Bow Wow & Joie Chavis baby daughter Shai Moss: Bow Wow & Joie Chavis (photo)

Bow Wow’s baby mama is Joie Chavis. Ms Chavis said she gave birth to their baby daughter on April 27, 2011. Chavis had an emergency operation via a Caesarian to deliuver their baby.

She said Bow Wow was not inside the delivery room. Bow Wow did not turn up in hospital to see Chavis nor their infant daughter until it was time for them to go home, on the 6th day. Chavis said she was so disappointed she omitted to list his name in her baby daughter’s birth certificate.

Bow Wow did make amends for his absence by being a good father and boyfriend. Chavis has forgiven him and is ready to have him listed as their daughter’s father. However, matters are more complicated now as been more then 2 months since the baby was born. Chavis would have to amke an application to a judge to ask for permission to make a new birth certificate, with baby Shai’s father’s name listed on it.

Shad Gregory Moss became contrite after he missed his daughter Shai Moss’ birth. He wrote a long letter to express his regrets at his missed childhood, because he had to work through poverty. Bow Wow promised he would do everything possible to give a decent childhood to Shai.

Ms Chavis is tweeting @Miss_Joie. She is a model. Ms Chavis has a large tattoo on her left hip, below her bikini line. After she gave birth to Shai, Joie went on a strict diet to regain her figure. She drank water and ate healthily. Apart from caring for her baby, Joie has other ambitions. She desires to return to school to get a better education. However, Joie knew that would have to be in the backseat as her newborn baby takes priority now.

How did Joie Chavis meet Bow Wow?
Joie Chavis met Bow Wow when he contacted her regarding some potential work on a music video. Bow Wow wanted to use her as an actress because he admired her tattoo. After they met, sparks flew and they became friends. Later, they became lovers. Their relationship broke down and they split up before Shai was born. Everyone needs a friend and Bow Wow found a good one in Joie. He confided in Joie bthat he lacked a father figure in his younger days. Being a father to his baby placed a great deal of importance in his life. He was overwhelmed with emotion when he first laid eyes on baby Shai.

Joie Chavis

Joie Chavis

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