Brigitte Bardot pictures / Bridget Bardot photos

Brigitte Bardot (or Bridget Bardot) was criticized when she said somethings that were interpreted as inciting religious hatred against Muslims / Islam. She said that the animals should be stunned before slaughtering. In Islam, an animal that was killed for food had to be dealt with swiftly to cause as little suffering to the animal as possible. There was no point to suggest the use of stunning. I respect Ms Bardot but …

Bridget Bardot

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Bridget Bardot, 2

Bridget Bardot, 3

Bridget Bardot, 4

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3 Responses to Brigitte Bardot pictures / Bridget Bardot photos

  1. Talha Kalkanci

    thats an unfortunate event if that is real about B.B and her saying about Islam. well, im a muslim guy who is in love with her and she will always be in my heart-of course a fan saying. i wish i could live in the 60’s but, im a 80 generation guy… another unfortunate event:)

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