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Oct 152008

July 20 2010 – Police officer Richard P Bennett, 28, from Stoughton, played truant by leaving his patrol duty to visit a strip club. Bennett wanted to meet Bridget the Midget Powers as he heard she was performing at the night club called “Alex’s: A Gentleman’s Club”.

Bennett knew that Bridget Powers, the midget, was performing in Alex’s, in June 2010. So he thought he could take a break from his beat and see her in Alex’s club.

Richard P Bennett is also accused of committing another two violations.

Bennett disobeyed rules by modifying his department issued handgun by fixing a laser scope on his weapon. Bennett is accused of committing a third violation when he lied to investigators. Five other police men from Bennett’s department were aware of what he did and reported him. Bennett left the police force on June 30, rather than face disciplinary actions.

Oct 15 2008 – Bridget the Midget: Bridget Powers/ Bridget Powerz
Bridget Powers is the pseudonym of an ex pornography actress with dwarfism. Bridget is often billed as “Bridget the Midget” or “Bridget Powerz”. Bridget’s real name is Cheryl Marie Murphy. Bridget Powers / Cheryl Marie Murphy was born October 11, 1980 in Boise, Idaho. Bridget “the Midget” Powerz had a video interview with Johnny Neurotic here. Bridget Powerz left the porn industry because of her personal concerns.

Bridget the Midget standing in the center.

Bridget the midget


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