha

  4. Dear all

    May I have the exact date, time and place of birth of this child?
    I am a researcher in Vedas and according to my research NaNo technology can help here.

    According to Vedic Astronomy, Venus and Mercury are responsible for the growth and aging and the vibrations from these planets when penetrated through the breast reaches the Spinal cord which activates the somatic cells.

    I also want to have the Blood test report of the child such as Group, Hb and other details as well as her parents.

    Please mail me at your earliest.

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