Blaine Milam & Jessica Carson: Milam Carson beat Amora Bain Carson to death

Blaine Milam, 19, & Jessica Carson, 18, have been arrested and charged with the murder of Amora Bain Carson, 13 months old. Milam and Carson, of East Texas, have been accused of beating Carson’s baby to death. Amora Bain Carson also had more than 20 bite marks on her body.

Milam and Carson have been detained in jail, in lieu of the $2 million bond for each defendant. Milam and Carson were arrested on Tue., Dec. 2, after police found Amora Bain Carson beaten.

Milam and Carson told police differing accounts of what had happened to Amora Bain Carson. Finally, Milam and Carson told police Amora was possessed and they tried to exorcize the demons out of her by beating her.

Amora Bain Carson’s body has been sent for an autopsy.


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