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May 202009

Updated June 2009 – On June 10, 2009, a second body was found in Des Planes River. The female body probably belonged to a black woman. She had only 5 teeth in her upper gum. Police have her fingerprints and DNA and are searching for her identity.

Updated May 27 2009 – Authorities have determined the headless corpse belonged to a male. The remains were missing arms. The autopsy could not determine the cause of death. The body has been decomposed for several months.

May 20 2009
Body found in Des Plaines River: Whose body found in Des Plaines River

Grim news about a body found in Des Plaines River Tuesday, May 19. The male body was retrieved from Des Plaines River. The body was lodged between a barge and a river wall near the 500 block of Railroad Street. The location is about 500 yards south of Interstate Highway 80, in Joliet area.

The body found in Des Plaines River was dressed in a dark colored T shirt with the words “Los Angeles”. The man wore dark colored pants and dark colored gym shoes. After the autopsy, the coroner will determine the age, race and cause of death. The deceased had been in the river for a long time.

Stacy Peterson and Lisa Stebic were missing in Will County, Illinois. This is near the area of Des Plaines River. police refuse to speculate if the body found in Des Plaines River could be Stacy Peterson or Lisa Stebic.

Lisa Stebic disappeared on April 30 2009. Lisa Stebic petitioned for her husband Craig Stebic to be evicted from their home on that fateful day.

The body that was found had decomposed into partial skeletal remains.

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  1. It amazes me that these body’s were published on the inter net but never heard on the news i can only imagine what is not told to the media the public has a right to be informed about dead body’s like a community website or a mailer i mean people found with there heads chopped off we need to keep our familys safe ….

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