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Jul 192010

Benjamin and Angela Ihegboro are a black couple but they have a daughter with white skin, blond hair and blue eyes. Doctors at the British hospital said baby Nmachi isn’t born an albino.

Neither Mr or Mrs Ihegboro know of any whites in their ancestry. They had moved to Britain, from their native Nigeria, about 5 years ago. Benjamin and Angela Ihegboro have two older children who were born black. Their daughter Dumebi Ihegboro is two, and their son, Chisom, is four years old.

Genetic experts said they were unable to explain why Nmachi Ihegboro has white skin. Usually parents who have the light colored skin gene may produce off spring whose skin color is light in color. The gene for skin color may skip one or two generations and suddenly show up. When an individual has a mixed genetic combination, unusual traits may manifest.

There was no talk of DNA paternity testing. Mr Ihegboro said he had complete trust in his wife’s fidelity, and furthermore, baby Nmachi’s features seem to be Nigerian, despite the skin, hair and eye color. Mr Ihegboro said that of course, baby Nmachi was fathered by him only.

There may have been gene mutation in the gene controlling color in Nmachi.

Nmachi Ihegboro was born with a head of long, curly, blond hair. Even the white, blond haired babies do not show this characteristic. Probably the gene for hair may have been directly inherited from her parents.

The mother’s egg may be having the genes for the white skin color while the sperm which fertilized her egg may be containing all the genes for white skin too. That would be a likely explanation why a pair of black parents had a baby with white skin, blond hair, blue eyes, and with features looking like a white baby.

Benjamin Ihegboro, Angela Ihegboro and children Dumebi Ihegboro & Chisom Ihegboro.

Benjamin Ihegboro, Angela Ihegboro and children Dumebi Ihegboro & Chisom Ihegboro.

Benjamin Ihegboro, Angela Ihegboro and children Dumebi Ihegboro & Chisom Ihegboro.

Benjamin Ihegboro, Angela Ihegboro and children Dumebi Ihegboro & Chisom Ihegboro.

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  6 Responses to “Black parents Benjamin Ihegboro & Angela Ihegboro have white child (photo)”

  1. Cheers to the happy parents! They look beautiful together!

  2. The hardest thing for white supremacists to let go of is the mistaken notion that they are inherently superior by virtue of their skin color. Recessive genetics are demonstrably subordinate to a dominant gene pool. Thus, by definition, all people born with recessive genetics must find their origin in the dominant gene pool. Even the Human Genome Project has scientifically verified the fact that all so-called “races” find their origins in South East Africa.
    But some folks prefer to remain in denial.

  3. This will go a long way to support that all human race came from same parents (maybe black parents). this is a slap on the face of racists…

  4. Jos,
    Your response is silly. White people have been produced by Blacks since the beginning of time. This is the result of recessive genes. Blacks have the genes to produce all sorts of characteristics, i.e., skin, hair, eyes, etc. Whites do not carry these varieties of gene possibilities.

    Because of media pervasiveness today, all the world can see things such as this but it has always been happening. It destroys the myth of “white supremacy” and should teach there’s one race.

    T. West


  5. Angela and her blond lover are having a great laugh at her husband’s expense. Ha, ha!

  6. The human race tries to eliminate through mutation certain phisical characteristics that they don´t need anymore. Less hairs, taller men, and now the black color. The meaning of this mutation is to defend the creature from racism….

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