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Dec 042008

Blaine Milam, 19, & Jessica Carson, 18, have been arrested and charged with the murder of Amora Bain Carson, 13 months old. Milam and Carson, of East Texas, have been accused of beating Carson’s baby to death. Amora Bain Carson also had more than 20 bite marks on her body.

Milam and Carson have been detained in jail, in lieu of the $2 million bond for each defendant. Milam and Carson were arrested on Tue., Dec. 2, after police found Amora Bain Carson beaten.

Milam and Carson told police differing accounts of what had happened to Amora Bain Carson. Finally, Milam and Carson told police Amora was possessed and they tried to exorcize the demons out of her by beating her.

Amora Bain Carson’s body has been sent for an autopsy. The coroner found bite marks, old bruises and sexual assault on the body.

The story started when Jessica met Blaine, in Jan 2008, about two months after Amora was born. He proposed and she accepted his marriage proposal, in April 2008. She moved into his parents’ home. In September 2008, Blaine’s father died.

A forensic psychiatrist, Dr Frank Murphy, did not interview Carson but looked at the recorded interviews, and offered his opinion. He thought Carson suffered from post partum psychosis with delusions. Carson believed she had special abilities to talk to dead people and was possessed with special powers. The court heard how Jessica telephoned her mother, Heather Carson, and harassed her with questions surrounding her father’s suicide in 2001. Jessica and Blaine were interested to communicate to the Other Side to talk to their dead fathers. They used an Ouija Board in their attempts. It was around this time that Jessica’s mother noticed she acted strangely.

Updated –

Milam and Carson were tried separately for the murder of Amora Carson. Each teen blamed the other for causing the baby’s death.

Blaine Keith Milam (DOB 1989-12-12) accused baby Amora Bain Carson of being possessed by the devil. He beat her to death. Milam was convicted guilty of murder and his appeal was denied. He is on Death Row with an open date of execution. Milam is a convicted pedophile who was sentenced in August 2008, for aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Jessica Bain Carson (DOB 1990-08-31) was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

There are many questions on the story of baby Amora being possessed. Why didn’t Milam and Carson get professional help from people who are better qualified to deal with babies and exorcism? Rusk County Judge Bob Richardson said the day before the murder, Milam and Carson visited a pawn shop to pawn some tools for cash. They intended to use money to get a priest out there to look at baby Amora. Milam couldn’t wait to get the priest and tried to beat Amora into submission using a hammer. Police found Amora in the middle of the bedroom with her skull smashed. Milam-Carson crime scene photos are probably too gruesome to be reproduced.

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