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Dec 042008

Bothell High School cheerleaders video and photos are below.

Two high school cheerleaders of Bothell High School were suspended from the cheerleading squad. The parents are suing the Northshore School District. The girls are minors so their families were not identified. On teen was suspended for 30 days while the other teen was suspended for 1 year. The cheerleaders allegedly circulated naked pictures of themselves via the internet.

Bothell High School cheerleader

Bothell High School cheerleaders video is at the link.

Bothell High School Cheerleaders photo.

The parents alleged school officials shared the teens’ nude photos and violated the girls’ due process rights. The parents of the teens claimed it was unnecessary for the staff to share the photos and the staff failed to report the case as probable child pornography. The families are suing the school for suspending the girls from the cheerleading squad.

The naked photos were for the girls' private use. The girls supposedly deleted their nude pictures but some emails with pictures may have gotten mistakenly sent to the football team. The photo emails went viral.

The parents of the cheerleaders said it was unfair the girls were suspended while the others who spammed the emails with the nude pictures went unpunished.

Bothell High School cheerleaders have posed for pictures clothed. Bothell High School cheerleaders became hot when the two cheerleaders made news with their pictures in the buff.

There is a photo of Bothell High School cheerleaders squad at the link.

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  1. Absolutely! This is horrible. Anyone got links to the pics?

  2. Wow these slutty girls send pics all over the school then get to sue it. This just sends a message that its okay not to respect your bodies. You go girls

  3. Kevin

  4. the blonde that was in the nude photo is too fucking plastic anyway

  5. You’re all cute

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